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    If Barnett is as good as Johnson says, we just might have a formidable front 4 this year. Good news indeed!
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    Vehicular accidents Domestic abuse investigation Mardi Gras flashing incident Drug use allegations Ezekiel Elliott is a true Dallas Cowboy.
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    Looks like we just lost Orlosky for 7-8 wks estimated due to a torn MCL. Was hoppin for him to earn a roster spot or even start. Too bad!!. Don't know if anyone else saw this.
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    Not if it's Dallas, DC or NYC. In those cases, I encourage it.
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    I've been wanting that for yrs. I can understand keeping an extra guy in to help block for plays to develop downfield, help open holes for the RB etc. Then drive me nuts by using a 200 lb WR or RB when there are a few 300 lb guys keeping the bench warm. Those guys love getting the ball! Why send those squiggley guys like Sproles between the tackles so often? I can see some against the grain stuff from those guys every now and then. We now have WR's at every level, TE's, several types of RB's. Using guys in different ways is a necessity
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    Still love the Orlosky pick-up.Ranked by CBS as the 75th best player on draft day,yet he went undrafted.I think there is a BIG chip on his shoulder to show teams they blew it
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    Win. Rinse. Repeat. The Dallas Cowboys had a great 2016 season by most measurements. Their 13-win campaign was all the more impressive given that it was spearheaded by a pair of rookies in quarterback Dak Prescott and tailback Ezekiel Elliott. Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones told ESPN's Todd Archer he expects the team's rookie revelation under center last year to be even better in 2017. "He is relentless," Jones said. "It means a lot to him. It's a huge priority for him obviously to be great. I think it's all in front of him. Each year it's going to be better." That's the problem. The idea that each year is going to be "better." Elliott led the NFL in rushing as a rookie, topping 1,600 yards on the ground and averaging over five yards a carry. But he also touched the ball over 370 times (there's that number again) including the playoffs, his third straight year with a heavy workload. There's also the cloud of the NFL's long-running investigation into allegations of domestic violence against Elliott. The 21-year-old hasn't been arrested or charged with any crime, but the league's investigation is still open. Prescott was essentially flawless as a rookie, completing over two-thirds of his passes and posting a passer rating of almost 105 while throwing only four interceptions. But he also benefited from the league's best ground game and offensive line. If Elliott takes a step backward in Year 2 of his NFL career that would shift more pressure onto Prescott. That shift could cause a backslide of its own. Sky-high expectations go with being a member of the Dallas Cowboys. Tony Romo can tell you all about that. The performance of Elliott and Prescott in 2016 just raised the bar that much higher. But to expect perfection is to beg for disappointment, and it isn't hard to imagine a scenario where everyone asks what's "wrong" with the Cowboys just because their two young stars aren't standing on their heads every week.
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    Good job guys, the people of those islands need help.
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    No he's not breaking any rules, neither is cox. I agree its not a big deal at all but odell has a shot to be the highest paid WR to ever play the game. I would assume he would be showing up to team activities to make that happen, voluntary or not. He's going to get paid regardless whether it's NY or somewhere else. And I also find it amazing guys let women get in the way of their hustle/grind. It better be your wife if anyone, not iggy fing azalea. Sheesh if it's that deep, I'm sure she will be there after practice
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    Some chucklehead member of the Eagles fan base started a petition because Fletcher Cox is skipping the 1st week of OTA's
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    Saw that too NJ. Unlike the others who got injury settlements, they're keeping Orlosky and he should be ready by camp. Will be a strange yr w/o the mid cut down, straight to 53, will be a mad rush as every team will have scouting files on every player.
