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    So Wentz is basically worth an entire team's worth of players?
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    Still kicking,,everything went well,
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    Cleveland received 9 "prospects" in return for the pick that netted us Wentz. With all of the maneuvering they've been doing, they could end up with 100 picks - none of if will matter if they don't parlay those picks into legit talent. If they keep drafting as poorly as they have been, they'll remain a basement-dweller even with all of those extra draft resources.
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    I'm glad that the Browns got 9 players for the Carson trade but I still enjoy the Eagles finally having a franchise quarterback.
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    I don't know if anyone has posted this but I just read an article that said the Plilly Police reported NO arrests at the NFL draft. Gratz to Eagles fans and the city in general.
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    I'm all in. I will boycott and not attend any Bengals games.
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    Same 8 plays every game?
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    I hate to keep bringing up the Patriots as a reference point but how many 4th and ones or 3rd and ones has Brady come up short? I didn't know that he was a power back.
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    It seems to me you can point right at Barbre and Kelce as to why we struggled on short yardage and third down conversions. Those two just can't push anyone back...nobody! Wisniewski seems to fit the part more. At either LG or C really. Warmack was a force pushing people back like a bulldog...in college. If he regain form that should help. Lane is a good run blocker also so having him all season should help. Running back by commitee means you don't have a RB. And that's where we sit.
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    Make sure you post when you are still high just for the entertainment value. Oh and we'll all be praying for you.
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    My early projection - I'm normally 1 or 2 off final 53 but this year is gonna be a battle to stick. So just named players i think have a chance. QB - 1. C. Wentz 2. N. Foles 3. M. McGloin RB - 1. R. Matthews 2. W. Smallwood 3. D. Sproles 4. D. Pumphrey 5. C. Clement WR - 1. A. Jeffery 2. T. Smith 3. J. Matthews 4. Dorial Green-Beckham 5. N. Agholor 6. M. Hollins 7. S. Gibson TE - 1. Z. Ertz 2. B. Celek 3. T. Burton 4. A. Bonnet LT - 1. J. Peters 2. D. Gordon LG - 1. C. Warmack 2. I. Seumalo C - 1. J. Kelce 2. S. Wisniewski 3. T. Orlosky RG - 1. B. Brooks 2. A. Babre RT - 1. L. Johnson 2. H. Vaitai 3. T. Hart LDE - 1. B. Graham 2. V. Curry 3. A. McCalister DT - 1. F. Cox 2. T. Jernigan 3. B. Allen 4. D. Vaeao 5. E. Qualls RDE - 1. D. Barnett 2. C. Long 3. M. Smith LOLB - 1. N. Bradham 2. N. Goode MLB - 1. J. Hicks 2. J. Walker ROLB - 1. M. Kendricks 2. N. Gerry 3. K. Grugier-Hill CB - 1. S. Jones 2. J. Mills 3. R. Douglas 4. P. Robinson 5. R. Brooks 6. D. Gratz FS - 1. M. Jenkins 2. J. Watkins 3. T. Brooks SS - 1. R. McLeod 2. C. Maragos LS - 1. J. Dorenbos P - 1. D. Jones K - 1. C. Sturgis Bold i think could be cut or traded. Italic injured most probably IR/PUP
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    So they got a receiver, two QB projects, and a bunch of unknowns. Yeah, I'd rather have Carson Wentz.
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    We didn't trade Bradford or Foles or LeSean for Wentz... people are reaching so hard
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    Vehicular accidents Domestic abuse investigation Mardi Gras flashing incident Drug use allegations Ezekiel Elliott is a true Dallas Cowboy.
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    Stine, I think the idea is looking at the present. Is any offense or defense or any part of the team that size.... EVER complete for the next 3 to 5 years? We should have a fully functional offense this year. QB, OL plus depth, TEs, WR 1, WR 2, Slot WR, RBs for every situation. That's pretty much the idea here. For every type of situation, the offense was addressed. How well it performs... that's another thing. But you can't say they don't have any particular thing at the moment. My earlier posts a few days back, this could be the first season, that both ends in a winning record and you could honestly say the team should look better going forward ... the key though, is the young players both from this year and last year's draft. OL and CBs in particular would be outstanding if they stepped up to show they can play.
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    If the CB situation works itself out, I could easily see 10 wins this year. Things are looking bright. Coaching needs to improve, but all seem to ne on board. Crossing my fingers!! Just beat Dallas twice and split with Washington and Giants. That would make me real happy....
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    You mean like all waivers have to happen on the December Wednesday to coincide with the tree lighting at Rockefeller Center?
