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  1. Did you honestly expect a costumer to be able to talk intelligently about football?
  2. So you think he's overcompensating with this action? Or maybe just thought it would be okay because he's gay?
  3. He's always seemed a little too intimate with microphones for my liking.
  4. And they're back to trying to trade him Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet Heard from a #Cowboys source on Tony Romo: "Was never being waived.” … Sounds like this may take a while.
  5. I should have made it more clear that I was being sarcastic. This rumor was so unbelievably ridiculous that I thought a random tater made it up. I always expected Romo to be cut
  6. And in a shocking development, Romo to be released tomorrow per ESPN
  7. A game and a half, one start
  8. I'd honestly be surprised as would most I would think. He may not ever be handed a starting job again but he has shown himself capable of playing well in relief. Most people seem to see him a low end starter and high end backup. Those guys end up playing. See Matt Cassel
  9. They do? Link? Because I would love to read how Tony Romo at his age and health status is worth the #2 overall pick
  10. Sports journalism, sure. Not real journalism.
  11. That is going be unbearable.
  12. I think some of you guys are actually selling Ryan Fitzpatrick short. While he hasn't ever really had much team success, he put together good years in 2010, 2012 and 2014-15. He really is who I think of when talking about low end starters/high end backups. Keenum is a little different and I wouldn't throw him in the same category regardless of how he performed with the Rams in 2015.
  13. I think we can all agree with the bolded text. That said, I really think Chip Kelly wanted him gone from the beginning. Foles had to put up ridiculous statistics while filling in for Vick to get the job and Kelly didn't commit to him for weeks. Then after an average half season, Kelly traded him and a draft pick away for another low end starter. My suspicion is that Foles actually added some of Reid's plays to the offense in 2013-14. It explains why the offense became so simplistic after he left and why Kelly didn't like him. Of course I don't actually have the games recorded to check this so it's just a hypothesis.