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  1. When I was growing up (forty or fifty years ago), this same thing happened to a guy in our town. Ran over and killed his daughter backing out of the driveway. I was on the same baseball team as the guy's sons. Hell of a thing to have to go through life with.
  2. I remember when Vermeil started out in broadcasting, the network actually had a rule where he couldn't do Eagles games. I think he did the playoff game against the Redskins in '90, but that was rare.
  3. One thing that I find embarrassing was that the first couple of years Simms was broadcasting, I actually thought he was good. But I soon came around to realize how truly awful he is.
  4. You do realize, I hope, that the Browns don't wear brown helmets.
  5. Pretty much, yeah.
  6. Eli never gets hurt anyway. The Giants could go without a backup and be okay.
  7. Going with that premise, I would nominate Mark Bavaro with the Eagles. Not only was he the only Giants player who came to the Eagles and didn't outright suck, he actually had a couple of good years here. But no one ever seems to remember that.
  8. This is the one.
  9. I think the joke here is the Texans. They're the team that overpaid for a mediocre free agent quarterback, benched him during the season, and had to unload him as soon as they could while sweetening the pot with a future second round pick.
  10. If (when?) Romo gets traded, I would think the comparative in terms of compensation would be somewhat similar to what the Packers got for Brett Favre when they traded him to the Jets in 2008. In that deal, the Packers received a conditional fourth round pick. Old quarterback with maybe a couple years left. Favre was older then than Romo is now but he was also the better, healthier quarterback. Romo has significantly more question marks due to injury. The difference between a conditional fourth and the second overall pick is extremely vast. There's no way in hell the Cowboys would ever get that.
  11. He's not. The way the contest worked was, they had two kids of each age group from the ages of eight through thirteen. (Or was it fifteen? I forget now.) There were two different lines, one on each hash mark. The one eight year old would throw (or kick or punt) the ball, and then the same aged kid at the other hash mark would do the same. Then the nine year olds would step up and do it. And so on down the line. The pic here is only showing the moment when it's Andy's turn. The little eight year old kid next to him is just waiting there to start the next cycle. He was not competing against Andy. He was competing against the other unseen eight year old at the other hash mark.
  12. I grew up with the Rams with white horns. (They also wore white at home, like the Cowboys.) The switch to the yellow circa 1974 was strange to me. The gold they went to after winning the Super Bowl was weird too. So I actually like this, although it will probably take some time getting used to.
  13. In 1998, Sean Gilbert signed with the Panthers, who sent the Redskins two first round picks.
  14. That only looks like a penalty when you look at the still picture. In real action, the contact was so quick that it would never be considered holding. As soon as he appeared to "hold" him, he immediately let him go.