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    You can go on and on about the formula. Fact is Atlanta had a 1st and 10 at the NE 22 with 4 mins left. Forget the formula and run it 3 times and go up 10 in the SB with 3 mins left. Dont forget about the onside kick recovery and getting negative yards. Dont forget about a Matt Ryan fumble on 3rd and 1. Don't forget about Weems having back to back returns to the 10 yard line. The last one he could've kneeled it and started them off at the 25. Screw the formula, this was a choke job of epic proportions up 28-3.
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    I expect them to miss the playoffs next year. I don't expect them to be back in the Super Bowl under this coach, maybe not even with Ryan as their QB.
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    Of course they will - who would pay their backup QB $6.4 million? Other than us, of course.
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    I was at work, we watched the whole thing. I thought the SB was the best reffed game all season (not saying much). But the pats won because Kyle Shanahan called the worst second half (and specifically 4th quarter) of football in Super Bowl History
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    Stine, I'm glad you mentioned Gordon, because I'm really intrigued. I want to see if he is ready to contribute this season. Great athlete, and the Eagles obviously were high on him to keep him on 53-man roster last season. Is he another Jason Peters? Is he just a super athlete who isn't able to make the transition to OT? Is he something between the two?
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    You're right Atlanta should have gotten another chance. They didn't get enough chances being up 25 points. It's ridiculous to think the defense should have to make a stop. It's just not fair. There should be no more overtime and both teams should be given participation trophies. That would only make it fair.
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    When Julio Jones caught that pass near the 20 yard line, the game was over for the Pats. I wonder if the Niners now want Kyle Shanahan as HC for the worst play calling I've ever seen at a crucial moment in a SB. Run the ball into a wall three times, and kick the FG. It's not rocket science, Matt Ryan should not have been touched as he handed the ball off to one of his RB's.
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    They should play another 4 quarters, just to make it extra special fair. I mean, if a defense is on the field to end regulation, then has to go on defense right away in OT, that's just not fair. Not fair at all. We need special fairness. They really should play a whole new game once everyone is full rested who played in the first game. That way it's super duper fair.
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    Free Agency 2017 Target/Wish list Thought I would have a good look at who is out there. Checked out players and positions I think are needed and are a scheme fit. Filling as many holes they can now will give the Eagles the more flexibility going into the Draft. Also I didn’t look at older players hitting 30 or over. Had pros and cons but would have been a whole article worth so just ranked them as top 5 options. WR - Obvious positions of need. Wentz needs weapons. Eagles WRs couldn’t win enough of their matchups, they couldn’t get open consistently and couldn’t catch the ball. Also lacked that vertical threat. 1. Alshon Jeffery, Bears, Age 26 Ht 6'3 Wt 213 2. Kenny Stills, Dolphins, Age 24 Ht 6'0 Wt 195 3. Robert Woods, Bills, Age 24 Ht 6'0 Wt 190 4. Markus Wheaton, Steelers, Age 26 Ht 5'11 Wt 189 T5. Kendall Wright, Titans, Age 27 Ht 5'10 Wt 191 T5. Cordarelle Patterson, Vikings, Age 25 Ht 6'2 Wt 220 CB - Eagles CBs really struggled this season. Which I think translated to the DL not generating enough pressure or getting home enough. Not much of an improvement or any from last year. Carroll looked to have declined. McKelvin was a band aid and now the Eagles ripped it off. Brooks got injured early. Bright spot was finger wager Mills but not too bright was his lack of speed. 1. Stephon Gilmore, Bills, Age 26 Ht 6'1 Wt 190 2. A.J Bouye, Texans, Age 25 Ht 6'0 Wt 191 3. Logan Ryan, Patriots, Age 26 Ht 5'11 Wt 195 4. Morris Claiborne, Cowboys, Age 27 Ht 5'11 Wt 192 5. Trumaine Johnson, Rams, Age 27 Ht 6'2 Wt 208 DT - Logan will probably command some big coin in the market with the ability to play NT and DT. Eagles need to inject as many bodies and youth into that position. More pressure is needed from the interior and the DL as a whole. 