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  1. How about this quote from DGB: “It’s definitely frustrating,” Green-Beckham said. “You just gotta know: out on the field, I’m not a guy who’s going to be frustrated and on the sideline like, ‘Hey, throw the ball! Go through your reads!’ I’m not one of those type of guys. I’m patient. I’m just going to pull [Wentz] to the side and say, ‘Look, we see this, everybody is taking off, I’m coming under you.’ Little stuff like that. “I’m not a guy who’s going to get on his head because I understand he’s a young quarterback. And I’ve been with a young quarterback last year with Marcus (Mariota). I understand the thought process. And there might be some brain farts every now and then. But you know, that’s something we can get past.” Can someone show him the video of him jogging to the endzone? Or the dropped passes when he was targeted?
  2. The Eagles must have something in the works because the numbers do not make sense to me. Eleven Olinemen. Granted Lane Johnson is going to be suspended so it'll be ten, but even that is a lot of linemen. Speaking of Lane's impending suspension...what kind of BS is it that the team doesn't know prior to cut down day. The Eagles could use Lane's roster spot for another position (more on that later). The rest of the offense looks okay, except they need a third QB, no? The defense. Five Tackles seems high. But the egregious imbalance is having six ends and six corners; while only carrying four linebackers. Clearly the Eagles have to be planning to sign a LB because they can't possibly carry only four into the season. Unless they plan on wrapping Kendricks in quilted Northern. :)
  3. And memory recall. I need to start taking gingo biloba. :)
  4. Dave, I know there is still time for Agholor, but he hasn't done anything in the preseason games to show me he's improved from last year. I know Smith is still on the roster and will probably make the team, but he'll more than likely never live up to the first round selection. Do you agree that, as of right now, the Eagles have missed on back to back on first round selections?
  5. Someone posted in the comments of a story on that Douglas is bringing the top Baltimore scout with him. However, I haven't been able to verify whether or not it's true.
  6. Ha, that's certainly possible. But in the end of the Reid era, and even the beginning of Chips era, no one was really sure who was making the call. At least for the 2016 draft, there isn't any doubt. The real scapegoat, if Wentz doesn't pan out, could be Lurie. Lurie could come out and say that he wanted Wentz and that Howie made the moves to make it happen. Hopefully, Wentz is the next Brady and we the fans won't have to worry about a scapegoat. :)
  7. If everyone knows Howie has final say, exactly how can this guy be used as a scapegoat? Especially, since Howie's tenure will based on Wentz's success; who was selected when Douglas wasn't even with the organization.
  8. Howie has final say, but that doesn't mean Douglas' opinion doesn't count. It sounds like Douglas will be the head of scouting (pro and college). IMO, you can't have a scapegoat if everyone knows who has final say.
  9. I think Philly has a very good chance based on this article: My question is...where would it be held? The Auditorium Theater in Chicago holds 3,900 people.
  10. Can you imagine Dave's interview with the Goff after expressing his undying love for Wentz? Awkward. hahahahah
  11. RG3

    Why? I would never take a pay cut.
  12. In somewhat related former band had one of our songs used coming out of commercial break during a Phillies broadcast. Actually, a couple of our songs were used, but this is the only video that I have. If you're interested:
  13. I'm sure the Eagles are working on Cox's extension. But since he is more accomplished (i.e. will require a larger salary) it'll take some time.
  14. Wow, how did I not get that reference? I think I let my knowledge of that area cloud my thinking. I was born and raised in the same area as HB.
  15. The Dougie? Is that just getting to your neck of the woods? Good God, you have to get out of central PA. lol.