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    Latest Mock draft Round 1 - CB Stine Round 2- WR Don Corleone Round 3 - RB Cunninghamtheman Round 4 - CB mjkline1958 Round 4 - DE joemas Round 5 - LB GENETIC-FREAK Round 6- TE Greenbleedin FL Round 7- OT Bleedinggreen 93 UDFA - KR - trini Howie and Joe have pulled out all the stops on this draft. The fans are high fiving in the streets. Haven't seen this much enthusiasm and excitement from the fans in years. Oh "how" does Howie do it year after year? The fans are buying their Super Bowl Jersey's as we speak. Here you go Joe. Mine is in! Wrangler, I got left out? I will kick all their arses as an undrafted FA! HaHa!
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    Please don't quit Freak and mateagle. I was laughing so hard I fell off my chair.
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    Dave, I know you can't answer. This post is for the Dave's Forum members. I hope the mods leave it open. Two days before the draft. It's time to go on record. Who do you predict the Eagles will draft? I think DE is a bigger need vs Corner so Barnett would be a nice pick. However, if he's not there Conley would be a nice consolation prize. Finally, if both are gone and OJ Howard is available I'd take him. Since there is only one 14th pick, mine is Barnett.
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    Nick must be a gnats fan, doesn't want us to INT Eli or something. Jones had the best surgeon and the Eagles have done their homework. If anything, trust the process. Kevv, have to look at the long game
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    Hard to knock the pick. I love Barnett, a fellow Vol. He should be a great pro. But man, Jonathan Allen and O.J. Howard. Wow.
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    Man you wouldn't be able to draft anyone then. The NFL has a list of specific things they test for. Just whatever you are doing can't pop you on the test. It's not like you can't ever take practice piss tests if you have a question. You can't piss hot for :.....it's an established list. You have to go another route. Just can't be a dumba77 like certain RT.
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    If (when) we take a CB in rnd 1 or 2 I hope everyone remembers that CBs typically don't make a huge impact in their rookie year. It takes time to get used to the speed of the game. The #3 or 4 receiver on an NFL team is usually better than the #1 receiver on most college teams. There aren't many Dieon Sanders running around out there.
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    I think the CBoys would totally disagree with this. They ran strong with Murray. Then lost their bell cow back and everything went to sh17. Drafted Elliott and launched into the playoffs. How about Pitt.? Looked average without Leveon. With Bell they are a contending team. Then us. We had Shady just giving people the sweats the night before they had to deal with him. Then we went to Murray,Mathews and Sproles. Far from the same results.
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    Quit whining. We beat who is on the schedule or we don't. Its on us.
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    I'm normally the guy being cynical about our drafts but I'm loving it and you guys are saying the sky is falling
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    Most will agree on the field Mixon fits our scheme and may be 1b to Fournette. I think Mixon will be gone before we can pick, Cincinnati is pegged as his landing spot.
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    I'm in a hard place in the 2nd I want Mixon and a CB (Jones would be great) would love to find a way to get another 2nd
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    NP trini - we grew up w/ morals, values, to repect others and to earn respect
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    One old guy to another old guy... and yea I understand that dinosaur mentality... I wouldn't want my kids looking to emulate these modern day Sports Figures... That job is the parents responsibility, we saw so many examples in Philly with those kids and their parents...my generation did not tolerate hitting a woman... Ladies of my generation would not put themselves in that position, fighting men... historically there was a time when a man could legally beat a woman / wife without consequence. Women and Society forced that behavior to change...Women are different today, at some point the law and societal expectations, will have to compensate for the abuse that women inflect on certain men, both physical and especially mentally, without consequence... Women of these recent generations are empowered mentally and physically... I raised three daughters, they ain't easy... if any man dared to physically touch one of my daughters...they know, Old School Dad would hunt that P.O.S. Down and make him pay.... Funny thing about that old school philosophy... Today's woman are educated and empowered... My three daughters were raised to be independent minded... develop there own decision making process, with guidance... and yea, they'll make mistakes... from those mistakes, learn to make better decisions... AND, DAD always got their back... My girls ... Woe be the man that try's that physical intimidation... that guy would have more to worry about from my girls than me. Hahaha... and My girls would probably demand they handle their problems. Is that why dear old dad is here...to protect them. Empowered and independent... So my fellow Mr Dinosaur, My generation shares that philosophy you mentioned. Your point is about a player like Mixon, and his violent act, the old NFL heads that spew those values... As you already stated... this ain't about morality, what people of our generations realize, In the end it's about money. On that we agree... No 18 year old kid should lose his future, shunned and shut out for that one mistake. Hell the N.F.L routinely allow accused murderers, to continue their careers Have treatment programs for Drug addicts, liars and cheats in a business that lauds violence and physicality. The Hypocrisy of some of thes owners quick to cry morality. Please, Not trying to change anyone's opinion...Your View is Your view ...Respect.
