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  1. Ron Brooks and Joe Walker haven't participated much in practice. Both players suffered ACL injuries in 2016. Allen Barbre is still nursing a calf injury, as Pederson noted, and didn’t practice much. Jordan Matthews didn’t seem limited but apparently he’s still dealing with the ankle injury he suffered last season.
  2. Pressure is on Groh to groom these young receivers. Optimism is high. How quickly can Hollins adjust to this new environment? Not sure he will be pushed that greatly in practice. We don't have the vet corners to properly test him. Are we planning on a practice/scrimmage with another team this preseason? Many on this team could benefit from that.
  3. So if Bradham gets suspended and Hicks are going to blame the HC Stine? Those two things could easily happen. Then our defense goes to sh17! No corners as it is to cover anyone. I just don't see it the same. Too many variables in a NFL season for me to call out a W/L total on the HC. We have potential offensive firepower. But Wentz and Pedey have to learn how to win NFL shootout type games. You don't just become Master of all Masters overnight.
  4. Of coarse Pedey is on the hot seat! He has one year of HC experience. He has plenty to prove. I back him all the way but he must go do it. That's the job.
  5. You have to consider who dresses on game days. Really you could go with Blount and Sproles and be covered. But can you dress four RBs? Going to be interesting. I hope competition decides things more than injury.
  6. I want Ron Brooks and Robinson to battle it out for the slot. Brooks could even stay on with ST and backup outside if Robinson wins(which he should). That way we are at least good in the slot this year. That alone would be a huge improvement. Be able to keep Jenkins at S. And I think you hit on the outside corner competition. I believe Gratz might be the top guy. I want to see more of Grymes and Smith though.
  7. He does look very good at MLB. I don't want to move him either. But I disagree about the size. It brings into question his durability more in the middle. It seems to be the trend with moving S into the LB corps though. Mark Barron for the Rams. Deon Buchanan with Zona.... But Hicks is facing a big year ahead. A chance to prove he can hold up. But what about this hypothetical: what if our three best LBs were Bradham,Hicks and a guy that could only play MLB. Would the defense be better in that scenario with Hicks at OLB? (Saying like a Joe Walker is playing much better than Kendricks but isn't a fit at OLB) So in base 4-3 move Hicks outside and have him move back inside on passing downs type thing. Huge hypothetical but try to keep options open until we get some camp in at least.
  8. The title says it: The offense is what? Defense. We are looking to trade for a CB. If Rosie pulls that off he has to be GM of the year.
  9. Yeah No Mas. I was figuring Pumphrey gets beat up in preseason and stashed on injured for return candidate. All while trying to get Clement on practice squad. RMat retires probably. So you have Blount,Smallwood and Sproles with Pumphrey on IR.
  10. Such a huge signing. If he can keep his mouth shut and play football. We just took a huge step forward. Not to put it all on Blount. It's more a matter of he is just what the offense needed. That short yardage power back. He can consistently pick up four tough yards. Now I'm already thinking about how many RB can we keep? Last year we went into the season with two, I think. Guys get injured and that decision is very far away right now.
  11. That was just the example. Your not seeing the forest from the trees here.
  12. I feel like this was a really strong draft class. Or especially deep. I can look around the league and see every other team picked up some good talented guys...after the draft even. So I would say that league wide this is going to be a productive class. Probably one of the more productive classes in history.
  13. I'm not just basing it on these players(2017 draft class). It's a philosophical approach to the draft. Douglas has touted the value of college production trumping all other measuring sticks. So you either believe that or not. I'm more concerned with how the player will be against professionals on the NFL. Plenty of great college players(in many sports) that weren't good professionals. Tim Tebow, Johnny don't need me listing them because we all know them. Luke Joeckel was clearly the more accomplished college player yet Lane is a much better pro.
  14. Irrelevant. We are talking about using technology(specifically VR) to increase the learning curve. Offense and defense learning their first,second and third reads. Not from paper or iPad...but from doing ,on a VR simulation.
  15. Keep going...since over half the snaps on defense we play are Nickel and Dime. But maybe one of the vets(Robinson or Brooks)will man the slot. And maybe we see the S Terrence Brooks earn more time on the field in Dime.