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  4. Hard to say how good Gus is since he was loaded with amazing defensive talent, and the defense didn't get any worse after they left. In fact, they won the Superbowl after he left. Not saying he isn't good, but impossible to tell.
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  6. Bro, Kaepernick was using his first amendment right to protest what he felt were injustices in this country. Whether you thought it "wasn't the right place to do it" or not, he was fully in his rights to do it. As a matter of fact, some knelt with him the whole time. He wasn't hurting anyone. Heck some former military people endorsed him. What I felt was dumber was the fact that you people whining more about what he was doing when meanwhile it wasn't even a tradition to stand during the anthem until recently. Heck, the Star Spangled Banner didn't become our National Anthem until the turn of the 20th century and it had slave references in it. Sounds like you need to educate yourself.
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  9. I am told TC had two requirements that the new coach had to meet 1) Know how to develop a young QB 2) now how to work a defibrilator
  10. Yeah, because more change is exactly what this organization needs right now. As it's been said numerous times before, Chip Kelly single-handedly castrated the Eagles. We have holes everywhere. We're rebuilding with DP & JS whether we like it or not. I get the impatience... I get it, but we cannot expect to compete if the coaching staff is flipped every year or two. Consistent progress is key. Lets win these last 2 games for the sake of improvement.
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  17. This is really strange. Cousins sheets the bed in a must win and you fire the defense.
  18. I haven't followed the thread for a while but thought I'd come stir the pot a little... just for ish and giggles... 2014 Rookie Carr: 348/599 58.1% 3,270 YDS 5.5 AVG 21 TDs 12 INTs 76.6 Passer Rating 2016 Rookie Wentz: 379/607 62.4% 3,782 YDS 6.2 AVG 16 TDs 14 INTs 79.3 Passer Rating I guess Wentz has more Arm Talent...
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  21. The Cowboys were not exposed. The refs were exposed as frauds enabling Byron Jones to hang onto a Packer on every play.
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  26. Those Cowboys fans would've been insufferable if the pukes would've won. Thank goodness.
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  30. LOL Dak is so bad when he doesn't have infinite time and wide open players
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  34. imagine what a UV light would pick up on the posters in his room
  35. Where we're all of these Cowboys fans last year? It was Stephen and......... ??
  36. Chip had very little to do with the 49ers being so bad.
  37. like to see another OL guy in there, but looks good otherwise. not against bringing DJax back...but would rather have someone less injury prone. he still has another 1-3 1000+ yd/seasons left in him tho, if he stays healthy. Weak OL class. Its a spot needed but alot of players n positions graded higher. Didnt want to force the pick. right on. so do you think they add another CB in FA with only drafting 1? Yip CB in the FA. Been checking out CBs in FA n think it will come down to AJ Buoye, Trumaine Johnson, Stephon Gilmore. Trumaine Johnson doesnt have that deep speed excells in that zone coverage with someone over the top. But we have seen what lack of speed with our CBs has done this year. So would cross him off. AJ Buoye come out of the blue this year with Kevin Johnson going down. Sure its Kevin Johnson­čśĽ 1st round pick went down injured for Texans anyway. Buoye is locking down the no.2 CB spot n WRs across from him. Rated top CB this year. Had a solid game just finished against the raiders. Then again it was Connor Cook throwing. First year starting n making noise kinda makes me iffy. Cheaper option though. Stephon Gilmore struggled this year but i have a feeling it has to do with the Ryan brothers. Was better with Schwartz. Proven no.1 CB against no.1 WR will command big money though. But can see Schwartz pushing to get his pieces for his D
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  39. First player in NFL history with double digit carries and negative rushing yards on the season
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  43. Yea kneeling for the national anthem is what made chip kelly and the niners suck , do you realize how dumb that sounds ?
  44. Don I used to drop 70-80 points on some fools using those plays with QB Eagles.
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  48. If the owner and my team spent more money then any other team the last 3 years and have nothing to show for it, I wouldn't be to thrilled. You build through the draft not free agency. The eagles have taken the place of the redskins. Off season splash, post season trash. Keep it going howie maybe by 2020 the eagles will win a playoff game.
  49. Uh, you're on the Eagles message board. What exactly do you expect? Suck it up buttercup, cause if that had been the Eagles, you Cowboys fans would be runnin your gums.
  50. For the last time, no one is giving up on him. The Eagles have a cap situation and are going to be releasing and restructuring players. They will likely turn to Peters and ask him to restructure his contract, if he's unwilling to do so, he could end up being a trade candidate.