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  1. But considering that all offensive linemen do is "bump into you really, really hard" and all receivers do is run away really fast, it does seem an appropriate mascot in some ways. And the whole New England whaling thing seemed to be good enough for the NHL. (granted its the Whaler not the Whale--but you get the idea) Totally agree with the Belichick reference, though. Now there is the single greatest reason that the harpoon was invented. I've often stared at that wrinkled brow on the tv screen and wondered, "Now, where is Queequeg when we need him?"
  2. Geez--someone else thinking exactly what I was thinking.
  3. Wow!!! If that was the cost to move up, I am really glad it was the Rams and not us. Tennessee is sitting really pretty right now. I wonder if they would be interested in #8 for #15 + a second + a third?