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    I thought of Barry Switzer the second I saw this thread title.......and it's not even close.
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    I don't feel obligated to hate Nick unless he's playing the Eagles
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    I like Wheeler's size at 6'5" 319 but I really like that he's getting back with his Stoutland who coached him 2 years in college.
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    Wrang I don't think Chip can spend over 121 million this offseason and not field a contending team. So a step back is out of the question in my eyes. When you pay vets you have to get results now.
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    You'd be surprised at what will sell on eBay. Of course, the older they are the more they'd probably sell for but suppose you had 50 of them. Then suppose you got $3 or $4 each... not a "jackpot" to retire on, but what did you get from throwing them away? http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=street+%26+smith+football&_in_kw=1&_ex_kw=&_sacat=0&LH_Sold=1&_udlo=&_udhi=&_samilow=&_samihi=&_sadis=15&_stpos=23322&_sargn=-1%26saslc%3D1&_salic=1&_sop=12&_dmd=1&_ipg=200&LH_Complete=1 For the past few months, I've sold A LOT of 'junk' on eBay. Some stuff that would otherwise have been thrown out. Items that were broken, like an old PS3 that died. I listed it and it sold, with full knowledge that it was defective (and the hard drive had been removed). I'm very careful now about what gets donated or thrown out, chances are, an item will head to eBay for a couple of months before I finally get rid of something. But then again, too few to mention?
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    That was almost (ALMOST) better than the 1980 win in the Championship game.
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    @ GBFL and DDD - Where has our old buddy Don Corleone been lately? Haven't seen him on here in a while. Hope everything is okay with him. Bet he has some opinions about all this stuff going on.
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    Same here, it's not like the guys we moved out of here ever got us a championship. We were struggling to just get to the playoffs this decade. Shady is viewed as this dynamic weapon which he is, but we've all seen the negative runs. Desean is explosive as anyone, but every big game corner has shut him down. Maclin was productive last year, but he's a #2 getting paid #1 money. Mathis is rated high and yadda yadda, but he will be the oldest starting linemen in the league next year if he plays. These guys have been hyped up as on the field monsters but we've seen plenty of flaws that have lead us to where we are. My eyes have told me Murray and Matthews won't be dancing. My eyes have told me Jordan Matthews doesn't shy away from contact like DJax. Kelly has to get his guys.
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    @GBFL - If you are an optimist the 2015 schedule says you are right. If you are a pessimist the normal order of progression is a step back before you can take a step forward when changing this many players in one year. I vote for the schedule helping us out somewhat this year.
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    I swore I would not die until the Eagles raise the Lombardi.Maybe I live to be 300,but damn I think it comes in the next 1-3 years
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    @DDD - Do you have any "I like IKE" campaign buttons? LMAO
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    ASG, It seems so long ago for us. IKE was still in the white house. Just think about that for a minute.
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    @DDD - And I still have my Sixth game World Series ticket stub for the 1980 Series.
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    @DDD - At least you and I were living when the Eagles won their last Championship! LOL
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    Of course, one thing I'll always remember Switzer for:
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    Chip may pass Ryan for best eagle coach to never win a playoff game.
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    The other thing I have been thinking about when it comes to Mathis is, "Did he really want more money or did he actually just want out? Everyone automatically assumes that he wasn't happy with his salary because he asked for more money when he could have been asking for more money to force his release or a trade. Don't forget who his agent is. Mathis had to know that the likelihood of him getting a raise from his current salary from another team was not probable but if he kept asking the Eagles for one they would soon get tired of him and move on. It is entirely possible that 34 year old Mathis couldn't keep up with Kelly's pace anymore and wanted out.
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    @Carjack - I too liked Foles and wish him well, but I also like Bradford. This had to be a tough call for Kelly to make. Just read an article on Bradford. He had the talent to be a pro golfer, pro hockey player, pro basketball player or football player. Guys with athletic ability like that don't come around very often. I can't blame Kelly at all for wanting to give him another shot at the prize.
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    >>DDD: Eagles (Chip) paid "spot market value" for Byron Maxwell. I am trying to be fair to Maxwell--it will be hard if not impossible to play up to that salary. Same goes for my boy, Nate Allen. Great pay day because the "spot market" for a young, veteran safety was high. He will disappoint some Raiders fans--Troy Polamalu or Brian Dawkins he isn't...but he was able to contract for big bucks. Not blaming or crediting Chip. Eagles were an ILL TEAM and NOT COMPETITIVE when "capologists" ran the organization. They bought average talent at great prices. Let give Chip some rope --I hated the Reid /Banner era. Glad it's gone!!
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    @DDD - Looking for the Phils to sign some players out of the country to facilitate the rebuild after some more money comes off the books. If I am the GM of the Phils going forward I may overpay for talent in some instances however the trade off for overpaying is that the no trade clauses go away.
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    Good or bad, I don't see lurie making any HC moves until Chip's contract runs out. That is not his style as an owner. He won't make any abrupt moves with Chip. Chip just took over all the power. This plan must run its course at least through the 5 year contract.
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    @DDD - Yea at least Hamels won a World Series and a World Series MVP. Looks like those awards are going to have to hold him over for awhile.
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    @GBFL- Looked at Wheeler's stats. Great grade point average in college however if you noticed he played for a division 2A high school in Florida. That is the lowest competition. Florida goes from 2A (LOWEST) to 8A (Highest) Making it as a starter for Miami coming out of 2A competition was quite an accomplishment for the guy. Not sure how that translates to the NFL however.
