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    In order to make a comeback you have to have been there in the first place. More like "Johnny Football may actually try and make his first real attempt at being an NFL player." but don't hold your breath.
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    I know this is a deep draft for CB's but waiting until the 3rd round to address the position when we need 2 of them seems a little absurd to me. We should be looking to get the best CB's possible. If it was me, 2 of the 1st 3 picks would be CB's. I would also consider trading down in the 1st and adding another 2nd or 3rd depending on who's still on the board at 14. We have a lot of needs on defense so adding another early round pick would help. The offense has been addressed nicely in FA. We lost 4 starters from a so-so defense and added nobody in FA. If we don't add a whole lot of talent to the defense in this draft, we aren't gonna win much this season. Simple as that.
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    How long before his wonderlic gets leaked? Just because a guy can't draw it up on a marker board doesn't mean he can't see it when he's on the field.
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    I will be happy if they just nail the pick as a starter! No more M. Smith picks please!! IF he is a WR, RB CB or a DE, I really will not complain as long as the pick proves to be a good one. If we can do that for 4 of our first 6 picks, I would be very pleased indeed!!
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    I cannot wait to see this team with receivers that can catch the ball. This is going to be a fun year my friends.
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    Sounds like Wentz been given some WR names to check out. 8 WRs think we know who some of them are. Warmack im hoping you find your mojo again with Stoutland. Top 10 pick was a sure fire Pro Bowl prospect at the time.
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    Id be absolutely stunned if Johnny is in the NFL this fall. Yeah sure, it would be an interesting story but the team that signs him, signs the priviledged, immature, drug addicted, woman beating, idiot who was never that good in the first place. The media backlash won't be kind. It also wouldn't be worth it. His only contact with the NFL was breakfast with Sean Payton way back during Super Bowl week. This is actually old news that's being reported the same time Sean Payton is holding private workouts with Patrick Mahomes. Free agency has come to a halt for the most part until the draft is over and the NFL media is desperate for a story.
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    Now I don't wanna be that guy, but I gotta say it... it Manziel gets a job before Kaepernick does... yowza lol
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    Wondering who viewed the "Caught in the Draft 2005" on NFLN. The obvious story being Aaron Rodgers slipping to 24. What caught me...The Lions could have and should have taken Demarcus Ware (thanks Lions). The "Talking Heads" made HUGE claims over players that never did a thing. Point is, not one of these analysts really knows much more than we do. They just fake it way better, and get Paid to do it! LOL
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    OK and they can add to the backfield without having to do it in the 1st round.
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    Hey where do y'all think this kid Obi Melfonu will go in the Draft... is he a player that our Birds would have interest in, Big, fast and athletic played safety. This kid thinks he could play CB on the outside and in the slot? At 06'04" had a 40+ Vertical at the combine. I was very impressed with this kid.
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    The Philadelphia Eagles are going to have a wide range of talented players to select with the 14th overall pick. Pro Football Focus added another name to the list, having the Eagles select Stanford defensive end Solomon Thomas in its latest mock draft. Thomas is the No. 2 ranked defensive end by CBS Sports. "Continuing to move up draft boards after a strong combine, Thomas will fit well in Philadelphia where he can use his outstanding run-stopping ability at defensive end before kicking inside to rush the passer," wrote PFF's Steve Palazzolo. "Thomas was the best run defender in college football last season, finishing at 92.0 overall and improving as a pass-rusher to rank seventh among the nation’s interior defensive linemen, at 86.5."
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    I think the NFL needs to make a rule change so that Mark Davis is required to always walk around with an oversized lolipop
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    I trust Howie and company will make the right calls, This team is looking very impressive on the offensive side, and just so happens to be a deep draft for defense.
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    I can't get over the fact how happy I am about the acquisition of Torrey,Alshon,not to mention Chance,and Foles. With Torrey & Alshon now we have a mix of veteran WR's that can help the younger guys on the field. The WR coach can help 'em in the classroom,practice,and on the sideline but there's not a whole lot that he can do on the field during the flow of the game,which is where the mix of some vets can really help.
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    Trini - I would love Hankins, just don't know where the money would come from - he's asking a lot, most of which he deserves. Good, young, hasn't reached his ceiling, basically everything we want. Being broke sucks!
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    It's good that they always are looking to improve the game. Commercial breaks are ridiculous. The night games especially. To me they really hurt the in stadium experience. It always gives me pause to go to one of these night games because of this. It might be time to consider some of the options soccer has implemented. Those fans won't put up with commercial breaks interrupting constantly. Not sure how this all works out for these young people watching on their five inch phone screens. I watch very limited video on my phone. Watching THE game on it is a punishment. It's really not just the screen size. I love the surround sound to bring the experience to life. That can be the downside of watching in bars. If you don't get that sound.
