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    Veteran leadership is never a bad thing. I guess i'll never figure the salary cap thing out. Not important though as long as Howie does.
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    Think Howie goal is to limit the band aids we had a ton of holes though that needed to be addressed and sadly wasn't going to be fixed in 1 off-season so some band-aids might still be needed..... At least these band aids seem to be more of depth signings not starters.....
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    WOT is red flagging that site Ham. Those unies look ok for workout gear
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    Who needs legs with arm talent like his?
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    Zach Berman ✔@ZBerm Jeffrey Lurie wants the Eagles to use Kelly green as an alternate and Thursday night jersey. Waiting for league approval on helmets. 9:16 PM - 28 Mar 2017
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    yes, can't hurt to add veteran talent with some fresh ideas for guys like Curry, Means, McCallister, Mills, and any rookies drafted at CB or DE...like the low risk moves for sure. Howie's impressing me so far. don't know what Robinson's injury was last season, but cool he played with Jenkins before. hope these two adds to D can make a (+) impact this season. can't wait for draft day!
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    Long had better numbers than Curry did last year. Of course that isn't saying much. LOL
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    And teach,we still have alot of young guys on this team
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    I hate to say it but I'm a bit skeptical of this one. That being said..... Irvin is a complete and utter idiot for putting himself in these situations. At this point he should either pay for it, ****e, or better yet, focus on his significant other. Total moron.
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    I would prefer going with grey as the alternate color. Really missing a key opportunity by forcing two shades of green. If you wanted two shades of green go neon. Let's go forward not backwards. What's done is done.
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    Couldn't have said it better myself GBFL! This 'current & next year thinking' is part of why the Eagles haven't had sustained success for WAY TOO LONG! I'm sick of having my heart ripped out through my !
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    I don't really see it as dangerous. NBA jump a mile high to dunk over people all the time. I mean you can get hurt but, when has anyone ever gotten hurt from it?
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    Plus he has 4 yrs.of chemistry/silent communication with Jenkins which is a bonus. Just hope that he can stay healthy and have quality production.
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    I believe the thinking here is more so to help bring the younger/less experienced guys along and teach 'em some of the nuances/tricks of the game. The position coach can help in classroom,practice,and sideline,but not on the field. The biggest thing though IMO is like you said Freak-'more bodies to compete.' Push the young guys to their potential.
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    This is so stupid!!! They are ruining football!!!!
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    At least Septa rail goes to Newark, so not all 70,000 fans are on I-95. Yet combine the traffic volume of Sunday Christmas shopping at Christiana Mall in December, it would be unbearable. At least they are happy hypothetical's that we don't have to worry over. The current SF ownership could take the worst owner in NFL trophy from Daniel Snyder.
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    I will go on record as preferring the midnight green jerseys. I grew up watching the kelly green ones but I definitely prefer midnight green. As for these two signings, good moves.
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    Was surprised with these signings. Thought Roseman was staying away from band aid type players. Ah well guess more bodies to compete.
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    As for the vet signings not sure it changes much gives the Eagles more bodies.... Long could make a decent addition to our DL but not a long term answer.....Robinson maybe a decent #2 if he is healthy gives us a vet with some starting exp. at least
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    http://www.phillyvoice.com/eagles-only-2017-nfl-mock-draft-version-40/ Not a bad mock by Jimmy.....Would love Lattimore in round 1
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    "We’re going with the best player available,” Douglas said. "That’s our thinking.” Nice to hear Douglas state this again.
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    Someone told me that they watched both on film. He came to the conclusion that both DGB and Agholor brought their hands up too late, causing most of the drops. This is simply LATE REACTION TIME. It cannot be taught, so there is little hope they will improve that much if he is correct. I did not watch them enough on film to make a judgment one way or the other. Hopefully this dude was wrong. I'm just guessing the person who told you that , has been either a WR himself or a coach of the position. for him to declare that their issue. Hopefully they prove him wrong. They both did have their moments in games last season. Unfortunately they were far and few between. There is no denying they need to improve in order to be of a benefit to this team. Hopefully they will meet up with Carson ( next month) if he still intends to get with the receivers for some work,to get a jump start on building that chemistry with him. Otherwise they may find themselves wearing street clothes on game days.
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    EHH ... "many" Eagle discards become "gold" for other teams? Many and gold are a stretch, but it happens a lot that players go to another team and step up their game, not just players leaving Philly.
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    I liked the leaper. Was waiting for a C to grab one in mid air, slam him down to the turf a basically kick the living crap out of him, would have been fun!