1. Nick Fairley, Saints, Age 29 Ht 6'4 Wt 300 2. Karl Klug, Titans, Age 28 Ht 6’3 Wt 278 3. Kendall Reyes, Chiefs, Age 27 Ht 6'4 Wt 300 4. Courtney Upshaw, Falcons, Age 27 Ht 6’2 Wt 272 5. Stacy McGee, Raiders, Age 27 Ht 6’3 Wt 310 DE – As we saw the Eagles DL just didn’t get enough pressure. Cox was getting doubled or even triple teamed and the rest of the DL apart from Graham got little to no pressure at all. Good to stop the run but the Eagles CBs had no chance out there. Barwin looks like he’s on the outs. Just like the DT position more bodies in there the better. Someone needs to step up. 1. Alex Okafor, Cardinals, Age 26 Ht 6’4 Wt 261 2. Damontre Moore, Seahawks, Age 24 Ht 6’5 Wt 250 3. Cornelius Washington, Bears, Age 27 Ht 6’4 Wt 292 4. Barkevious Mingo, Patriots, Age 26 Ht 6’4 Wt 240 5. Jarvis Jones, Steelers, Age 27 Ht 6’3 Wt 248 G – Not a position of need but it is a position with some questions. Wiz is a FA. Babre was rumoured not to be safe along with Kelce. Seumalo is there but does he play G or C. Brooks was a big signing last year so I don’t think Eagles will spend big again at the position. 1. Kevin Zeitler, Bengals, Age 26 Ht 6’4 Wt 320 2. Larry Warford, Lions, Age 25 Ht 6’3 Wt 317 3. Ronald Leary, Cowboys, Age 27 Ht 6’3 Wt 320 4. Chance Warmack, Titans, Age 25 Ht 6’2 Wt 323 5. Jonathan Cooper, Cowboys, Age 27 Ht 6’2 Wt 310 LB – Eagles have a stud in Hicks. Bradham played solid to last year. Goode is a FA. Kendricks is on the block. Walker is coming back from injury. Grugier-Hill is a ST player. Leaving the Eagles with an empty cupboard at LB. 1. Dont’a Hightower, Patriots, Age 26 Ht 6’3 Wt 265 2. Zach Brown, Bills, Age 27 Ht 6’1 Wt 248 3. Gerald Hodges, 49ers, Age 26 Ht 6'2 Wt 236 4. Sio Moore, Cardinals, Age 26 Ht 6'1 Wt 245 5. Arthur Brown, Jets, Age 26 Ht 6’0 Wt 240 FB- Finally a position Eagles haven’t had since Weaver. We have one on the roster. Not many hitting FA but the ones that are, are the best in the league. Could only name 4 because the others are 30 or over. 1. Kyle Juszczyk, Ravens, Age 25 Ht 6’1 Wt 240 2. Patrick DeMarco, Falcons, Age 27 Ht 6’1 Wt 234 3. James Devlin, Patriots, Age 28 Ht 6'3 Wt 255 4. Zach Line, Vikings, Age 26 Ht 6’1 Wt 233 If Eagles can come away with some of these names i think we will be strong heading into the Draft and into the season.
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    He's still doing better than your boy Johnny Football, though.
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    I disagree, it's coaching. Bellicheck holds the whole entire staff and players to a certain standard. A standard of winning and doing your job. And if you do not do your job you are gone, period. That expectation rubbed off on Brady and now Brady holds his players accountable each and every game day. It's their mind set, it's their vision, it's their preparation. I know the whole spy gate thing makes any fan want to hate them, but the Patriots are exactly what the other 31 teams dream of being. A head coach that could likely go down as the best and a QB that will likely go down as the best. It doesn't get much better than that. We hear the same saying each year about average players going to NE and becoming better players and winning championships. It's no longer a saying, it's a proven fact. I may get roasted for saying this because yes I try to hate NE, but what they have built and accomplished in the past 15 years, is pretty dang amazing. And the funny thing is, is that they don't drastically change things year in and year out. They keep their same personnel, they keep their coaches, they try to keep the continuity because believe it or not continuity means a lot in this league. For players and coaches.
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    As a coach with a first down in field goal range and 3:45 left to WIN THE GOSH DARN SUPER BOWL one should NEVER PASS THE FOOTBALL. 1st down. 29 sec snap at 1 run up the gut. 35 seconds off the clock. 2nd down. Same about 35 seconds gone. 3rd down. About 35 seconds gone. 4th down run the clock. Hard count maybe get them to jump if not kick at 1 second. That's about 2:20 off the clock leaving the Pats about 2 min to get TWO possessions and score a TD, 2pt conversion and FG just to tie the game. Don't even give me the argument about what worked for the Falcons to get them there. That we the worst situational football I've ever seen in the biggest possible moment on the part of the Falcons coaching staff.
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    I rather lose in a blowout than the way Falcons lost, when Giants got blown out by Ravens, the next day was all smiles, it sucked, but i knew we were never in that game... but to screw up basic football situation and not run the ball after the Julio catch will forever haunt Falcons fan...and the city of Atlanta..
