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  1. And people complain about cox not being there. Injuries happen in volentary ota
  2. Lmao!!! This board on a cellphone is still glitchy haha.
  3. They should panic. They can't get any picks right
  4. I don't know how that response ended up in here lol
  5. It doesn't help that the NFL makes it confusing for the players either.
  6. I'm not even a mcnabb fan but, how some fans don't want to give him credit for absolutely anything is ridiculous
  7. That's true, I just always wondered. I had a good friend in highschool who was always kind of lazy but, had a good family dad, mom, sister and brother (in the army still) all very hard working and successful. After highschool he signed on for 2 yrs, which I thought was great maybe knock the laziness out of him. Well after he finished he was still lazy as hell so couldn't understand how he even made it through lol. Anyways he got a job at Giant food store his dad was one of the big shot Managers for the company. Well he got fired from there, so I got him a job with me thought change of scenery would help him. Nope got fired from there. Now he is on meth and lost his kids and still has no job.
  8. Probably more of a safety type change with that one. Instead of making the players play another full quarter to end in a tie. I don't mind that one
  9. I'm not arguing with you because I wasn't in the military but, I've seen plenty of friends family and people I went to school with come out of the military worse then when they went in. Now I don't know if that is because they only did the 2 or 4 year term or because that is just who they really were and they were gonna be that way no matter what they went through in the military. Maybe you can answer that for me I'm curious cause I always wondered how they even made it through the military with what they became after.
  10. I think after one year anyone claiming their QB will be better is ridiculous. Anyone remember Josh Freeman being completely clutch his rookie year? Yeah, turned into hot garbage after that. I know I remember foles playing well at the end of his rookie year and thinking " oh he is playing well with the odds against him" then had a miracle year now he is a back up. None of us know anything yet and that goes for fans of Dak or Wentz. I would love to think that Wentz having nothing last year will lead to him being amazing this year cause he learned and now has talent all over but, that doesn't mean anything.
  11. You know we once threw snow balls at santa because we were mad that they wouldn't get the chance to draft a certain murderer
  12. I wouldn't say I regret not going in but, parts of me wish I did at least 2 yrs. My cousin is 3 yrs away from full term in the Marines.
  13. My dad always wanted me to go into the service. I had thoughts of it, I only wanted to do it if I could do full term which is something I don't think I could do
  14. I get what you are saying not everyone is built for that kind of service.
  15. Also even if we kept our picks and ran with Bradford I we would not be going anywhere and wasting more time being mediocre