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    We are not going deep into the play-offs this year. Long adds to the depth of the D-Line. He is not who he was, but will help out. 2.4 mil is nothing for a one year deal. I like it. We still need to draft someone, but this allows us to bring in someone who needs a year to grow. Just my opinion...
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    GBinFl, I get it... we just picked up Chris Long... that still doesn't change our needs at DT or DE.
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    Well we need a running game and a secondary lol We have a running game, although it's not that important in the NFL anyway. We were 11th in rushing, averaging 4.1 yds per carry, with a OL in flux all season (the 10 game suspension to LJ and two mid-round rookies pressed into starting before they were really ready due to missed games by two other starters) and three rookie RBs. In the six games Johnson played they averaged better than 4.4 yds/carry, and in the one game Smallwood was the primary RB and Barner the only other back to carry the ball (game 3 vs Pittsburgh) Wendell was 17 carries for 79 yards (4.8 avg) and Barner was 8 for 42 (5.2 avg). In the one game that Marshall toted the rock with LJ there, he had 10 carries for 42 yards. Disagree.if you have a nice running game and a lead,you can easily kill off the clock(which we failed to do) so IM those YP carry are misleading.Our late offense failed allowing teams to come from behind to win(due to an inadequate secondary and lasck of any semblance of a pass rush).However in thhis draft,those are both deep positions and we'll get some guys in here,but you cant overlook the offense as "fixed"
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    because we couldnt complete passes-lol if our running game was so effective,why did we lose so many games? Some can be attributed to the secondary,but failure to score point was also a big factor
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    http://www.phillyvoice.com/eagles-draft-prospect-visit-tracker/ FWIW-ALOT of O players have been in
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    1) Davis/Williams-WR 2)Awuzie/Conley-CB 3)Willis/Walker-DE 4) Ryan Glasgow-DT4) Perrine/Conner/Hunt-RB 5)Damonte Kaxee-CB 6) Shaquille Griffin-CB 7)Bug Howard-WR UDFA;s-Joe Williams-RB,Tarik Cohen-RB Pharoh Brown-TE,Ashton Pampkin-CB
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    We may have to,we lack a banger back for the moment lol.Also we need to do a CYA at WR in the even Alshon and Smith are NOT here following this season.If we lose both,we go back to lame WR's lol
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    And did he pan out as a top round pick? Or how about Agholor vs JMatt in round 3? Whats the risk of adding additional players.The more you get,the better the chances of a "hit"-JMO
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    http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2700271-raiders-move-to-las-vegas-shows-the-only-thing-that-matters-in-the-nfl-is-money?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=nfl Vegas Raiders-pfffft
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    I think the NFL needs to make a rule change so that Mark Davis is required to always walk around with an oversized lolipop
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    If our top guys are gone,then I definitely would do this still picking in the first and an extra second, I would do it anyway. talent is DEEP on D, and 2nd round will still have gems.
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    I trust Howie and company will make the right calls, This team is looking very impressive on the offensive side, and just so happens to be a deep draft for defense.
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    If we lose Rmat as expected,that will free up a little loot.Like the "smart" acqusitions we have made,need to add some starters,add depth and prepare for some to depart after this season
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    We're missing a second next year,that would fix that,although as deep as this class seems to be,maybe better if we take another pick this draft.Either way works for me.So far I have heard about 37 guys that "won't be there" at 14,which we know is impossible.I would not trade back for McCaffrey.I like the guy well enough,but he's no 3 down back.Fine as a complimentary back(IMO).Think we will be fine at 14.We really need to nail the first 2 picks(hopefully 3 or more).I will stick to my guns and say IF Davis or Williams is there they are Eagles(assuming Howard is gone).Gotta look at players POTENTIAL for greatness,not how hey rank at the present time.Some guys bloom late or are in a offesnse that doesn't fit them well.So I hope we do as much due diligence as possible.After day 1 it will become clearer what our intentions are.IDC reall.I have my preferences like everyone,just assure me homever we take in 1,2 will be "impact" players
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    Rumor has it we WILL take someone at 14 OMG I'm psychic!!!
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    Manziel is a loser and a failure...but 2 years as Brees' backup (if the Saints would even be interested) is probably the absolute best possible situation for him to give him a shred of a shot. Ignore the off-field incidents for a second...his playing style sucks for the NFL. Learning under Brees and the Saints offense might be the ONE fit that teaches him to be an NFL QB. I'd bet heavily against it...
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    The only certain thing is the draft will be in Philly. No one really knows what is going to happen. Heck, even the Eagles do not know yet. They could be offered a 1st and 2nd rounder to move down 5 spots and jump on it with all of the talent available....
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    even if the browns had a god QB ... they would never give him time to develope
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