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  1. And concerning pizza: Chicago style is undoubtedly the best. Gino's East the cream of the crop.
  2. Concerning Papa John's 🍕: Could it be possible that Papa's turned to making a huge investment in NFL advertising because business was stagnating or declining already? That the delivery market has drastically changed in the last 17 years. So many more options for delivery now. So many more choices in different foods. Specialty delivery services are available as well now that will pick up anything for you. ---But let's just stick to pizza even. So many better options than the three or four that only existed back when Papa Johns got it's foothold. Quality has gone up. Heck even the frozen pizzas have made a huge jump. It's not like the old days when a Digiorgno was the nice one. All kinds of nice options available now. And I don't know where everybody grocery shops but some of the places I go they have pizza ovens to get you a fresh pie or slices even.-- So in a nutshell Papa better adapt or die.
  3. It's good that they always are looking to improve the game. Commercial breaks are ridiculous. The night games especially. To me they really hurt the in stadium experience. It always gives me pause to go to one of these night games because of this. It might be time to consider some of the options soccer has implemented. Those fans won't put up with commercial breaks interrupting constantly. Not sure how this all works out for these young people watching on their five inch phone screens. I watch very limited video on my phone. Watching THE game on it is a punishment. It's really not just the screen size. I love the surround sound to bring the experience to life. That can be the downside of watching in bars. If you don't get that sound.
  4. You can go much deeper than just the top guy at TE with slot receiving potential. Feels like a bunch of them in this class.
  5. A chip in the ball is just the beginning of the technology. To make it work I'd think you would have to create a virtual stadium,of sorts, with stadium cameras. The goaline they can obviously target and implement but I had believed the holdup on using this new tech has been the investment in stadium HD cameras 🎥 . Like a couple of rings(camaras encircling the stadium) worth. I fully assume ATL new stadium is being built ready for this. Not sure anyone else does. And many aren't close.-----*********-Just my two cents from a guy that has zero experience in creating virtual stadiums.
  6. Trinibird sucks! You need more help than Moderator 5 can provide me thinks LOL
  7. It doesn't work like that. Since Trey Burton was undrafted we have the right to put a second round tender on him. It is a real low money move. It basically locks him in to the Eags. Noone is giving up a second for him. But it comes with an exact dollar amount contract...which is a great deal(much less than market value) for the team.
  8. You know I'd like to finish 2017 Free agency and the 2017 draft before fully commiting to 2018 offseason plans. But yes it seems very likely we need some(likely boatloads)money to not take a step backwards. JMatt should command some real solid coin. Tough to keep(especially since we aren't rolling over a nice chunk of cash from this season forward). Hicks looks to be a crucial cog in the defense. Tough to let him go(but he's going to want to get paid pretty handsomely I'd think which is going to be tough without any cash rolling over from this season). If Chance Warmack resurrects his career like I expect: he isn't going to keep playing for that steal of a one year contract we got him for. Plus the market will get hot for him. (That will put a strain on things without extra cap relief from this season). Oh and that's not even really considering improving. Going to want to do that.
  9. " But again, I'm not looking to get too many free agents next year either,we need to build via good drafts these next couple of years in order to build and sustain success. "--No Mas. Sounds like you are in for a decade long rebuild plan. How long does it take to be in contention(and to be able to keep open) the team by losing talented players and only replenishing via draft? I'm afraid many of the players we have won't be playing still on that sluggish march.
  10. Wow Phillip Rivers has been pondering this a bunch lately it would seem. Are the Chargers feeling that same pressure as the Rams to get that young marketable QB face of the franchise in LA? How many people are rushing out to get the new LA Charger jersey of Phillip Rivers? Exactly what I was thinking...barely anyone. I expect to see some SD Rivers jerseys still at games unless....could SD take a QB with plans of trading the old guy away? Rivers could command some good trade value
  12. So what are the new proposed rule changes? It sounded like a few were just making permanent the temporary changes of last season(25 yard line after kickoff...). I do like that it seems like they are trying to fix the commercials for the tv audience. Get rid of double back to back commercial breaks. And moving things along by allowing the ref to make instant replay rulings before commercial breaks are over.------ Sadly they still are going to play Thur night games.
  13. This article really just gives me pause about the direction of this team. Kind of feels like the message is so much money was spent last season it limited this season. A capped out mediocre team isn't real promising. I'd be all in if that was the plan by spending up front on all those contracts. First two seasons taking the hit to open up a two or three year window afterwards. We know that isn't the case though. It's the opposite. I will acknowledge some dead money that needed to be eaten hampering things a bit from the previous regime. Still the idea of just turning to the draft feels brutal. How long will it take to build a Super Bowl contender at that rate?
  14. You know after Nnamdi, Bradley Fletcher,Nolan Carrol and Leodis McKelvin...I'm fine with turning towards inexperienced guys. How much dropoff can we really have?
  15. I'd say a more accurate portrayal would be to just eliminate Fournette from my mock and bump everyone up a pick.