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    Order has finally been restored in the NFC East
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    It's amazing his little Ewok paw could manage to pull it down.
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    Looks like the Skins will have to move on to their second choice. Mel Kiper Jr
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    I hope Mayock is smart enough to stay as far away as humanly possible from that organization. After what just went down and what it sounds like happened I don't know why anyone would want to work there in that power structure.
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    Thank you Philadelphia from the bottom of my heart for welcoming me and for being the amazing city you are. Laura and I want to thank Jeffrey Lurie, the entire Eagles organization, and all the fans for their support. It has been an honor and a privilege to play for this historic franchise. The Make The World Better Foundation, will continue it's work to revitalize parks in the city. Our current projects at Smith Playground and Waterloo Playground are moving forward and very exciting. I hope to see many of you at our concert this year.I have learned from and cherish every experience I have had in the great city of Philadelphia and every snap I played as an Eagle. From the Lurie's, to my coaches, teammates, mtwb partners, and fellow septa riders thank you! Go Philly, Go Eagles . . . hope to see you in the playoffs! Connor Barwin
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    Eagles Fan #1 - 30 TD and 2 INT for a season is pretty good. Eagles Fan #2 - Yeah, but he took over for Michael Vick. He's not cool. F that guy.
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    Nick Foles is a great pick-up. I've been suggesting reacquiring Foles as a back up QB on this forum for a year and a half now (repeatedly), not long after that lousy, clueless Rams organization benched him as their #1 starter. I think Foles makes an ideal #2! Maybe the best in the NFL. If Wentz goes down to injury, Foles definitely has the talent & skills to keep the Eagles winning and on track for the playoffs. He has proven that in the past. Foles is also a 'big game' player, who can definitely win a playoff game for us, if need be. However, the bad news is that it doesn't look like we're going to save much more than 1 million on salary cap. As we're still going to owe Daniel a big chunk of change, yes? Ugh! I really hope there's a way around that. As I had thought the idea was to replace Daniel with Foles, and with the money saved in salary cap, acquire a 1st tier CB (or two), or a very good RB in FA, or pay the salaries of all 8 of our draft picks in 2017, etc. Anyway, welcome back, Nick Foles! I'm super excited to see you back with the Eagles, where you belong!
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    It does not take a genius to know Dak will come back to earth . The only real question is how far . He has the tangibles to be a good QB , he has the most important a well built team around him . Dallas is a run first team with plenty of RBs in case Zeke goes down . As long as he does not have to throw 30 + a game he will be fine , not as good this year but I think we will have some battles for next few years . @cowboy_ron Now that Wentz has a few legit targets to throw to we will get to see more of what Wentz can really do
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    Moves I don't think a lot of us saw coming. Got Wentz some weapons and will see how Chance improves the oline.
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    I will be so pissed if we draft Ross in the first round.....
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    Not only the players on D needs to be improved i think Schwartz needs to improve too.
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    "he likes to get sacked too much"? His sacks were up when he was getting no protection...as every QB's are when they aren't protected. The Eagles O line in 2014 was in disarray. No Johnson, no Evan Mathis, Kelce also out , Herremans playing hurt . Jason not playing up to his usual standards due to the lack of experience from the guys replacing those two. A 180 degree turn from the protection of 2013 when all five starters on the O took every snap! Which enabled Nick to play well . It's no surprise than to anyone who really pays attention and understands what is happening that his sacks were up in 2014.As were his INT's also due to not having Jackson and McCoy any longer. Two of his key Offensive players. With the Rams, they had one guy on their O line that wasn't a first year rookie. Kind of hard to get protected under those conditions, wouldn't you agree? And no one outside of Austin to throw to. Like it or not Foles is now back with the team that drafted him and is a proven experienced QB who gives the Eagles a better chance of not losing a season if ( and we ALL hope that doesn't happen) should Carson go down.
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    Did you even read the article?about the foles I remember... I was mad when they traded him. 14-4 in his last 2 yrs as a starter in philly. the only place he really struggled was with the Rams, and they continue their struggles. Foles is a far cry better than Daniel, and cheaper. He makes a great back up, in a system that is fairly familiar. "Foles served as the backup to Alex Smith. In three games (one start) with the Chiefs, Foles was 36-of-55 for 410 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions, and a 105.9 passer rating." so KC was a little foolish to just let him go if you ask me... that sounds like a pretty effective back up QB.
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    I have a feeling it is BS. Why would you offer one of your best defensive players and 2 picks in a talent rich draft for a undersized WR who's nearing free agency. Jenkins is locked up at a fairly reasonable price too. It doesn't even make sense. And the Saints look like straight idiots if they took the much weaker deal the Patriots offered, which is basically the last pick in the 1st round and a slot swap from last pick in the 3rd to early 4th. I like the nameless source of this rumor, meaning they are coming from New Orleans. Trying to cover your @ss for misplaying the market still makes you look like a buffoon.