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    Overtime rules didn't cost Atlanta the game. Inexperience did. Atlanta started planning their parade in the locker room at halftime. They're a young team who took their foot off the gas. Ryan's sack was a killer. Hand the ball off twice, kick the field goal & win the game. Horrific play calling by Shanahan.
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    exactly, when you blow a 25 point lead and make the mistakes Atlanta made down the stretch, sort of hard for me to think you were robbed
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    If they change it, the only change they should make is to change it back to what it used to be. Flip the coin, first team to score, wins.
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    We should stop keeping score altogether. One team feels bad when they lose, and everyone should feel like a winner.
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    7. Cheat. Sometimes, having the right 53, rookie coaches, veteran free agents, a good draft, and two playbooks just isn't enough to beat teams with more talent. Whenever this happens, find a way to cheat...and buddy up to the commissioner also, so when you're caught cheating you can still continue to cheat.
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    From what I gathered it was just a classic case of Belichick being Belichick. He felt like he had an equal (and cheaper) replacement on the roster and got compensation for him before he became a free agent.
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    One thing that college football has right. Im not saying that is the reason the Falcons lossed, but the OT rule irritates the hell out of me. I mean how stupid does the NFL have to be? Like its laughable stupid lol. For a team to lose without even touching the ball in OT? What if the game was an offensive shootout? You decide the game with a freaking coin flip. Unacceptable. And both teams touching the ball on offense isnt even good enough. Both teams should have EQUAL opportunities on offense unless time expires. But the NFL knows nothing about fairness. NFL IS A JOKE UNTIL THEY FIX THIS CRAP. Maybe since it happened in the SB it will get some attention. Unfortunatly, I dont see Atlanta fans complaining as much as Patriot fans would be had it happened to them, and as much as I hate the Pats, Id be agreeing with them.
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    The league is QB needy at the moment. He'll find work somewhere . . . for the right price. Whether it's as a #1, #2 or #3 we'll have to wait & see. NY Jets maybe? Until they can find their guy, anyways. Hell, if Sanchez is still in the league Foles should be, too. At least Foles has his Jersey & Cleats in the HOF for his 7 TD game.
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    this guy may be worth a shot. He would save money and was fairly good before he got messed up.... http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/02/13/former-brown-once-charged-with-attempted-murder-attempting-a-comeback/
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    That was a great SB game....Say what you want about Brady but this game pretty much cemented him as the G.O.A.T...Knew NE had the W once they tied the game
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    One of the biggest choke jobs in NFL history was on full display last night. Sure, Brady and Belichick are Brady and Belichick, but we saw a team blow a 25 point lead, because for some reason, they got away from what had been working all game, running the damn football. On 3rd & 1, Kyle Shanahan decided to dial up a pass play, instead of just running it, Freeman made a piss poor attempt at a block and the Patriots forced a strip sack fumble. Then, instead of running it 3 times and kicking a FG from the Patriots 22, late in the game, they had penalties and sacks that took them out of FG range. You kick the FG there, they have no chance to tie the game and who knows, the run game had been working so well, maybe they get a TD there instead. The Patriots took advantage of it and on top of that, they dominated T.O.P, if you run the ball more with a 25 point lead, it gives your defense time to rest. Just a terrible job by the Falcons.
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    The rule is fine. Atlanta had multiple chances to put the game away. The defense being tired in OT does not hold water to me, NE's defense had to make stops in the 4th just to give the offense a chance to come back. They didn't look tired. The new format already gives the team that loses the toss a chance by allowing them to give up a field goal and still continue playing.
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    It's two scores, eleven points! Julio Jones puts the Falcons in short FG range. I would just have Matt Ryan kneel for two downs, then kick the FG on third down (in case of a penalty, or a freeze TO from Belichick). After the Falcons were in FG range, RUN the damn ball on every down!!! If the Pats were down by eleven points, it doesn't matter how many time outs they have. Unless the Pats recover an onside kick to make it interesting, the Falcons win the SB. As for Andy, I don't think he would be that risky twelve years ago. I wish the Eagles had that 28-3 lead in 2005, I think the Eagles would've won the SB. I don't expect the Falcons to make the playoffs next year.
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    Because the good teams adjust to the situation during the game. The Falcons only needed a FG. They were in FG range, and they didn't need to risk going backwards by passing the ball. Just because you can pass up and down the field during the season doesn't mean with a few minutes left in the Superbowl(!!!), you can pull it off against a team that defensively was shutting down the Falcons most of the second half. Even Andy Reid wouldn't be this stupid. If Reid were in this situation, I hope he would've just slammed Westbrook up the middle until it was 4th down. In 2004, he had Brad Childress to keep his pass happy ego in check.