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    If an NFL QB is too comfortable knowing he won't be rushed ... your defense will be awful. Our DL once switched to the 4-3 everyone wanted was brutal. I have no clue about he specific player ... your point was simply due to position. Just look at recent history of SB winning teams and see how they control the DL and put pressure on the QB. Denver, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Indy, Giants, NE with their first 3, Baltimore back in 2000 ... that's a lot of Lombardi trophies from teams with dominant DLs,
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    70,000 people at the draft. That is sort of insane isn't it?
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    Freddie Mitchell was not happy being listed among worst Eagles draft picks. LMAO
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    So ESPN fired 100 employees due to continuing poor viewer ratings. Got to admit, I very seldom watch it anymore unless there is a football game on I want to see. I don't think they understand that people want to watch sports to get away from everyday life for a while. Most fans don't want politics involved in their sports. ESPN hasn't figured that out yet.
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    I watched Barnett's college career, and I would be greatly surprised if he isn't at the very least a very productive pro for many years. He isn't a 'sexy' DE in that he isn't a freakish athlete or speed rusher, but he's a complete package, the classic 3-down DE - plays the run, disruptive, can handle double teams, and an excellent pass rusher. He would immediately be the best DE on the roster, and he's a great locker room guy, a leader. Howard will be long gone, but I would love to get him as well. 1st round corners are always a crapshoot, but there will be a good one there, probably Conley. One guy I'd love to have, but there's no chance the Eagles would take him, is Foster. To me, the 1st round is about finding difference makers, and rounds 2,3, and 4 are about finding solid starters. The guys in this draft I see as potential difference makers in the right spot are Foster, McCaffrey, Howard, Allen, and Peppers. Possibly Davis as well. All but Foster, Davis and Peppers will be gone when the Eagles pick. #14 is a little high for Peppers, but the Eagles wouldn't take him, regardless. He'll end up somewhere like Pittsburgh or NE and everyone will be saying "how did we pass on that kid?" for the next few years. Same with Foster - he's a beast, and absolute stud who can take over a game. Anyone who watched Alabama at all knows this. What I want at #14 is a real difference maker instead of a nice, safe player, which is what the Eagles have generally picked over the years. Roll the dice and get someone who can change games for once. Take Earl Thomas this time instead of Brandon Graham. Just one time.
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    Won't matter who we pick half the fan base will be ready to call him the next big thing and the other half will be calling him a bust before he even steps on the practice field lol.....
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    https://www.theplayerstribune.com/derek-barnett-nfl-draft-cover-letter/ Man if you needed another reason to like Barnett......Can't see Philly passing on him if available at 14 just not sure he is there when we pick is the problem lol
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    If anyone is interested, The gulf water temperature is now 80 degrees and an awesome color of aqua blue. Its a tough retirement down here in Florida but someone has to do it.
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    1 more sleep fellas 1 more sleep then its Draft Day!!! Guess we'll see everyone back who taken time off from all the pre draft hype back on here too. Lets go EAGLES!!!
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    Who died and made you the English and Grammar grader on this sight? If you are reading any more of my posts without worrying that I stated it some way that you perceive as inappropriate, then you would see that I have answered exact that many times over. get past the semantics and talk about substance Site not sight-OHHHHH my bad lol FAIL HAHAHA(JK) I typo terribly,but hey gotta poke fun atcha
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    Then let my Clairvoyant a** reiterate my fact again... FACT Conley will NOT be selected at 14 Fact is you DONT know that.Like Dullaz has never taken "bad boys" before?? I love now how people are GUILTY until proven innocent-complete reversal of what this country was based on.Thank the liberals for this(and other debacles).better to say "chances are....." ok I will buy that, facts are only "facts" until they are not lol
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    True but let us at least recognize the pattern of how men deal with this... This is where the victim blaming starts and there is an all out push to discredit the woman making the accusations, then one of a couple things can happen... she could be telling the truth and become intimidated... she may be lieing and back down... they may settle out of court regardless of guilt.... she may be so angry that she wants him in jail Sorry man SICK of LIARS and I dont care what gender they are.SO this is just NOW coming to light??? WHO's paying her to mess with his future??
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    Any big play against the girls is awesome!
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    Accusations is enough to make guys fall though seen guys fall from less.....The timing just seems fishy to me though really 2 days before the draft hmmmmmmmmm
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    I will he could have sent him packing for a 3rd but to get a 1st rd pick for an average QB was huge.