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    I am fine with skipping on the OL also but still think we end up taking one in this draft UDFA or draft pick? I see it as a wasted resource. When Roseman didnt or couldnt trade Kelce/Babre then resigned Wiz. Had me thinking. This guy is thinking outside the box. Stocked up on bodies lessening the need to draft one. They arent just no bodies either. Wiz 2nd rounder. Thomas 3rd rounder. Warmack 1st rounder. Dillon Gordon project but enough upside they kept him on the 53. Tobin still there. Babre of course. Taylor Hart is having another go at OL. Vaitai in his second year. 3rd round pick Seumalo. Josh Andrews. Just dont see the need. We are in a good place i reckon. Good for Stoutland to see whos good enough to stick.
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    To the Board this is Trini... I forgot my password, requested a new password and ended up with this discarded old profile. Trinibird. Moderator 5 is helping me to recover trini so while I wait...I am Trini bird... sucks.hahaha
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    The last game of the year in philly ended any chance he had of staying in Dallas as the #2. He was brutal
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    And? Everyone knows baseball sucks so who cares what they do.
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    Just seen that the Eagles will work out Mixon....Sure that will come with a ton of mixed reviews......Still thinking James Connor is going to be our target
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    Not sure about Curry ... but Peters, Kelce, Kendricks ... they will come off the books going forward. So if you look at the cap going forward, plenty of $$$. People get obsessed with "guarantees" or "dead money" I don't look at it that way. I look at the space and how a contract/player effects it in the practical sense. The big question, "does it makes sense to cut this player" So if you sign a contract 5 years with a $15 mil signing bonus, and offset language, does it matter how much is guaranteed? Not if you look at it more closely from the team perspective. $15 mil over 5 years gets spread out $3 a year. If you cut the player in year 3 you incur $9 mil cap hit with dead money. Why would a team do that, unless the salary was so high in year 3 and the player was seriously under performing. And if the player has "guaranteed" money in the 3rd year, but offset language in the contract to where the team is off the hook for that cap hit once the player signs with another team, then it's irrelevant to the team if its guaranteed or not. I just look at the contract...ie Cox ... the Eagles aren't going to cut him in the first 3 years due to cap hit, so who cares about his guarantee. But looking at the back end, he has $33.1 million left to earn for 2021 & 22 ... with dead money of only $1.2 million. Gee, not hard to figure out that the final 2 years of the deal is just for show. Easy to renegotiate with a player right in the front line and mix of all the action, when he has peanuts guaranteed to him. You can bet those cap #s are coming down big time in a trade for some guarantees $$. If the Eagles are a good team, they redo the deal to keep him, if not, you let the 30 year old $17 mil plus guy go as he won't be a good player to keep on a team that's 2 and 3 years away. But until then, you pay him while Wentz is on his rookie deal, because you can.
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    Everything I got for Christmas last yr is Kelly green - my fav Eagles color. Hitting 3 starters in this draft gets us closer to a proper roster rotation - extending players in the os, filling in a few spots in FA and drafting to develop.
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    "1. By Philadelphia: Amends the NFL’s On-Field Policy to allow clubs to have an alternate helmet in a color to match their third uniform." Eagles wanting to use the Kelly Green's more I am hoping with this possible rule change
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    Sean Payton is no a no nonsense coach. Johnny football would have a very short leash. But him learning under Drew Brees is an interesting scenerio
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    So i'll break it down like this. Remember you didn't hear it from me. Because a certain man who had prior affiliations with the NFL Network, who also worked closely with Mike Mayock, will have a relatively high chance of getting the position. This guy was a former NFL player and a man who has ties to Bruce Allen in Tampa and the Raiders. This man happens to be in the HOF and has a walnut sized brain that's just good enough to be a "Yes Man". This man just so happens to be......
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    Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet 13m13 minutes ago An email from @nflcommish to fans regarding the league’s plans for improving the pace of play: http://epidm.edgesuite.net/CMS/NFL/Harmony/CAMPAIGN_IMAGES/2017/LEGENDS/20170323_LegendsNL_March_P2_1/html/Commissioners_Email.html … Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet 7m7 minutes ago Goodell: "We know how annoying it is when we come back from a commercial break, kick off, then cut to a commercial again. I hate that too.”
