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    Some people look for racisim in everything *shrugs*
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    Just call me racist for pointing out that jibberish he typed and get it over with.
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    I don't read every post on the EMB, but who is speaking of players race? Other than you, in the quoted post, of course. Also, who's saying nice things about Alonso? I've never seen anything nice about him (that I recall), other than his one handed INT in the endzone, in the first game of the season for us. As for McCoy, he was loved by almost everyone on the EMB, to the point where people ignored glaring character flaws simply because he was an Eagle and played well for us.
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    Quit whining. We beat who is on the schedule or we don't. Its on us.
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    CBS will have decent ratings leading up to December, then just tank.
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    I can finally finish my book now. Aaron Hernandez: When keeping it real goes wrong.
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    Absolutely NO! Jenkins strength is to play safety. He is the QB of the defense and can force mistakes by opposing QB's with his play. He is wasted as a slot CB and we lost so much when he had to do it. Much rather have anyone else play CB than him. That is not only my opinion but also of many more....
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    Latest Mock draft Round 1 - CB Stine Round 2- WR Don Corleone Round 3 - RB Cunninghamtheman Round 4 - CB mjkline1958 Round 4 - DE joemas Round 5 - LB GENETIC-FREAK Round 6- TE Greenbleedin FL Round 7- OT Bleedinggreen 93 UDFA - KR - trini Howie and Joe have pulled out all the stops on this draft. The fans are high fiving in the streets. Haven't seen this much enthusiasm and excitement from the fans in years. Oh "how" does Howie do it year after year? The fans are buying their Super Bowl Jersey's as we speak. Here you go Joe. Mine is in! Wrangler, I got left out? I will kick all their arses as an undrafted FA! HaHa!
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    Please don't quit Freak and mateagle. I was laughing so hard I fell off my chair.
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    Link No surprise, he already started doing superbowl commercials.
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    What white player were you referring to anyway? McCoy has a history of classless behavior. Not just immature tweets. He got high and trashed a hotel room, he didn't tip at a local Philly small business, he kicked women off a party bus and he famously trashed the mother of his child on twitter, asking other fans to go and verbally abuse her and used derogatory remarks. On the field, loved him. Great player and I wish they would have kept him for his talent. Off the field, a classless piece of trash and yeah like many social media users (regardless of race) his spelling and grammar makes his posts unreadable.
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    it's not a tweet, it's Instagram, and as far as how he speaks, *shrugs* It's funny that we have fans here who have nothing but nice things to say about a very underwhelming White player we had, yet they can't stop criticizing the Black player that was the best RB we've ever had.
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    I'm sure you'll get a phone call when he hits step 9
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    @ GBFL and BG93. Are you guys brothers? You fight like brothers. LMAO
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    I was sending my fiance' texts this AM only to just now realize I was sending all of them to my son! Talk about embarrassment.....
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    Football is inherently not safe. If we want everyone to be safe on the field, then let's just dress everyone in bubble wrap and make all hitting illegal. I understand making a few tweaks here and there to make things like head injuries less common and less serious, but we're going down the slippery slope to fundamentally changing any and every aspect of the game to make it "safe." There are plenty of other "safe" sports out there that people can play if they don't like the risks associated with football.
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    I LOATHE the targeting call in college and now they are gonna put it in the NFL? It is such a subjective rule even when it goes under review. It's efen football- if you have the ball, yeah, I'm gonna target your a**. Defense is being neutered more and more each year and it is becoming laughable.
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    Dave, I know you can't answer. This post is for the Dave's Forum members. I hope the mods leave it open. Two days before the draft. It's time to go on record. Who do you predict the Eagles will draft? I think DE is a bigger need vs Corner so Barnett would be a nice pick. However, if he's not there Conley would be a nice consolation prize. Finally, if both are gone and OJ Howard is available I'd take him. Since there is only one 14th pick, mine is Barnett.
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    Nick must be a gnats fan, doesn't want us to INT Eli or something. Jones had the best surgeon and the Eagles have done their homework. If anything, trust the process. Kevv, have to look at the long game
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    Man you wouldn't be able to draft anyone then. The NFL has a list of specific things they test for. Just whatever you are doing can't pop you on the test. It's not like you can't ever take practice piss tests if you have a question. You can't piss hot for :.....it's an established list. You have to go another route. Just can't be a dumba77 like certain RT.
