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  1. I don't really see it as dangerous. NBA jump a mile high to dunk over people all the time. I mean you can get hurt but, when has anyone ever gotten hurt from it?
  2. He didn't miss a test. He missed a call to set up for testing.
  3. That is true.... Ok I take my statement back lol. I was at a game when they had the eagle fly down it was awesome! I'm a huge animal fan so I thought was just as great as the Jets flying over
  4. Not exactly a lot of eagles flying around the city of Philly either
  5. Sad thing is it's only cause he has money that makes this a story. The guy is 22 they do this crap all the time in college and at parties .
  6. Even better points!! Knock it off! I'm trying to win an internet argument!!
  7. That's a good point.... Still she won't have any defense I don't think especially since she was seen hanging out with him afterwards having a good time
  8. That first sentence sounds like the excuse for tebow lol
  9. Read the article. She wasn't upset at all then hung out with Zeke afterwards
  10. He didn't take a lot. He just picked his brain on how to speed up the offense that's it.
  11. Lmao I thought I was the only one that thought he looked like an ewok. He should of won wookie of the year
  12. You correct lol
  13. Like the pats need early picks. Most of their team is 6th and 7th rounders and guys off the street. Now add in cooks and Gilmore. Might as well give them another trophy
  14. He is such a weird freaking guy. I hate him more then ever after seeing all those posts lol
  15. All true if you put it that way. I'll say it this way then, they are both pretty stupid.