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  1. Caring is great but I think verifiable evidence matters. The reason I said to the OP that there can't be a dialogue is because no one agrees what the facts actually are. Until one side is willing to do that, dialogue is impossible. Malcolm Jenkins took to Twitter to publicly ridicule Ben Carson for referring to African American slaves as immigrants yet completely ignored Obama doing the same thing. Why? Because Carson didn't take the position that most in the black community feel he should take and Obama did. ESPN First Take did entire segments on police shooting black criminals and "systematic racism". Yet not once did they mention the fact that a police officer is almost 18 times more likely to be shot and killed by an African-American citizen than the African American citizen is to be shot and killed by a cop. Raw data had no place. The idea that the front office of a professional football team is somehow morally obligated to open up the dialogue that the original poster suggested is simply giving voice to fake social justice warrior outrage.
  2. True but it's promising. Wentz looks like a franchise QB, both offensive lineman we drafted in the middle grounds look like they can start. Jalen Mills has certainly had his problems with some of the top-tier wide receivers but has mostly looked like a starting corner or at the very least a starting nickel corner. Wendell Smallwood should have been getting more touches. Considering after our first round pick for the quarterback that most of our pics were all mid to late round selections I don't know how it doesn't look promising
  3. The F?
  4. Yeah Seattle did that. Very nice.
  5. Never mind, I'm wrong, I thought the black power fist was a different gesture but it's not. F that's disappointing
  6. I hear you I'm just saying that isn't a Black Power fist. The BP fist is different.
  7. I don't know how you can't appreciate some of of the football this team has played the first two weeks this season. Pederson's playcalling, Wentz's command of of the offense. Not going to overreact but definitely fun to watch.
  8. I think these protests are based on a media driven lie, but to be fair, those weren't Black Panther fists. It turned out not to be that big of a deal. Totally disagree with it, just saying.
  9. If they made a demonstration to bring awareness to the fact that cops are 18.5 times more likely to be shot and killed by black civilians than black civilians are to be killed by police, or that the 15% black community is responsible for nearly 60% of violent crime in America, I might get behind it.
  10. There can't be a dialogue. Are blacks oppressed more by law enforcement than other groups? No. We have data that already supports this. Actual, verifiable facts. So no, a professional sports team doesn't need to take the initiative to "open a dialogue" about an issue that doesn't exist just because the media chases race wars the way a cat chases a pen light. There's a football game tonight, one I'm really excited about.
  11. Can end this thread now.
  12. Love the trade. Dorial has been a tool before getting drafted but with this team desperate for legit blue chip talent at WR, to land one for nothing more than a subpar backup lineman is a steal.
  13. And you left me sit there and starve. Thanks for nothing. At least I got this free WiFi at the public library.
  14. I'll just stick to the facts, being that the fan base has no clue who is doing what in the front office. I'm okay with that, as long as the front office knows who is in charge.
  15. People complained that Reid had all the power. But if he had all the power, how is Howie responsible for the drafts? If Howie was responsible for the drafts, than Reid wasn't running the show and Reid doesn't take the blame. This narrative can't work both ways.