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  1. Chickies and Petes has 25 dollar valet parking, and a free shuttle over to the game. For the vikings game, we were probably the only ones on their bus that actually ate there.
  2. Good because I switched back to the Samsung keyboard thinking it'd be worth it to have this site function properly. But I can't. This keyboard is way too sucky. I'm switching back to Google. They should work on compatibility with a few of the most popular keyboard apps. Mainly probably Google and swype.
  3. Just learned that backspace works on the default keyboard. But I am using google keyboard. Is there a way invision can work to make it possible to delete quote boxes on goodle keyboard @Moderator5?
  4. I dont have a tablet. all of my apps are up to date.
  5. android. galaxy s6 edge with chrome browser. been over this with the mods. but nothing has ever been fixed.
  6. nothing works. It is impossible to delete the quote box on mobile, which really sucks since we still have the issue of unwanted quotes automatically showing up when you try to reply.
  7. I have an s6 edge, using chrome. It has never worked for me.
  8. yes. because it has never worked that way for me.
  9. does not work on mobile
  10. Anyone ever going to fix the quoting issues? Most importantly not being able to delete a quote box on mobile?
  11. Fresh to death is a way of life!
  12. ill bet if you click it, youll find out what it does
  13. Yes. Your functions and mine were reversed somehow
  14. that goes to pe.com
  15. correction- I did not log in. I tried, and it took me to a page that looked uglier. I assumed I was logged in and it just looked ugly. But I was not actually logged in.