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    Tampa has shown interest already. The Rams, 49ers, Jets, and Browns should not bother because no QB can thrive with their collective lack of talent. The Texans(Savage?!?), Broncos(2 stiffs), Cardinals(37 and falling), or Vikings(Sammy Sleeves) should consider him as a starter. Teams like the Giants(36), Saints(38), Steelers(beat up 35) , and Patriots(a spry 40) (if they trade Garoppolo) should consider him as a backup to be groomed to take over in a few years. I think the Jags might be ready to take off with him as an upgrade over Bortles. None of the rookies this year are anywhere near the prospect that Foles has already shown in the NFL and he is still only 28. The Eagles, Cowboys, or Redskins would be smart to upgrade their backups (Romo is cut, Jerrah is just too stupid to know it yet) I am biased though, I like QBs who can perform well and win when that is even the slightest possibility.
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    He's always seemed a little too intimate with microphones for my liking.
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    Wow, talk about jettisoning talent. He may have had his problems, but I wasn't comfortable with his being GM over there. Guy knows how to put together a roster. In one season, the Skins manage to lose their GM, their OC, two talented starting receivers and will either lose their QB or bring a very unhappy QB back to the team. Am I missing anything on this?
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    ALL WE ARE SAYYYYYYING ... is give Chance a Chance!
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    Torrey Smith is the best receiver we have. And he came CHEAP. Nothing at all to complain about with that.
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    I'm a little late on this discussion but thought I would add my two cents. IMO Christian Mccaffrey is extremely slept on. I'm not sure what his draft stock is after the combine because I think he had a good showing, but I think he should be talked about more. Could be west coast bias over here but I personally think he is just as good, if not better than Dalvin Cook. Plus he is a dynamic return man. There's your Sproles replacement right there, with more size. The kid's hands and footwork are smooooth and he plays with a fire under his butt which I LOVE. I've heard reports of concerns on his ability to run up the middle. He did plenty of that at Stanford with a lot of success IMO. Just sayin, if the top WR's are off the board I would avoid Ross like the plague and draft Mccaffrey in a heart beat. I want to see multiple CBs drafted as well, but this is a deep class and we can get a couple in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th. Just my thoughts on this if it matters :)
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    100% agreed Dave, which is why Graham in a deal for Cooks makes no sense. You add talent and build the roster, not subtract talent and make a position weaker for the sake of upgrading a dire situation at another position.
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    Giants players should be excited about this signing. Maybe so excited they light some fireworks.
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    Take anyone's best 10 games away from them, call them FLUKES, and they will look worse. (talk about stat manipulation ) The ONLY things not to like about Foles are that: 1) He was not instantly great as a rookie on a decimated team that got a HoF coach fired (1-5 record) 2) He could not turn around the worst franchise in the NFL since 2003 (Cleveland had a winning record in 2007) while facing 8 playoff teams in 11 games. (4-7 record) Foles is 15-6 in every other start (this includes the half against Houston which was tied and does not include the KC - Colts game or the Philly - NY game which he clearly won) 16-6 is a more accurate representation for games he controlled. If you damn him for 2014 you are an idiot. I will counter with Luck '15, Peyton '01, Elway '90 or '94, Ben '06, Marino '89 and '97, Eli '07(yes, the SB year), '10, '13, Ryan '15, Brees '03, . Good QBs will struggle depending on the 10 other players around them or them just not being perfect. Are those guys all low tier starters or high tier backups? Stick with the logic that a QB that went 8-2 on a team that went 2-4 without him was given some unfair advantage. It makes you sound very smart. If you can research up some Foles/Keenum 2015 angle like 8/11 playoff teams vs 1/5 playoff teams and we will all listen. You can't do that because you think stats are for nerds and your crap opinion should count for something.
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    Well I'm outta here for a while. Today is my 45th Wedding anniversary. Going away for awhile with my better half. I picked a good one. She doesn't even mind that I'm on the Eagles web site with you guys on our anniversary. LOL
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    I have posted thousands of stats and you think you really zinged me when you found a single error? I have no idea what the error was, but it sure left an impression on you. You are obsessed, bro. I'd be flattered if you were not so pathetic. People judge a QB by 3 things mostly. Wins, Stats, Intangibles Foles DOMINATED in 2013 and 2014 to the tune of 14-4 on a team that was 6-8 without him. He did this in your team's division. Foles' career 88.1 rating is higher than: Palmer, Newton, Carr, Luck, Stafford, Cutler, Flacco, Manning, Smith, Bradford, and Tannehill. I am not saying he is better than all those players. I am saying he belongs with those players. Don't even bring up guys like Bortles, Osweiler, Fitzpatrick, Sanchez, Cassel, and Siemian. He is a leader. The Eagles players loved the guy especially after the Redskins game in 2014. Guys like Bradford and Cutler are passers and not leaders. I get that you don't like him, but your delusions have turned you into a joke. (hint, I am not the only one laughing at you in this thread)
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    I'm more agitated that the Houston Texans have such a lame name. They have nearly everything to pick from and they go the least creative route possible.
