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  1. Who is worse, Agholor or Elliot?
  2. If you don't care if the team doesn't get turned around, then you don't care if the team does get turned around.
  3. They will be classic, just like the excuses you'll use if the team doesn't get turned around.
  4. The science experiments where people used conditions in an effort to match the conditions of the game, but didn't take into account actually using the balls in the first half? Didn't I destroy your posts before when you posted those experiments before? They put the wet ball in a fridge to try to mimick the environment, not accounting for the balls actually being used and handled by people throughout the half.
  5. So when it was reported that they were videotaping well before 2007, wouldn't that include 2004? The only reason you're saying it didn't happen before is because they were being punished for the 2007 incident. Its like if someone was selling drugs for a while and the cops were working on a case. Eventually, they get enough and arrest him when he has the most drugs he's selling at one time. They charge him for the latest since it's the greater charger. Your argument would be that he only sold drugs one time since he was only charged for the one time.
  6. You're going to pretend that the Patriots were 100% correct in everything that they did and shouldn't be punished for anything. Spygate may have had an effect on some plays. Maybe McNabb tries to throw a ball somewhere causing an incompletion due to the Patriots knowledge from spygate. This then helps cause a punt. Maybe they stop a run play due to spygate. We don't know the direct effects.
  7. Outside of QB, that goes for the other positions as well.
  8. Their thinking is probably that with an elite type RB last year, they would've been a playoff team. Romo could've rested longer and come back more healthy later in the year for the playoff push. They also could've given Romo some relief during the game as they could've relied more on the running game.
  9. I thought Kolb would be a good answer. Regarding free agent jerseys, would Murray be a worse jersey to have?
  10. Caldwell was running at close to full speed two yards behind Owens, and a couple yard to his left while Owens is just starting to run. It makes sense why Caldwell was able to grab Owens back a little bit upfield.
  11. Caldwell was at his max velocity while Owens was just starting his run upfield. Makes sense why Caldwell was able to catch him. Your lack of understanding things is amazing. You take one instance of something and believe it to be fact, despite other evidences proving otherwise.
  12. Yes, a LB who started running before Owens did was able to catch him. You'd think a CB would be able to catch Owens too?
  13. So a guy who ran a 4.53 couldn't catch up to 4.7 Owens in 60 yards after being behind by a few yards?
  14. So Owens wasn't so talented and wasn't a great athlete either?