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    Say what you want,but I feel this FO/staff have outperformed every other team in the league.We were short on cap yet STILL managed to get Alshon,Smith,Blount amongst others.Just an AMAZING job!!!!
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    Blount really is a game changer as far as us now being able to drain the 4th qtr clock and still move the chains(aka ground and pound)
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    With him having the ability to learn under Sproles is huge, because not too many other teams are giving that luxury and most teams are envious of what Sproles has done. Yes Pumphrey is going to have to bulk up and he will. How much though is probably the big question.
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    Eli Apple is another cornerback that was taken in the first round last year. Cornerback is one of the toughest positions in the game to come in and play well as a rookie, and Eli Apple has typified that expected level of play. He has allowed 60.7 percent of passes thrown his way to be caught and surrendered a passer rating of 92.6 when targeted. Apple and Hargreaves were the two best Corners coming out last year. It didn't matter one bit that these two were drafted in the first round. They both got lit up like a Christmas tree. I think we should all remember that when we judge Jalen Mills performance last year.
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    Say what you want,BASH as you must,but IMO this FO is kicking the league in the ARSE.I love this signing!!! We keep doing this we WILL raise the Lombardi(sorry no pom poms yet HAHA)
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    Thanks GB, feels good to be home and not in rehab - won't be having my "vitals" taken every 2 hrs at night. Know what's vital? A good nights' sleep! Also want to thank everyone for their well wishes, much appreciated as this was easily the most severe pain I've ever experienced and don't wish it on anyone. Now trying to come up with ideas on how to thank the entire team of really professional people, from the CNA's, the nursing staff, therapists etc who somehow took advantage of my history of overdoing things, got me to the right speed to keep improving without feeling bad about going slowly ( for me ) - that's a good trick. Thanks again everyone.
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    Interesting,but noone on here wanted him.Apparently they were "OK" with his issues.Not sorry we missed really.I think it worked out for the better
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    I would like you guys to welcome my son to the Forum... Hopefully he will be a regular contributor... He loves the Eagles too!
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    I broke my neck almost 11 years ago diving in a pool. It made life more challenging but I have come along way from where I was to now. I might live with pain everyday but I have a new respect for life and others. It has taught me so much more then it took away. A man isn't created in crisis, he is revealed in crisis. You are top shelf DWD.
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    I broke my neck almost 11 years ago diving in a pool. It made life more challenging but I have come along way from where I was to now. I might live with pain everyday but I have a new respect for life and others. It has taught me so much more then it took away.
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    I didn't get it either until I realized that Joe Douglas was looking for playmakers as he drafted: 1. The next Trent Cole, a 260-lb DE who broke Reggie White’s sack record at Tennessee (Derek Barnett) 2. The next Eric Allen, who was the top CB in the draft (Sidney Jones) 3. The next Asante Samuel, who led the nation with 8 interceptions (Rasul Douglas) 4. The next Cris Carter, a 6’4” 210-lb TD-machine who averaged 20.6 yds/rec and a TD for every 4-receptions (Mack Hollins) 5. The next Darren Sproles, a RB who broke Marshall Faulk’s rushing record at San Diego State (Donnell Pumphrey) 6. The next Jeremy Maclin, a 6’0” WR who averaged 22 yds/rec (Shelton Gibson) 7. The next Seth Joyner, a chiseled 6’2” LB-DB (Nathan Gerry) 8. The next Beau Allen, a run-stopping DT to backup Fletcher Cox (Elijah Qualls)
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    Thank you to those that remind people to stay on topic and use ignore. If you circumvent the filter, you will be issued warnings (check your warning level), even if you decide later to delete your posts. The board has a filter for a reason. Stay on topic and stay respectful.
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    Dave, I know you can't answer. This post is for the Dave's Forum members. I hope the mods leave it open. Two days before the draft. It's time to go on record. Who do you predict the Eagles will draft? I think DE is a bigger need vs Corner so Barnett would be a nice pick. However, if he's not there Conley would be a nice consolation prize. Finally, if both are gone and OJ Howard is available I'd take him. Since there is only one 14th pick, mine is Barnett.