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    Big Apple, Big Pressure The New York Giants made it back to the playoffs last year, in large part because of a re-tooled defense that went from one of the NFL's worst in 2015 to one of the league's best in 2016. NFL Network analyst Willie McGinest said (via Dan Benton of Giants Wire) that defense plus New York's new faces on offense equal a Super Bowl contender. "It's too early for me to talk about Super Bowl, but if there's any team that's built to play in the Super Bowl the way they put this team together, the Giants have an opportunity," McGinest said. "You look at the offensive weapons they added this year, Brandon Marshall and Evan Engram, those are two players that will open this offense [up]...That for Eli takes it to another level. But the way they've been winning their championships is through the defense. The front seven, hard [and] tough football, stopping the run, getting after the quarterback and good football on the back end." McGinest's job is to make predictions just like that, and it's not a huge reach. The Giants were 11-5 in 2016, and there isn't a team in the NFC who's a runaway favorite like the Patriots are in the AFC. But this is far from a flawless team. Yes, the Giants added receivers on offense, but the line is still a question mark. Eli's going to need those receivers, too—THE GIANTS ARE ABOUT HALF A STEP THIS SIDE OF HOLDING RUNNING BACK TRYOUTS IN THE PARKING LOT OUTSIDE MET LIFE STADIUM. Like most of the contenders in this article, the biggest distraction facing the Giants is one they deal with every year. They are expected to be good. Expected to not only advance to the playoffs but also make noise once they get there. That could make for some uncomfortable questions if the team starts 2-3 again.
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    All you can do,and we appreciate hearing from an "insider" rather than us guessing.
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    7. Rookie receiver Mack Hollins was a player who I wanted to really focus in on today and he did not disappoint. Not only did he look the part with a chiseled 6-4, 220-pound frame, but he moved really well for his size. When comparing the way he got in and out of breaks with other bigger receivers on the roster, it was noticeable how fluid the rookie from North Carolina was in drills. I didn’t see him drop a pass all afternoon. On special teams, he practiced with the first-team kickoff coverage unit and was nearly unblockable. I could hear two Eagles defenders commenting about how they didn’t want to have to block him in the special teams period at one point. Philadelphia is going to like this kid (and he gets bonus points for not wearing gloves although he said he will wear them once Training Camp begins). - Fran Duffy I can't wait to see what Hollins can do in live action,as well as the rest of our top players Aug.10th!
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    I keep hearing about the cancer association and their work for the past 100 years trying to find a cure. My fiance' died of cancer, so I have a stake in this. What I have learned since has pissed me off to the point I will never donate one dime to them. Why in the past 100 years they have not once did a trial on "Essiac Tea" is beyond me. This natural tea has been around since 1920 and has had remarkable results curing cancer in patients that had no other resource because the doctors had given them a death sentence. I have met a guy a few years ago, who was told he had 6 months to live. He had Hodgkins and the doctor said he was too far gone to cure. So he went to Canada and took to Essiac Tea. That was 30 years ago. He has since been making this tea and is giving to others who have a similar fate. I am not saying this is the "Cure All". But I am pissed that this Research Center cannot even do a trial to see just how effective it can be. It is not just for Cancer either. My wife(I married 2 weeks ago) gave it to a woman who was given 3 months due to Cirrhosis of the liver. She took it religiously for three months and went back to the doctor. He told her that he did not know what she was doing, but not to stop! My wife saw her again a few months ago and she looked great. This all started 6 years ago. so you know how upset I am when I found all of this out after my Fiance' passed away. If you have never heard of Essiac Tea I am not surprised. The Drug companies don't want you to learn about it. After all, Chemo is a billion dollar business! Here is something to look at..... https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/essiac-tea-cancer-fighting/
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    But only if it's live, and only if Dave is the host.
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    https://www.google.com/amp/pagesix.com/2017/05/24/odell-beckham-jr-skipping-practice-to-hang-with-new-girlfriend-iggy-azalea/amp/ I know I know ... Odell likes women? Lol that was my initial reaction too. No but seriously it's a shame to see guys let women interfere with the grind
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    Then he asks "Can we put the graphic up so everyone at home can see what I mean?" Then he goes into the film study
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    Good morning Stine. About the last thing anyone needs to do is feel sorry for NE! In case you haven't noticed, they don't play the draft like anyone else, constantly trading for young, promising players using their unproven, yet to play an NFL down draft picks. Still absorbing some snippets from OTA's. I would like to see a required day or 2 for everyone, not for taking reps but to get physicals ( mentals ), nutrition/training "recommendations" and heads up on playbook changes. Then they're free to stay or go. What I don't understand are guys on the bubble like MS2 not showing up, unless of course if he's already been told he won't be on the team and we save the 1.5 mill, which with his improvement last yr I just don't see happening this early. Show you want the job!
