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  1. I remember when these two teams played last year on a Thursday with the same uniforms. I liked them then, and I like them still now. The colors go well together. I think this is how the color rush should be, where the colors look good together. I've got a couple fantasy players tonight, so I'm watching. I like seeing Mariota play, but hate seeing Murray do well.
  2. I haven't had issues getting in or out. I notice many drivers don't use all of the available lanes while driving. I take advantage of that and people normally follow.
  3. I'm sure Giants fans wanted the Giants to lose as well.
  4. That's completely disregarding the percentage of people watching more football.
  5. Those people are watching less, while lots are watching more. The end net result is a 2% loss who are watching less. That's not a significant amount, especially with that sample size and likely margin of error.
  6. So 29% of fans are watching less, 27% are watching more. Thank you for posting more pieces that show the Kaepernick issue isn't the reason for the drops in ratings.
  7. We've seen protests by NBA players. It's allowed, just like the NFL allows it.
  8. Yet another post contradicting your thought that the protests have quite the effect on the ratings. The article notes the other factors that are effecting the rating and states that other things are in a decline as well.
  9. Ah, makes sense. I kept looking to see if maybe another player had that name and it was an IDP league maybe.
  10. Wallace is on the Ravens.
  11. False start followed up by delay of game...then a timeout for the cherry on top.
  12. If you don't agree with my point of view, then you're ignorant!!!1! You're funny to talk about science when you've previously cited flawed science experiments to try to prove your point.
  13. Interesting poll that took 1000 people's opinions. It didn't state if they were people who watch football normally or not. I'd be curious to see how many people who watch football every weekend would answer those questions vs people who watch on occasion vs people who watch once in a blue moon. Again, how can you attribute the rating drop on some games to the protests when other games have rating go up?
  14. I thought that was Jim Washburn on the Dolphins sideline. I confirmed it by looking it up.
  15. I think it's funny that some went down and some went up, which immediately should discount the notion that Kaepernick is the biggest reason for the drop. Would he be the reason for the increase as well???