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  1. The last time Dallas played in a prime time game against a division rival, it was on the road. December 11th.
  2. Joe Horn pulling out a cell phone was a bit ridiculous and could've lead to extra props being involved.
  3. She did show them.
  4. I use to be a season ticket holder of the Soul. It was super cheap and halfway interesting. The problem is that they made it really loud in there with the constant music blasting way too loud and things going on the entire game. I felt like they made it designed for someone with ADHD. Arena football reminds me of basketball where the game comes down to the last couple minutes that seem to take forever. Having a 21 pt lead with 2 minutes left is like having a 10 point lead with a quarter left in the NFL.
  5. This was also their largest margin of victory in a Super Bowl.
  6. The real solution is that someone is always going to think that the rule is unfair. Following college rules is unfair as the offense already starts in scoring position. Also, the last team to have the ball is in a distinct advantage to knowing what they need to win the game. In football, as in life, things aren't fair. Some teams play more teams coming off a bye or an extended break than other teams. Some teams get tougher schedules than others. Some teams have free agents that don't want to go there. Welcome to the world, where everything isn't fair.
  7. They should play another 4 quarters, just to make it extra special fair. I mean, if a defense is on the field to end regulation, then has to go on defense right away in OT, that's just not fair. Not fair at all. We need special fairness. They really should play a whole new game once everyone is full rested who played in the first game. That way it's super duper fair.
  8. Well since you say so, then you must be right. So much for a discussion. Is this how you handle all people who disagree with you? You say they're an idiot if they don't agree with you and say they'll lose the debate.
  9. That's reason 35 why the Falcons lost. No need to change the rule.
  10. Brady wanted the glory.
  11. That's what I thought. The way the ref explained it, it made it seem like that would be another OT type in the 5th OT. Figured he was just saying it to make it easy.
  12. Was that a chop block?
  13. If they play 4 OT quarters, do the OT rules reset for the 5th?
  14. Seems legit.
  15. Meanwhile, the Patriots are destroying the Falcons in time of possession. According to the TOP thread in TATE, the Patriots will likely win.