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    One of the best ES threads is the game day thread for the Monday night game where they got destroyed. So much hope pre game, by the end of the first it was all depression.
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    so funny....I remember when people on here killed Dez for missing A OTA when he was a FA and had been franchised.....and he didn't even miss, he showed up, met with the coaches and teammates, but didn'ttake the field. i don't think it's the end of the world, but I think your best players should show up, not because they need it, but to show the younger players right off the bat what dedication it takes. I like that in Dallas Dak, Dez, Witten and Sean Lee have been running informal OTA's for weeks and almost every healthy player has been attending,
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    Bro with the salary cap going up every year and odell already put up 3 good seasons...1 more good season plus showing up to meetings, team activities, controlling his temper etc ... he's guaranteed to crack 20M/yr. That's freakin QB money. Then next year he can skip OTAs & party with iggy lol secure the moneybag first
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    The real crime is spending his time with iggy...
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    aware of this Dave. We miss the days when it was your call and PE.com was the best site in the NFL.
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    Yea I was wondering, did McNabb have something to do with celebrations being permitted now? lol
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    Yeah our undrafted guys have really not panned out. They were looking promising too.
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    He wasn't that good. That's why they paid all that money to Gilmore. Why break the bank for a corner if they were overly impressed by Rowe?
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    I'm pretty sure that the Army and Navy aren't too worried about football players not joining the military simply because they'll be expected to actually fulfill their obligation. Their coaching staffs may be, but the military has a slightly different objective than their football programs. The military exists to kill people and break things (and, of course, deter our enemies from wanting to try to kill our people and break our things). THe military isn't there so that kids can get a free education, then immediately bolt to a professional sports career. Those men signed a commitment to serve our military. The privilege of playing football while in school, is just that. A privilege. If John Smith decides to go to the University of Maryland rather then Annapolis or West Point, I'm pretty sure the Army and Navy will survive... Besides, if people stop volunteering, we can always re-institute the draft...
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    So tell us who we need to get fired and we'll begin working on it.
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    Think I could live in Englewood GB. I like Bradenton but think I could live there as well.
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    The one I attended that stands out is the 1980 NFC Championship game against Dallas. I was dressed in my hunting woolrich clothes with my winter insulated boots on and was still cold. The temperature was 12 degrees with a wind chill of minus 5 degrees. I had to get out of my seat numerous times just to get the circulation going in my numb feet. The outcome was definitely worth it though. That same year I was at the vet when the Phillies won the World Series against the Royals. Still have those ticket stubs.
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    There are no reasons for center Jason Kelce to worry about being traded away and no reason to think the Philadelphia Eagles can't have the same kind of dominant offensive line that keyed their 3-0 start in 2016. Kelce acknowledged struggling at times with larger opponents when having to block them straight up, which he was rarely forced to do. On Tuesday, he placed the blame on improper technique, but the real culprit was mass, or lack thereof. Sometimes the finest possible execution is not enough to overcome the 30 to 40 pounds he would sometimes have to give up against the league's largest nose tackles. Conversely, adding to his frame, which he hopes to do this year by increasing his playing weight from 290 or so to 300, won't help at all if he doesn't have the proper technique. So that's his goal: Adding to his body, perfecting his technique and not concerning himself with the trade rumors that swirled for months after the season and linger to this day. "It doesn't do me any good worrying about the what-ifs," Kelce said. "All I can do is control what I can control, and that's how I go out and play, how I go out and prepare and how I can try to get back to the player that I've been in the past." Nick Fierro The Morning Call. My question to Kelce would be, what took you so long to realize that you need to gain some weight?
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    ok. Thanks. I literally skimmed the thread twice and did a Txt search for mcnabb and came up empty. Like McNabb in the superbowl
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    Wasn't it stated last year about how Agholor had worked really hard in the offseason and looked good about this time last year? We see how that worked out. I will believe it on game day if he is even a part of this team moving forward. He has three WR's who are better in front of him.
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    Dougie I like ya kid, but I need to see growth outta ya in year 2!!!