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    So disappointed in this board. How many years of watching football is combined here? So much knowledge....LOST. What are you thinking? Get your head out of your collective a77es. Three people came out on the last thread and suggested we just cut RMat when possible and we are good at RB. No one challenged this? Seriously! We are far from good at RB. Sproles only works in a complimentary role, better when he catches you off guard. Smallwood did ok with limited work and then got injured. Marshall is practice squad material(sorry to burst somes bubble). Watson could be a good compliment to smaller backs. I'm not building my offense around him though. I'm hopeful but many here have gone beyond hopeful...
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    This came as a huge surprise to me. I didn't expect this...even though some of the sports analyst didn't rule out his returning when the Chiefs couldn't pick up his option year due to no resources to do so. I too saw Matt Barkley was signed to SF, and wondered what they possibly saw in him, over Nick. Glad Nick didn't let the past with the Eagles get in the way of returning to the team. He is a very solid back up.
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    Patriots have made some interesting and uncharacteristic moves this offseason. Paying Gilmore all that money to go with Butler, who will need a new deal soon (wonder if we could get Rowe back ). Then trading for Allen, Ealy and now Cooks. Man they will be loaded on offense. Gronk and Allen at TE. Cooks, Edelman, Amendola, Mitchell, Hogan at WR with James White and Dion Lewis out of the backfield rushing and receiving. Good luck trying to beat them in the AFC. Not to mention if they trade Garoppolo they'll get more draft picks. It's obvious they know they needed to get better. They were down by 25 in the 3rd qtr of the SB and really should have lost. They know they got away with one in that game and needed more weapons.
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    Just make sure you stay around long enough to help bring one to the city then! Don't leave after a year to the highest bidder. This team will look after you and will pay you very very well so there's no worries there. Just ask a certain Vinny Curry!
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    http://www.bleedinggreennation.com/2017/3/10/14883060/alshon-jeffery-carson-wentz-nfl-mvp-eagles-quarterback-philadelphia-wide-receiver Carson Wentz, the gift that keeps on giving?
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    I think the joke here is the Texans. They're the team that overpaid for a mediocre free agent quarterback, benched him during the season, and had to unload him as soon as they could while sweetening the pot with a future second round pick.
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    Coach Kelly got rid of all of our splendid offensive talent. Alshon and Torrey are just the type of player that Kelly would allow to leave, or worse, push out the door. We watched in horror as our best offensive players were cast aside in a foolish quest for conformity. Great players do not conform. They are trail blazers. They win. Better days are coming. Better days are here.
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    It's not odd at all, his injury and PED history, his market this year, he'll be looking to cash in next year. Smart job by Howie Roseman
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    C5.... lets see the $$$ first before complaining. A 26 year old WR on a dead end team, could get new life playing with a young stud QB. He changes how defenses have to play us... especially in the red zone. All that stuff you mentioned is probably why the reports are that the price has come down. Looking ahead, we need to draft well, I don't see many expensive free agents coming out that could help us, might be the time to make the move, if the cap gets better going forward, which it looks like it does.
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    ☺ The Eagles may want young players they feel can learn and stick around for a while. I feel the same way,was just being sarcastic in a joking way. FA does not automatically make someone "old" lol Would like YOUNG with a few years experience.Hope we do not start 2 rook CB's vs Gmen.That would not be trial by fire,that would be boiling them in lava lol
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    Shocking! Really thought they'd be able to land the #2 overall pick for him.
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    Not ignoring him,but do you take him at 14???? Maybe he's not mentioned because he is outside of where we pick round 1 but won't last until our 2nd.So with our first pick,we have choices to make.RB/WR/CB/OL/DE???? Time will tell
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    Redskins: wow we had a top 10 offense this year Redskins to Redskins: dismantle it Redskins: wow we're finally making smart roster moves that directly benefit the team's W-L percentage with a legitimate GM on board Redskins to Redskins: fire him
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    There's a thread on extreme foreskins now talking about how the Skins are a "model of stability".
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    Personally I think Foles is an ideal #2 guy. He's not good enough to push a good starting QB or create a QB controversy, but if your starter went down with injury and you had to put him in for 4-6 games your season isn't in the sewer either. He'll be a #2 somewhere next season.
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    Guess who has a formal meeting with the Eagles tonight? This Guy!!!
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    Hahahaha... @" The Don."couldn't have said it better... I am always digging for every Scrap of info on My Birds... Thanks to " The Don." and others on this Board that share knowledge thru those links. Those links sometimes serve to temper my sometimes Biased, Hahahaha, opinions and perspectives about my Birds. It makes posting here a very positive experience, as the football knowledge, education and opinions of those willing to give their time for the benefit of their fellow fanatics is an action, one should respect and appreciate. My experience with this Board, tells me that most here understand and appreciate those efforts. There will always be naysayers and as was already soo perfectly stated. Hahaha the know what to do Hahahaha.