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  1. I LOATHE the targeting call in college and now they are gonna put it in the NFL? It is such a subjective rule even when it goes under review. It's efen football- if you have the ball, yeah, I'm gonna target your a**. Defense is being neutered more and more each year and it is becoming laughable.
  2. And what a fine job he's doing.
  3. Wonder what is going through the minds of DGB and Ugholor.
  4. Just heard on Sirius/XM that the Niners just signed Pierre Garcon. He gets 16 mill for the first year- yikes. Wonder if Kirk tries to force his way out there even more now.
  5. I believe Dallas gave up 2 first rounders when they signed joey Galloway from Seattle. I think that was like 2000?
  6. Here's an idea. How about the Falcons defense actually step up and make a play and at worst holding them to a FG, where they can then get the ball and score a TD.
  7. You would have to say this was worse because this was the Super Bowl.
  8. un efen believable. wow.
  9. I thought in the playoffs the o/t went back to sudden death.
  10. Julio Jones is efen amazing.
  11. About to be 14-0. LMAO!!!!!!!!!
  12. Dude is freakin amazing.
  13. Whatever you say.