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    LOL.. but the BPA is the guy you think will have the biggest impact on your own team. If you play a 4-3, a pure NT won't be as high on your board as it would be for other teams. However you want to classify it, its the same thing. Take the best player on your own board ... B = Best ... P = player ... A = available on your board. BPA. You are just playing semantics with how they are ranked ... I could care less, that is for the draft nerds. 8.2 vs 7.9 ... i'm saying who cares ... only thing that matters is you have player A ranked ahead of player B ... not the decimal point grading system. ie. I have player A better than player B ... or maybe I have them the same in terms of not caring who I take, then I drop down a spot maybe? If I have 5 guys the same (not numerical grade, but rather who I want on my team, if they are the same, then maybe trade down 5 spots? But if forced to make the pick, they better have those players ranked in an order. Should be decided on the board prior to the draft. I'm sure position is one of the aspects that effect the board. At the end of the day, I don't care, just take that guy. If its RB, then fine.
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    BTW... you should hold your own opinion higher than someone else's ... it's precisely the reason it's your opinion ... isn't it?
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    Ham, agree with the last part ... factors involving Dak and Zeke. 1. Opponents .... 2. Opponents .... 3. Opponents ... 4. The OL .... 5. The WR outside who needs attention regardless of his stats. 6. The play calling was geared towards protecting Dak. all that said, you do need to give Elliot some credit for the good regular season record for 2016. Lets see how their careers all turn out. I would bet on Wentz, the better QB to have more of an effect on his teams longer term record. "Elite" RBs don't come around so often, selecting one early doesn't make them "elite" .. forget the formula, nobody doubts a good RB would help. So would a healthy and stable OL, worse opponents, outside WR threats and play calling. Lets just get the best player and not look only towards a 2017 reason/need.
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    I'm not making any assumptions at all, for one. I don't want Cook and I don't think the Eagles will be drafting a RB in the first round, I also never suggested they would take a RB in the first round, so I don't know where you got that from, for two. Even if Cook, Davis and Williams are gone, that still wouldn't stop them from going offense in the 1st round. While you may not agree with this, they very well could take TE O.J Howard at 14 if he's there. Before you scoff at the idea, go look at Celek's contract, plus his age, it's very likely he could be done with the Eagles after this season. Celek will be 33 in January and will save the Eagles $4 million against the cap if he's moved next year. Though, I wouldn't take him at 14, there's also John Ross, whom the Eagles have met with several times and have held a private workout with. If our 2 WR's are gone I certainly could see Howard.He runs routes like a WR and as you said addresses the Celek issue
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    I actually think Vaieo or whatever his name is, is going to be our starting DT with Cox. He gets pressure from the middle which is what Schwartz wants. He needs to put on a bit of weight, but I like his potential
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    Lots of good CB's in this draft,they key is to grab 1 that can start(or both although I hate starting 2 rook CB's but we may have no choice in the matter) Could even take 3 CB's this time just make sure they FIT what we're trying to do!!!
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    Next years Alshon money will come from Peters being gone.
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    Here's a QUICK look.Of course this is a HIGHlight vid,but you decide
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    I don't think everyone is talking running back as much as you think they are. Most are talking BPA at pick 14. If that player is judged as running back by Eagles management, then so be it.
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    You don't think every team does the same thing? Of course I do! I just brought the article over for the fans to read. I didn't write it John.
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    I hope we looked at Hunt while we were there lol
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    The Philadelphia Eagles are scouting every position possible heading into next month's NFL Draft, even the deepest unit on the roster. According to Tony Pauline of NFL Draft Analyst, the Eagles were at Toledo's Pro Day Monday to scout tight end Michael Roberts. Philadelphia will hold a workout with Roberts in the coming days, along with the Arizona Cardinals and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Roberts was a force in the red zone for Toledo last season, scoring 16 touchdowns (sixth-most in the FBS) en route to All-MAC First Team honors. He had 45 catches for 533 yards.
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    I hear ya. Is it April 27th yet? Can't wait to see what Santa brings us,tired of all the speculating.
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    Players are gettin too dang greedy. They see a guy at the same position get a smash contract & feel that they deserve the same and seems like players (some,not all) keep wanting to leapfrog the other,playin 'keeping up with the Jones's'.
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    Me too Freak! I def can't foresee if it'll turn out this way…but my gut's telling me that Warmack will earn LG starter and that Seumalo might steal C from Kelce. This isn't about what I'm hoping for or want,just a hunch. What I'm hoping for is a dominant line no matter what & that we have a great Run game to scare Safety up in box and allow Torrey,Alshon,& rest of WR's/TE's to do max damage as possible.
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    I am really interested to see McAlister , and Walker, injury took them out before we could find out much. It would be nice if they turned out to be good help at DE and LB respectively.
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    You cant compare Smallwoods yards compared to McCoy. The attempts per rush are too small of a sample. If they both attempted 100 runs n came away with 4.1 per carry then we can compare.
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    Pathetic. That's why we get all the annoying trolls here, their own boards don't allow them. What a pussified website.