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  1. Never meant to suggest otherwise. By saying really drunk and nothing happened I meant there was no sex and literally nothing happened. There is a chance Irvin was just stupid but not a criminal she doesn't know. If they find there was any sex then yes he raped her.
  2. Well she did the right thing she didn't know if something happened or not but suspected and immediately went and got checked out. Maybe he pulled a Cosby or she was just really drunk and nothing happened we'll see but this is great timing after his speexh about how Eliot should behave.
  3. What really? I've never been a big fan of Romo..he'll have some good to great plays, some lucky plays, and some bone headed to sloppy plays where just about begs the other team to take the ball but even I wouldn't say he was worse than Sanchez. Sanchez is like Romo with fewer of the top end plays, fewer your lucky you just got away with that plays and a higher percentage of "here take the ball, I don't want it" plays. Romo you can win games with. Sanchez will cost you games.
  4. The single biggest reason I have to doubt them right there. I can easily see this happening. Its also possible this is a selfish move by the GM by continuing to push back his evaluation. He'll consistantly have another high draft pick to point to and can't be blamed for drafting a bust first overall if you don't draft first overall.
  5. Mayock came out within hours of this report and said there had been no contact. More likely than not this came from the team to try to distract from the shitstorm of bad press about them. I highly doubt Mayock would give this job a second thought even if it was offered to him. He's gotten GM interviews before so this wouldn't be his one and only chance. In reality he's got a cushy TV gig right now and is probably the most highly regarded of the media's draft experts. If he's going to make the leap to GM its going to be the right situation not this disaster.
  6. They have to prove they have a capable GM to find the right players and a capable coach to develop them. Hue did some stupid things last year in the little I actually saw the Browns.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if NE doesn't extend him and just use this as a 2 year rental to try to get as much out of their time with Brady as possible.
  8. I hope Mayock is smart enough to stay as far away as humanly possible from that organization. After what just went down and what it sounds like happened I don't know why anyone would want to work there in that power structure.
  9. Surprised Cousins signed his tender so soon. He's either stupid or they're now willing to trade him.
  10. I don't think the leaving to take care of his family story came from him. That came from the team. They sent him home and used that story to cover it. I think it comes down to he was getting credit and probably rightly so for the smart moves they made in recent years and the team president didn't like that so he got rid of him with the drinking problem being the excuse he needed. The thing is he's done this just as they look like they're about to implode so instead of sole credit he's going to get all the blame.
  11. That's the other long does Cousin's sit out and not sign his tender this year. If I remeber correctly he played good little soldier last year and signed right away but they didn't pay him back with a real contract like he hoped. Plus now the owner has refused to trade him because he doesn't like his former coach. He reportedly told him not to get his hopes up and some have suggested Cousins response to them asking when he'll sign his tender should be the exact same. I wonder if he doesn't just sit out well into the season knowing that the 49ers will be waiting for him next year. They signed a couple place holder qbs which makes me think that's the plan. Wait a year and get their guy.
  12. What it sounds like happens is the drinking problem probably isn't the reason its that the team President who used to be solely in charge wanted him gone. A reporter from the Washington Post said that at the end of last season there was jealousy in the front office and watch they'll fire him and blame his drinking problem. Remember the radio station where Clooey made the statement about him drinking again is owned by the team. Remember that making that kind of statement is totally unprofessional but he has not been punished at all for it. Remember that they just put out a BS excuse a few days ago that he was missing because his 100 yr old grandmother died several weeks ago. They pretty much just f'd over and lied about the only guy that seemed to have a clue down there.
  13. Wait so they're not going to get the 2nd overall pick?
  14. Just illustrates how bad that Osweiler signing a year ago was. He was so bad they had to give up a 2nd rounder to just to get him off the books. This kind of stuff just makes me even happier we have Wentz we don't have to keep spinning the roulette wheel of bad to mediocre qbs. I like that the Browns are making all these moves to get more draft picks but I still don't trust them to make good use of them
  15. Totally different situation. 1) Bradford was the starting QB at the time Romo is not and everyone knows it. 2) HUUUUUUUGE Difference between on the eve of the regular season and before the draft. No one is that desperate now. There will be options at QB other than Romo. 3) Chances are the Cowboys are going to have to cut Romo and the league knows it. Teams are probably more likely to sit back and wait for that to happen rather than give up any draft capital for it. Now if they're worried about competition they may be willing to throw a late round pick the Cowboys way to ensure they get him but that's a late round pick not #2 overall.