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  1. Jerry Rice on the Seahawks
  2. And to think, I used to like Mayock. Nice knowin' ya!
  3. Right... which we've seen them do countless times.
  4. Offense : Brady Defense : Reggie White
  5. Ehh, I wouldn't call Smallwood "top flight" just yet... give him some more time
  6. Same. Didn't mind the gold/blue ones either though. The old yellow/blue ones were pretty ugly though, in my opinion.
  7. He is still young and will only get better. He'll probably be the best QB in the league in 2 or 3 years. Smart move by Indy to lock him up now.
  8. Any team in the league would pay him that. He was hurt last year but don't forget he took a crappy team to the AFCCG before last year. Took over a 2-14 team and went 11-5 in his 1st three seasons.
  9. QB- Tom Brady RB- Barry Sanders WR- Jerry Rice WR - Randy Moss TE- Tony Gonzalez OT- Anthony Munoz OT- John Ogden OG- Larry Allen OG- Steve Hutchinson OC- Dermonti dawson DE- Reggie White DE- JJ Watt DT- Mean Joe Greene OLB- L.T OLB - Derrick Brooks MLB- Ray Lewis Corner- Deion Sanders Corner- Darelle Revis Corner - Champ Bailey Safety- Ronnie Lott Safety - Ed Reed KR/PR Deion Sanders
  10. I've watched plenty.. guess I've never noticed it
  11. Never got that impression from Simms... What makes you say that?
  12. This guy doesn't get it...
  13. I was thinking Chip would pick him up
  14. Denver, luckily they had the best season right before that
  15. Nice trade for the Patriots, not bad for the Cards either considering they could be a player like Jones away from the SB