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  1. They've only got so many refs watching at a time. If they can't see something at a certain angle, they can't call it. When we see it on replay, we wonder how they didn't call it, but we don't know where the ref may have been looking at that moment in time. I think a radical option would be to have an off the field ref who watches the game in realtime on a monitor. They can call what they see as a foul. They wouldn't have access to replays such as the tv feed, though they could be the replay ref, to make things slightly quicker. It's a radical idea and wouldn't be implemented. It would potentially result in a lot more penalties, which fans say they don't like (unless their team isn't getting the calls, right?).
  2. Some are such as 12 men on defense, illegal forward pass, and I think offsides.
  3. wow, that's crazy
  4. Yes, but you can't be down if you don't have control of the ball. For example, if a player tips the ball in the air, and catches it out of bounds, it's not a catch since he didn't have control of the ball until he was out of bounds. It wouldn't be a catch prior to that.
  5. Isn't there a 10 second run off if it's not overturned?
  6. How about Jay Cutler going back?
  7. On the plus side, since the Eagles started 3-0 and it's a 3 game season, that means the Eagles will win the East.
  8. It'd be really difficult to increase the player salaries by that much while trying to reduce the length of the game, keeping the same number of total games, and taking away the revenue stream that is Thursday Night Football.
  9. How many players protest it regularly each week now by kneeing A couple maybe? Many of your friends are boycotting over less than .002% of the players kneeing in protest?
  10. Once they get rid of the replacement refs, it'll get better. That's what people thought a few years ago, at least.
  11. Seems legit...
  12. Collinsworth just said that throw by Carr reminded him of Rodgers. I'm sure that's something CarrbageTime heard.
  13. I guess a question for you would be, do you give your opinion on things you don't watch? For example, if someone puts a list of the top 5 NBA players of all time, would you try to interject, despite not seeing players like Bird, Magic, Jordan, Bryant, and James?
  14. Cutler throws a good pass downfield that was very accurate. So accurate that it hit Jeffrey in the back of his helmet. Jefffrey didn't even attempt to look for the ball. Someone, please post a gif of it.
  15. I completely agree. It always is confusing to me when people don't know the rules, in particular, a rule like this. Every once in a blue moon, there is a rule that is obscure. The OT rule is one that really should be something players/coaches/fans know. I guess, as a player, they're use to OT rules from college. Not a great excuse though.