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    College overtime is straight up gimmickball, and that comes from someone that really enjoys college football. It's football for 60 minutes and then it turns into a bastardized gimmick version of the game once it goes to OT. No thanks.
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    Didn't realize Buck and Troy were going to be announcing... damn
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    IMO they need to slow down these cap increases.The players need to play for less money(like 10+ mil a year isn't enough to live on??) Maybe then the fans would see a ticket price cut(fat chance but I can dream).Just GREED everywhere in this league
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    I take Williams and move on....I think Williams is a game changing type WR my opinion that is what we should want with our #1 pick.....
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    EXCLUSIVE: Here is a frame grab of surveillance video of the reporter leaving the scene.
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    If we went back to missed opportunities that I wanted I could go on for days lol then again all my misses I could go on for days about too LOL. You know the reason why there are so many missed opportunities or bad selections on our part? It is because most of us are better picking some positions than we are picking others. Even the people that are paid to select fall into that category. That is why good talent evaluators are worth their weight in gold!
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    If the #1 WR is there at pick 15 we have to take him. There really should be no questions on that.
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    Hope this guy can light a fire under our WR's derriere's and hope he has a say in whomever we draft
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    Maybe we can add fan voting into the process?
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    I hate the Pats just a little less than the Giants and Cowboys. But after last night It is undeniable. Tom Brady is the GOAT Period. Bill is like yoda to Luke when it comes to coaching. No more cheating arguments please. What I saw last night was a team with no name WRs a bunch of Eagle cast offs in the secondary and one of their biggest players out injured. What did they do? They just put on the greatest SB performance in history. Did anyone even pay attention to how good that offense sold that first 2 pt conversion direct snap. These guys are coached very very well. That is why they win. I hope Lurie was paying attention. We need better coaching in this organization period. Beyond that Tom Brady is a machine. I am starting to have a hard time believing he is human. 5 and 2 in Super Bowls. Only one serious injury in a 17 year career. Its just remarkable really. Deflated football's and filming from the wrong place in the stadium have nothing to do with it. At the end of the day I still can't stand that team. I live right in the middle of Pats country. I know dozens of Pats fans that stopped watching the game after Atlanta went up 28-3. Made me laugh. They all missed the greatest performances in SB history because when their team isn't winning they scatter like roaches in light.
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    I hate college OT. It's a gimmick. I like that the NFL starts from a kick-off and plays OT like they do the rest of the game. Would it be more fair if the kicking team in OT gets a chance to match the receiving team, even if they score a TD? Like in the Super Bowl last night, give Atlanta a chance to match the Patriots TD. Then play sudden death after that? (Pats would still get first crack to win the game.) Or continue alternating possessions in OT until somebody doesn't score?
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    Here are some Free Agents we all loved at the time of the signing and worked out as badly as they looked good once here: Jevon Kearse - 8 years- 57 Mil in 2004- Had 22 sacks in 4 years 43rd in the league. Nnamdi Asomgha - 5 years 60 Mil - At the time we all thought this was the best siging ever... Demarco Murray - 5 years 40 Mil - luckily we were able to trade him. He played great for Tennessee, but terrible here. Byron Maxwell - 6 years 63 million.... So, you can see why I am not thrilled about guarantees for a 27 year old WR who has only played one full season to date, in his career.....
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    Well only 3 of the Dallas OL are there...he's not used to playing behind such a poor OL
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    I don't see Ags here next year and DGB is a big question mark.
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    I would like to see Wentz doing this with our group: This is talking about Matt Ryan: IN MARCH 2016, Ryan invited 27 Falcons skill players to join him in Miami for three days of route-running. By day they commandeered the field at the nearby Catholic high school football powerhouse, St. Thomas Aquinas. They had fancy dinners on South Beach by night. This was the 2016 tone setter. Among Falcons players, there is much talk of culture, of "preaching the brotherhood." During the offseason, the entire team collectively composed a piece of inspirational text, dubbed the Falcons Standard, that is now inscribed on the inside of every player's locker. The team refuses to let outsiders read it, like scripture that only the converted can study. The Falcons realize that there's a corniness to this. But, says safety Ricardo Allen, "corny wins." I heard JMatt wanted to do this and they better!!
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    Not sure Im to high on taking a CB in the first really want to get the needed weapons on first. I know its a crap shoot either way but WR should be easier no?
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