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  1. Chance says thanks to both of you
  2. I am told TC had two requirements that the new coach had to meet 1) Know how to develop a young QB 2) now how to work a defibrilator
  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This, times 100
  4. When the D moved back to a 4/3 we all heard the hype that Cox, Curry, Barwin, etc would all create havoc on offenses with their relentless pressure. Havent seen it yet. If one guy was off I would assume an untold injury or complacency. But you cant ell me that all of the guys above are not hustling and playing hard. So what is up with the DL scheme that has Cox getting handled one on one, Curry getting pushed to the outside of the pocket and Barwin unable to make any contact with the QB. Theres a lot of money tied up there and we as fans expect better than what we have seen so far.
  5. Wentz trusted his receiver to beat coverage (Agholar didn't) Wentz trusted his receiver to fight for the ball (Agholar didn't) Wentz trusted his receiver to run a good route (Agholar don't) Wentz trusted his receiver to get separation (Agholar didn't) Wentz trusted his receiver to make a catch in crunch time (Agholar didn't) Wentz trusted his receiver to earn that big paycheck (Agholar didn't)
  6. I think the bye comes at a perfect time. Its nice to keep playing when you're winning but I feel the Eagles would be due for a letdown after all the hysteria to ensue this week. So they get time to come back to earth while figuring out how to protect Wentz with Johnson on vacation for 10 weeks.
  7. Are you up to your eyeballs in Tony Romo is a brokeback cowboy jokes yet? You know they are coming. I got a copy of the revised Dallas playbook. Sideline routes to Dez, seam routes to Witten and a whole lot of Zeke running sweeps . Get the ball out of Daks hands before he can panic under pressure
  8. he has showed well so far, remembering that the teams he faced were not game planning for him and he was seeing some backups who wont be on the final rosters. But that said, given the opportunity, he did what was hoped for of him. He is told to play the game but its not up to him who he plays against in those games. A good running game obviously would take the pressure off him to have to put up Romo like numbers
  9. That grades out to being able to figure out his left shoe from his right better than 75% of the time
  10. Lol at q-moes like you. Shut up and get outta my thread, sheetbucket
  11. Well, his back isn't broken so Dak might be a shade better than Romo right now, that is unless Tony can still hit a seam route 30 yards downfield from his hospital bed. But now is a good time to see if Dak is the real deal. If he stays upright behind that line, they may have found something to build in. If he starts running all over the place, you have a Donny Mac on your hands and its prolly better to see that now and move on as quickly as possible. Not to mention all the havoc Dez will create if he is open downfield and not getting his touches. Eagles don't have that problem, they cant get open and cant catch the ball so only an idiot with scrambled eggs for brains and in week 3 of a concussion protocol would throw to one of them
  12. So you're saying you like Cox straight up.
  13. and well they should
  14. Yeah, he doesn't represent the voices in your head, but for anyone with a pulse, they are on board with the assessment.
  15. You're an easy target and all the posters in here enjoy my gay bashing of you. See? Its so simple even a Gunts fan should understand it Too easy!!!! NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!