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    Outside Linebacker Nigel Bradham Over five NFL seasons with two teams, Nigel Bradham has toiled in relative obscurity. He was viewed as a capable linebacker but not much more than that. When Bradham hit free agency a year ago, the Buffalo Bills didn't exactly roll out the red carpet in an effort to keep him. Bradham found a new home in Philadelphia, and in that new home the light bulb appears to have come on. Not only did Bradham top 100 total tackles for the second time in his career while setting a career high in solo stops, but his level of play increased significantly. Back in 2014 (Bradham's last 100-stop season) he graded out 11th at his position at Pro Football Focus. Last year, that ranking bumped all the way to fifth, ahead of the likes of Jamie Collins of the Cleveland Browns and Lavonte David of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Not bad given that Collins probably makes more in a month than Bradham does in a year. Bradham's had difficulty staying out of trouble off the field (he was suspended a game back in 2014 and currently faces both misdemeanor weapons and assault charges), but given that the Eagles didn't make any moves to back him up, the team appears confident he'll be exonerated. Hopefully 2017 will bring a raising of his profile on the field combined with a lowering of his profile off it. It's depressing when a talented young player just can't get out of his own way.
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    Wow, we've got a pretty scary team in the making. Hoping the chemistry gels fast and it translates to wins on the field. Go Eagles!!
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    Or even Wentz himself if done correctly QB sneak is damn near impossible to stop for a yard or 2....look at NE Brady is a master of the QB sneak
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    This is the first year in awhile that I am feeling pretty confident about our RZ O......Got plenty of different weapons that should help us score in short yardage....Whether it is pounding it in with blount-force, tossing it up to Alshon also have guys in the middle Ertz/Jmatt
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    Honestly Mills had a rough go as a rookie but loved his confidence and his fearless play style he was tasked more then a few times to cover teams best WRs that is tough on vets let alone 7th round rookies and never seemed to get discouraged.....Looking forward to seeing Mills in year 2 still feel like his best spot will be slot but sounds like we are looking at him as an outside guy
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    I for one am pretty amazed that not only did we improve the WR corps, we worked out team friendly deals and drafted their developmental / replacements. All while improving pass rush and other areas with productive players without creating unnecessary holes. This hasn't just been a great OS for the team, but the way they went about it, planned and executed together in an organized manner is a big step forward for the Eagles organization.
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    Interesting comments on here.Anyone here ever been denied anything for a long time,but kept working anyway? Like that new car you want on the showroom floor,but cant afford?And say you hit the lottery and can suddenly have the ability to buy it.Do you buy it and put it in the garage? NO,you drive it around proudly and show your friends.Another example are private school girls who are kept on a strict line through HS.What is the first most do upon graduation? They go out and do all the things they were denied.Take a young KID and suddenly give them a HUGE paycheck they WILL celebrate.It's just human nature and part of GROWING UP.These kids are NOT 20 going on 35,they are 20!!! And some on here expect someone else(not them of course) to go from "ok" to PRO BOWL in a single season.Well all I will say is good luck with that,but be careful not to be the one who casts the first stone.
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    Preseason definitely matters. It helps rookies and FA acclimate with their new team and gives them time to learn the speed of the game. Can you imagine how sloppy the beginning of the season would be without it. They mention rookie mistakes all year already.
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    Is it up to Smallwood? Yes I think it's up to him.
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    Howie will stash them all and wait to see whom gets hurt and what offers come in.Another example of "Howie leverage" love it
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    Thanks ASG. Some of our fav videos on AFV are when peeps had their wisdom teeth out - too funny!
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    I think it is no act... I think Howie is genuinely impressed by him, and simultaneously comfortable in his own skin and the roles that each person plays... I doubt that Joe can work the cap like Howie and in turn genuinely respects him as well... meaning that they each compliment the other and they both know it
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    But if they don't have a QB, they really don't have anything.
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    This is year two of a three year plan to build the Eagles into a serious contender for many years to come. QB and at least one if not two good O-lineman last year. Significant upgrades at CB this year. We should get at least two very good to great players out of Barnett, Jones, and Pumphrey. Yes, Jones is a gamble, but not a really big one. If he turns out to be great in year 3, who cares if he doesn't play this year. Year 3 is the target. The front office has made the Eagles better this year with Jeffrey and Smith and probably plan to resign whichever has the better year. Doug is an Andy Reid disciple. He wouldn't run the ball 40 times a game even if he had a pounding RB. With rare exceptions, they only give you 2 top years anyway and you can draft or sign one virtually at will. (Doesn't anyone remember Keith Byers?) The team is far more competitive this year than last. I think the front office is doing a great job repairing the Chip damage. Howie is a better GM than before Chip. Doug is a solid coach. Thank God for Joe Douglas. I'll be 61 this year and I desperately want to see the Eagles win a Super Bowl before my time on Earth is done. I see great reasons to be hopeful.
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    Man can no believe how people are already attacking our draft picks that have no even seen the field yet.....
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    Nick must be a gnats fan, doesn't want us to INT Eli or something. Jones had the best surgeon and the Eagles have done their homework. If anything, trust the process. Kevv, have to look at the long game