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  2. I think there will be fallout they weren't planning on.I don;t see the reson for the change really when there are OTHER rules that should be looked at.I know Clapton.He's really nice
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  4. First Clapton with the finger probs, now Allman, damn. Youngins won't understand, they think music is still being invented - these guys did the inventing. Hasn't been anything created in decades. Just my opinion so don't even try to argue with reality - what a concept! Nobody's said anything about the skipping of the mid cut down but me. How's everyone feel about the change?
  5. not surprised he likes it in the a** . He got a target for his Boyfriends to hit ... I heard he likes Tranny's so he has to try and keep the estrogen out
  6. right a guy that is making Millions and fans send him crap ...
  7. NFW - Allman? Another partial end of an era. Could be a nasty cuss - knew him - but inventive as hell. Going to see Buddy Guy and the Skynyrd remnants here this summer just because I don't know if I'll ever hear them live again. F*** - the Allman story's true, havin a beer or 3.
  8. And Greg Allman it appears
  9. He was just w****** for wedding gifts Seriously. Those are the empty boxes of wedding gifts he got from r-words fans.
  10. I think they are tattooing "Green Bay Packers were here" on his posterior.
  11. GREAT job!!! Like I said Lurie is putting money back into this.Congrats to Philly and the Eagles
  12. What are they doing - brailling his asz so even blind dudes can find his sheeter?
  13. Gift of Eagles Hats and gloves!!. Free Foot warmers? Just tossing out some ideas.
  14. Well, I hope that the powers that be, make this website great again. I would think that actual users of the website, who make up a majority of the users (my guess); would have played an important role in decision making. Listening to and knowing your market base is probably an important factor in business, and more particular in media and programming. Love to hear what the Bright New Ideas are.
  15. We know's already been stated.... but why not try to maximize your opportunity for more dollars....
  16. One significant memory I have of RG3 is the draft which was held about four months after he tore his knee against the Seahawks in that playoff game his rookie year. At their draft day party at the stadium, a rehabbing RG3 jumped up and down (umm...why would a guy with a knee injury do THAT?) in front of the adoring throng, just basking in the glow of their worship. I guess he wanted to display how awesome his recovery was going. And probably to remind them how awesome he is in general. It was -- in a word -- strange.
  17. Add to this we picked up Sproles replacement(no need to alter the playbook) with Pumphrey,we got the 75th best player in the draft as a UDFA(amazing he wasn't drafted) in Orlosky AND to top that off we have a solid round 1 pick just itching to get back on the field in Jones.We SHOULD be pretty good this year and in '18 I see no reason we can't make a run at that elusive Lombardi
  18. SOOOO,assuming the secondary will be a tad better than last year we have 1)Blount vs RMat 2) Alshon and Smith vs Agholor and DGB(assuming JMat stays in his slot role 3) Barnett vs Barwin(great guy but not a fit here) 4) A QB with 1 year's experience under his belt 5) ditto for Pederson 5) Hollins.Gibson in the wings vs Treggs and turner.So I have zero clue WHY anyone can't believe we will be much more solid than last year
  19. I think it's the OFFENSE that is the group that makes it go I think my wording wasn't clear? Of course, we expect the offense to be the strength of the team. With the CB position so in flux, the Eagles' success this year will surely depend on how the CBs evolve. It will be better than last year,a top 10? doubtful,but the point is 1)score a few more PPG and 2) stop the opponent a few extra points a game.If we had those things last year we would have been in the division race,so to say how the secondary plays is how the team goes I cannot agree with
  20. He is obviously to busy for OTAs
  21. Seems like they really want to hold on to everyone they can to compete in camp and holding out for possible trades before the carnage begins
  22. DC - they've been scraping money together like that earlier w/ Ertz.
  23. I'm wondering the same thing. Getting pretty frustrated.
  24. i was hoping he was going to go on bender and drive off a cliff .
  25. Eagles have reportedly picked up $2.4 million in cap space, by converting $3.225 million of Rodney McLeod's salary into a bonus.
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