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  1. They do not need a stud RB. What they need is a RB that can run downhill and hold onto the ball and more importantly they need an offensive line that can make holes for the guy which has not happened since Shady left.
  2. Players union is much of the reason the NFL (and MLB) is as bad as it is today.
  3. Billy Davis should have been on the list to be fired as well Mr Lurie. His defenses gave up a tremendous amount of yards and points to other teams and is just as at fault as Chip.
  4. And what did Deseann "me me" Jackson do for Washington? Absolutley nothing. He did not make them better, he did not get them to playoffs. He did nothing to help Washington and would do nothing here except maybe one big play every 3 games or so like before.
  5. all for not if this moron Davis has the backs playing the receiver instead of the ball like he had them doing last year when they all got burned often.