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  1. Is there some way to have a "are you sure" type of pop up on here? For instance, I HATE when I accidentally click "mark forum as read". Its a feature I have never intended to use, and never will. Yet, I have clicked it accidentally a few times and did again this morning. If there was a prompt to ask me if I am sure, Id click no and my day would be saved. Instead, my day is ruined. Either an "are you sure" prompt, or just taking away the "mark as read" feature would be great. Who uses that?
  2. good luck getting your tickets.
  3. This is not an EMB issue, but you dudes helped me last time. I just had scrolling issues again. This time not just EMB, and not just chrome. But I went back to that smooth scrolling feature in chrome, and this time enabled it. And now scrolling is working properly again. Whats this all about? Why does scrolling eventually stop working, and why does changing a feature in chrome affect if I can scroll up and down in my windows start menu, or even internet explorer (or whatever it is called now)? I wonder if its just coincidental, and I am just wearing out the scroll ball in my mouse. The current issue is only with scrolling down. Scrolling up has no issue.
  4. You can't, buy there is no jefferies in the nfl that I know of. Since Jeffery is an eagle, can we add that?
  5. Hey Dave, if this board can filter out curse words, can we also get some player names automatically corrected? Just thought of it because that dude typed MaCafferty. wtf? It would have been great if Samuel automatically got corrected every time someone said saumels. If we draft dalvin cook, you know everyone will call him cooks. I wish people could at least get the names of our own players right. Lets do something about it! Eartz and Jefferies? Are you kidding me?
  6. been working well.
  7. ok. it was set to default. I disabled it. scrolling for now on here. we will see if this lasts.
  8. its every topic in click on in every forum. and its not really intermittent. once it happens, it stays like that until I close the browser and open it again.
  9. It is happening again. I went to those boards through the link provided and it works like butter. Its just this site.
  10. no. I didnt notice any updates run today. ok. If it happens here again I will check out that other board. Thanks.
  11. But it is working. Just not on this site. Why would I want to disable a feature on my browser if every other site works fine, and even this site has always worked fine except for today?
  12. If I search "scroll wheel wont work on eagles message board" I dont think itll be a successful search. Its not like my mouse isnt working. It was only this site. So far it has continued working after I closed my browser and re-opened.
  13. I dont need to re-start the computer. Just closing the browser and re-opening works to get it back. But why does it keep stopping?
  14. And it stopped working again. This is annoying.
  15. I re-started my computer and now I can scroll on EMB.