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    If (when) we take a CB in rnd 1 or 2 I hope everyone remembers that CBs typically don't make a huge impact in their rookie year. It takes time to get used to the speed of the game. The #3 or 4 receiver on an NFL team is usually better than the #1 receiver on most college teams. There aren't many Dieon Sanders running around out there.
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    I think the CBoys would totally disagree with this. They ran strong with Murray. Then lost their bell cow back and everything went to sh17. Drafted Elliott and launched into the playoffs. How about Pitt.? Looked average without Leveon. With Bell they are a contending team. Then us. We had Shady just giving people the sweats the night before they had to deal with him. Then we went to Murray,Mathews and Sproles. Far from the same results.
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    The home/away part of the schedule is decided long before the actual schedule comes out. Relax and enjoy life a little.
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    Sproles is a role player hes not our starter. Can people get this in their heads already lol RMatt is the one needing to be replaced if a RB being selected at 14. You dont select a RB at 14 to replace Sproles.
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    Lost "in the shuffle" regarding Wentz's arm mechanics and footwork: as he's repeatedly shown, especially earlier in the season, before his WR's forgot how to catch, is his Peytonesque ability to take command , both before (reading defenses) and during the play. We honestly have NEVER seen this in an Eagle QB, except for maybe Van Brocklin. Both Cunningham and McNabb were incredible athletes, but couldn't come close to taking charge. I was really impressed last season, and once his mechanics are improved, the sky's the limit. As of now, I wouldn't trade him, one for one, with ANY QB, except for maybe Rodgers. We'll see how incredibly lucky we are soon.
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    Real simple.. If Eli plays like ish in 2017, then he's guilty AF and should be publicly shamed on top of having the book thrown at him. If Eli plays well, then it was probably just a misunderstanding.
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    Who knows? I am at the point where I have no clue what they want to do and who is on their draft board. I imagine they removed all QB's. After that I have no idea of whom they like better. Obviously they feel different than other rankings we have seen, but what they are I have no clue. So, just draft a stud. Please no reaches..........
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    I would play Foster at WILL and let him attack I wouldn't move Hicks out of the middle he is smart and the leader of our D
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    Man I am ready for the draft end all the speculation and move forward lol .....
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    It seems we always win in the offseason. I want to win in the regular season.
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    Raven fans arent happy with the trade of Jernigan haha
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    Eagles have officially address all position of need this offseason. What a move by Roseman getting Jerrigan. Draft is gonna be good.
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    What an EXCELLENT group of guys on this EMB!!! I get more quality news on here than anywhere else. I'm not going to name any names due to the fact of leaving someone out. THANK YOU ALL!!!
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    Well lets hope he can ressurect his career here
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    Concerning slot corner I always reference back to the invention of this position....maybe I should say reinvention by Tampa Bay. They had Ronde Barber studying with the LBers coach to play Nickel. They ******(got)us with that as many of you will remember. And Chris Harris with the Broncos talked about how he had to get his hands on the slot receiver in coverage. He lost if he didn't disrupt that timing. And how the whole route tree is available in the slot unlike outside. That he had to hedge his coverage to one side(inside or outside) being always ready to jump on the weakside of coverage. The combination of skills it takes to be elite in the slot makes me think of the possibilities of a draftee like Peppers. He looks ideal to play this jack-of-all trades player. Obi Melonfonwu looks to also be uniquely skilled to master such a difficult task.
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    FLY EAGLES FLY! Is it September yet? At least they play in LA twice this year. I will go to at least one of those. Being in Vegas its only a 3 hour drive if we don't stay over night. I haven't been this optimistic since they hired Chip, unfortunately my optimism was short lived and misplaced. I see a "team" in year 2 coming together, looking toward the future instead of win NOW. I want them to win as much as any fan but doing it right will keep us competitive for several years not just one year. Have a great day Eagles board members.
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    The draft would be easy for me. Give me one of these 10 guys at 14 and I would be a happy camper. 1.CB Lattimore, 2. TE O.J. Howard 3. DE Derek Barnett 4. WR Corey Davis 5. WR Williams 6. RB Cook 7. RB Fournette 8. LB Rueben Foster 9. DE Myles Garrett 10. DE Solomon Thomas IMO, One of these guys are going to be there at 14.
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    and a self-righteous hypocrite magnet. which is why avoiding all that and sticking to football-related discussion is such a good idea.
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    How about the Front Office uses its platform to build a championship football team and provide entertainment for its paying customers, and leave the 'conversation' about alleged police brutality to people who actually know what the hell they are talking about? This fan would respect that a hell of a lot more.