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    Wow only 2 more days till the draft.....Then we get to see fans bash a pick before he even steps onto the field lol.......I am actually excited for this draft no clue what the Eagles plan is but I have a good feeling
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    Tons of good corners in this draft. A dozen espected to go from 20-50. If you want a corner in the first you have to trade back. You just can't justify ANY of these corners being that much better than the guy taken at 43. If I trade back from 14. I could get two corners with that 14th pick ammo that are arguably right with Conley or Lattimore. One of those guys or two of White and Tankersley,King and Moreau, Obi and Awuzie....Do you really think the Ohio St guys are can't miss? I'm fine with them being ranked higher. But it's by a smidge. And that smidge is questionable. Dumb move taking a corner in the first without trading back. There isn't an absolute beast can't miss corner. But there are many very talented corners. If you draft (let's say) Conley at 14 and several of these guys behind become better players(pretty likely) then I want your head on a spike...Your Fired...as the president would say.
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    Man,I wish I knew someone that lives in Philly,to be able to crash there and walk to the Draft! I might not be back on till Thur. nite. I've pretty much had my fill of the Pre-Draft hype. All my buds,TC. TTYL8R ✌ ☺ GO EAGLES!
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    As far as scales I trust the NFL.com grade far more than most... besides find me a ranking that does not put Davis in the Top 2 WR... Conely is good in coverage, but you better hope that a good RB does not get around the edge, because Conely will take an angle and allow 3-5 extra yards if he brings him down at all... It is a damn good thing that teams he plays for has safeties Really dont care about the rankings at this point. Been mocked to death since the last game of the season. Its only few more days left til draft day. I just want upgrades. Be it a RB, WR, DE, CB, LB whatever. Its a new board set by Douglas. Good record im not gonna be disapointed who gets picked.
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    Completely agree, almost. I'd say the second most pressing need is an edge rusher, not a DT or LB. With Jernigan, we don't need a DT for this year at all. Our first three or four picks should be players that make us better now, not potentially years from now. Stop thinking about ONE year.Plan for the next 2-4.Planning for one year is why we never get anywhere.We tried the "dream team" approach twice and it got us where???? Wrong. Plan for this year at the top of the draft. Next year, take care of next year. I'm not talking about free agents. The guys you draft will make us better now and plug those positions for the long term too. If we draft 2 CBs and a DE with our first 3 picks, we're better now and in the long term. Sure, Fournette would be around for 5 years anyway,so yeah lets lock down that offense and we can still get fine CB's and DE's later,so just a matter of choice,but to say we don;t need a RB is not the truth.We lost games because we could not kill the 4th 1/4 clock
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    There are some obvious ...we'll call them opportunities ...on defense for a draftee to make an instant impact. Any DB or Dlineman can make a splash. We play Nickel and Dime mostly. If you can rush the passer there is room for you to get in the rotation along the Dline. A DB with any kind of good coverage skills can surely find his way on the field. Don't necessarily have to be a high pick to crack into the rotation and find a niche in this D.
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    If John Runyan could be be reincarnated he would scare the crap out of everyone! Loved that guy.
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    Asante Samuel would have gained a temporary hammy problem that moment Fournette came around his side
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    Elliott is no where near Fournette. I give Elliott the edge in pass catching and he is a good pass blocker. Fournette can learn these to improve. But Fournette is a four down player. Punishing and demoralizing the opponents will.
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    3 more sleeps then all the dreamer talk can end😂 lol Cant wait for some real football talk!
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    Peters isn't going anywhere Kelce no clue if the offer is good enough can see it happening
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    Im just saying that since the 2000 draft, the lowest that ANY 1st OT came off the board was 13 Ramczyk has been rumored to the Panthers in the first round along with two other positional players. I see some now have Robinson dropping to the second round. I have felt all along that Ramczyk would go before Robinson. Wisconsin has produced some killer O-line guys. If the need were a little greater, I don't think I would view Ramczyk as a reach at 14. Eagles will not have Peters next season. Lane moves to LT and someone else takes the RT spot.Dont see a glaring need
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    Graham was number 1 pressures per snap % his first 2 years he has always been great at that he just doesn't get the sacks
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    I don't know why people think Howie is in trouble or can't draft look at his draft history. MS2 was obviously a Chip pick he controlled everything when he was here look at those drafts full of his old players and players he played against. I know Howie took responsibility for the pick but that's his job as GM. I would take Conley over Lattimore any day. Lattimore is injury prone and a 1 year wonder where as Conley is not either of them. Lattimore gets boosted because of his height weight and speed we have seen that back fire many times in the past.
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    Man 5 more days till the draft and all the draft speculation ends.....
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    Oh wait,the Eagles would still retain #43 + get #57 on top of it in the 2nd,right? Yes. Plus probably the Texans 4th round pick as well to make the value points work out.
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    dallas always gets all the easy teams and we always get the hard ones !!!