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    In 2011 we were 8-8,in 2012 we were 4-12 in 2013 we were 10-6,last year we were 10-6 but yet we complain?Please
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    IHow the tides have turned. We've had all the skill position talent on offense the past 5 years and no playoff success. The bulk of the Mcnabb era had nothing but Westy and a solid defense, and the Philly media would complain that we always lose in the playoffs because we lacked skill players. I think the key to us getting back to that level of contender is better QB play and a revamped secondary. Kelly hit both areas, we have to wait to see the prize.
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    @GBFL - If you look back at the stats of most games in recent years against the Cowboys you will find that the times they have beaten the Eagles Jason Whiten has always had a good game. The times we beat Dallas he hasn't. It was the same way last year. He had a bad first game and a great second. Dez may score the touchdowns but Whiten keeps the chains moving.
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    '13 Foles was on fire-we went 10-6. Last year Foles went down(and his mechanics and footwork were awful),O line decimated,secondary was awful and we still went 10-6 again.And noone think this team is better than last year except moi? Will we go undefeated? NO WAY.Will we win 11 games and take down Dullaz twice? Totally feasible!!
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    I give Chip my full support as an Eagle fan. You have to at least give him credit for his football beliefs and a complete plan with a full makeover. He is not timid and does not care about holding serve at 10 and 6. Go for it, Chip.
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    Chip "manned up" Yep it's his make or break and we can still go out and get a Blalock/Cimini or whomever and othe teams could release someone that drops right in for us.So I am far from panic mode at this point
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    Carjack, Chip does have all the pressure on him now. He can't blame it on howie. Chip owns our Eagles. For good or bad, we are riding along in Chip's car.
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    Wrang, the Vet was electric that night. OMG, that place was loud. So many years of frustration were let go that night. I wish my Pop was alive to see it. He was a Phitens and A's fan going back to the 1920's.
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    @GBFL - My question would be to our fan base - What if we take a step back this year in order to improve in the long run? How long are you willing to give Chip? I think that is a fair question to ask everyone because in today's society we tend to want instant gratification. I am not going to list all the previous head coaches that won Super Bowls and how long it took each one to attain the goal however there were plenty of them that took numerous years. @DDD - Sat in right field in the third row.
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    In order to rebuild something,you must first dismantle it and Chip did that.Still had pending contacts years 1,2,but we saw a complete take apart this offseason and now the AR players are all but gone as he demanded total control of the draft and coaching staff.We went out and spent the cap money and got the help where we needed it.So ONE position(OG) will bring us down? I say NOT
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    @GBFL and DDD - I guess it takes members of the OGFC (Old geezers fan club) to have a little patience with Kelly. I have mentioned many times how many Eagles head coaches I have been through since 1965 as a fan. Of course the common denominator in all of them is NO SUPER BOWL. How much risk was really involved in turning the reigns over to Chipper? Not much to my way of thinking!
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    I was excited with this team heading into 2014. Foles looked promising. The OL looked rock solid. This year it is nervous anticipation. True, Wrangle. It helps knowing they won it all and against Lombardi no less.
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    BTW-Wheeler played under Stoutland in Miami-and I'm sure he told Chip "go get this guy" True Trip-but have you EVER seen a previous coach dismantle this entire team and rebuild it from the ground up?Something is "different" now BTW Trip-I think we will still be in the mix at the end.We just can't have a 3 game "loser" slide like last year Happy to live in FL,where there is always a contender at SOME sport lol My Eagles pick for QB of the future is Brad Kayya from the Hurricanes.He will be a mere sophie this year so I want to see if his success continues
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    GB, that is the life of a philly fan of the 4 major sports. It is never our year during the current year. Wait until next year and for our Eagles it has been since 1960. 3D is living the dream.
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    Woody>> Mathis wasn't a long term solution at his age but I think the plan was to replace Herrimans this year and Mathis next. Remember Peters is no spring chicken either. Agree on Rosenhaus. Kinda looks like our Birds are ridding themselves or Rosenhaus players.
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    We'll agree to disagree. But for the record I hope you're right.
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    Bunche,Boyko,Manhart and Andrews are training now. Believe in Stout. All he needs is to find one diamond in the rough with a plethora of options.
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    My guess is anything under 8-8 and Kelly is back coaching college. Eagles fans aren't very patient.
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    Imagine if Dez Bryant was pulling the contract stuff with Chip. He would kick Bryant to the curb in a second. I say he gets over on Dallas with the holdout threats. Which would you rather have? A guy with the guts to trust the rest of his organization or someone who will do whatever it takes to keep a mega talent no matter what off the field stuff is going on. Cowpokes might be fighting the foreskins for last place.
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    And if Chip already has guys on his roster not willing to run through that wall, than those guys will be shown the DOOR at the NCC facility. We got a new sheriff in town.
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    You should smell the air here where they are made. Makes me hungry every time i smell those baking..
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    The newsworthy aspect is taking note of the failed agenda. He only got any attention because of being a fruit loop. Had he been straight, nobody would have ever heard a peep about him.
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    Herremans - quite the man. http://www.phillymag.com/birds247/2015/06/12/herremans-mathis-brought-it-upon-himself/#more-2969190
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    I don't know about that. He built the Raiders into a Super Bowl team, then played against them with a team that couldn't win a playoff game before he got there. True, he did nothing afterwards to warrant anything, but I don't know that I'd call him the worst.
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    No I have no confidence in your team. It's a joke. I see last place and heeps of humiliation for you.