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  1. Anyone remember the outrage when he went to the Colts, by some Eagles fans? Then giving him so much credit for turning that team around (by drafting Luck).
  2. Taking $175k worth of gifts between 2010 to 2015. $690 worth of tickets to Sixers/Phillies. He also got some sideline passes to Eagles games. That doesnt added up to mostly involving sports nor does this fall under the timeline that you said (past year).
  3. I agree, that's why we love Buddy. It's just odd that Reid is disliked by some due to lack of success, while that is ignored when it comes to Buddy. Maybe the people who hate Reid also hate Buddy?
  4. You probably didn't watch the game.
  5. While a lot of people are greatful that Reid gave the Eagles the chance to be one of the better teams while he was here. People love Buddy Ryan, but did much worse than Reid. Go figure.
  6. If it's between Reid or the Eagles, of course I want the Eagles to win. If it's between Reid and some other team, I'll root for Reid.
  7. That's under the assumption that their defense would've been able to hold them. They didn't at the end or during the game (until they got to the red zone). Those timesouts likely didn't cost them.
  8. Chiefs had a lot of mistakes on offense, while Bell ran all over them.
  9. He's not Chip Kelly.
  10. Fans boo after the screen play failed. They're understably upset with the lack of offense.
  11. Loved that play. The one they just did was a variation of it, and still quiet effective.
  12. I said it before and I'll say it again. That was an enjoyable game to watch.
  13. This is an enjoyable game to watch.
  14. With the TOP at 16 min to 3 min, the Texans must be destroying the Patriots, right? Cue the TOP thread.
  15. This only counts for non QBs, right? I'd imagine a QB would reach this every once in a while due to kneel downs.