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  2. I like the pick. I wouldve have moved up for Lattimore or took Allen to pair with Cox, but I like Barnett too. I hope we get Cook or Tankersley in round 2. K.King wouldnt be a horrible pick either. But if they take us into the season with Mills and Robinson on the outside I hope they all get fired.
  3. It was the right decision to pass on conley. Too risky of a pick with the latest allegations. I think a lot of people would have thought white would be a reach if we took him at 14. Plus didn't he have speed issues. Lattimore was gone. Humphrey is the only one that we could have selected there imo. I think if we get king or wilson in the second this draft will be a huge success for us
  4. The top WR's were gone as was the top CB
  5. We needed to replace Barwin which we did,but IMO the pick was MEH.OK,but did not excite me at all
  6. King/Awuzie/Wilson or Moreau we better get one of them,Perrine in 3 another CB in 4 like Shaquille Griffin,then snag a WR in 4 also.Like either Gibson from WV or Switzer from NC
  7. Unless the plan is to run some retreads I'd take a CB in 2 and hope Perrine is around at 99
  8. RB I would shoot for now is Perrine,if we miss on him,then I'd wait until the 5th for Conner(still a banger)
  9. The 2 CB's we liked are both gone now too(Conley,White) besides Latt and Humphrey
  10. Depends if they fall to 43
  11. No they were smart to sit tight,let us make a MEH pick and get the players they got Wasnt me on that but i answered you anyway lol
  12. Same grade I gave them B-
  13. RBs will be gone in the 2nd? Really? The positon where we see lots of success stories with late rounders and UDFAs and it will be done in round 2? I find it hard to believe.... lol.
  14. GBFL ... you didn't answer my question on the trade down ... those teams that took those players, why do you think they were going to trade up to 14? I don't think any of them other than Washington who took Allen another DL would have traded up... obviously neither Indy or Balt thought they needed to trade. Tenn and Tampa didn't need to... denver stuck with OL and wasn't going to trade up. You are the Eagles at 14, would you trade down to 21 if you wanted Barnett? That's the first spot after the teams I mentioned, and we can't assume there were any offers? All I know is plenty of local media liked and wanted Barnett, including Joyner and Ray Diddy. Howie and Joe seemed thrilled. IDK myself, I don't watch college, so much easier for me without the emotion.... but this is one of my favorite nights of the year ... like I always say, only one choice, most people will disagree with it for whatever reason, but ALWAYS entertaining for me hearing the complaints.
  15. Why can't we select quincy or king in the second?
  16. Well at least the 5 guys on that rumored report was true. Barnett.
  17. Haha oh man you really cant please everyone😂
  18. Cleveland missed out on QB once again(morons) Cutler would fit there,they better be on the phone to his agent tomorrow
  19. We HAVE TO come away with Cook or Mixon Unless the plan is to run some retreads
  20. I WAS NOT high fiving anyone! me either
  21. Cant now... WR will be there in the 3rd, CB will be there in the 4th... RB will be gone by mid 2nd
  22. Better players after us Hooker,Humphrey,Allen,Howard.This Barnett is overrated.Watch his vids.many times noone blocked him,or the QB held the ball for 10 seconds.My grannie coulda got there in 10 seconds-won't happen in the NFL
  23. They Got Davis and Adore Jackson
  24. I got a feeling we will take a corner tomorrow. Quincy and king are still available and could help this team a lot
  25. I know... that could be other teams saying that about us if we had the freaking balls to go get Fournette... this 1st round is a fail, based upon value of pick
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