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  1. By the way, nice article Spuds. Guys like Delimitros need more recognition for busting their butts.
  2. I really like the intangibles for Peppers. He is a football player period. With a defense low on playmakers, he would be a nice addition. Not likely; I get it. Just a thought is all. I continue to stress to draft the best player available EVERY TIME your name comes up Eagles. Please do not reach for players of position of need. Don't do it!
  3. This team needs help everywhere but QB. Take best available player no matter what position it is.
  4. Jalen Mills is there. Think he could be a solid slot corner. Good enough to cover no.2 outside as well. I did forget about Jalen Mills. He doesn't scare anybody though. Definitely slot corner at least from what we saw last year. Maybe he improves significantly. I worry about the corners because of the WRs in the division.
  5. You guys that watch college a lot; give me the best 5 CBs in this draft in order. Then the best five OTs in order. Then the best five LBs. I love it that the Eagles are bringing in more talent on offense, but the defense.....uggggg. The cap is so tight with a very average roster up and down the line. This draft is CRUCIAL! McCaffrey intrigues me a little bit. One of the NFL Network guys has him going to the Eagles at 14. I like it IF and only if he is the best available at that spot. To my knowledge this team is completely devoid of talent at CB. Both starters are gone. No young starting talent is on the roster. The defensive line has taken a good hit with 50% of the starters gone. This team might have to score 50 to win a game. Yikes!
  6. Personally i am a lot more excited about the signing of Warmack more than Smith. Smith scares noone at this point. His drop percentage is woeful over the past couple of seasons. Love Jeffery, BUT can he keep himself on the field free of drugs and injuries? I am EXCITED to see a BIG stud WR in green though. Please stay healthy and cleN my man! Now I still want the Eagles to draft best player available, BUT I hope they find TWO really good CBs in the draft. And an OT.
  7. That low cap number made it so they could not pursue Marshall, who signed for much less than I expected. Bummer!
  8. It is difficult to understand how a team so devoid of talent has cap issues. Besides Cox, there really is not a star player on the roster. LJ is good, but given his situation, unreliable. Jenkins. I do like Jenkins. Wentz is under his rookie contract so his cap hit is minimal. They need a TREMENDOUS draft! Draft best available every round! And I hope best available is 2 stud CBs, a WR, and an OLINEMAN when the Eagles draft. The last two of chippers drafts were freaking awful. MUST hit this year or it will continue to be more mediocre for two more years minimum.
  9. Brandon Marshall, for the right price, definitely piques my interest.
  10. Draft best player available with the first round pick. Period. Dont reach for any WR, ETC. I would like to see the best CB selected, but I would not pick for need in the first round, including CB.
  11. This Cooks idea smells. Something doesnt make sense. He cant be happy with one of the best QBs in the game? Really? And although he has had some success, watching him play a lot over the past two years I think he has UNDER achieved with an outstanding QB. THERE IS NO WAY I would give up my first round pick for him. His rookie contract is up at the end of the year and then he will cost a lot more going forward. I would consider other options.
  12. Mjk, I love Wentz! That being said, I REALLY want to see SIGNIFICANT improvement with footwork and decision making. He MUST improve in those two areas a LOT to take that next step and help this team get back to the post season. I would like the Eagles to find that shutdown CB in the draft. Hey, I can hope, right?
  13. Johnreaves, you may be the only person who wishes the Eagles had bradford signed to a long term deal. I dont. We saw what bradford is. He is not the guy. Wentz has been put on a pedestal, but the jury is still out. He MUST improve on decision making and footwork to be a franchise QB. Im hopeful. We shall see.
  14. DJax cant stay on the field enough. One big shot and he is toast. He cant handle the hits.
  15. I hope Dawkins gets in the hof. TO, no