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  1. No. The NBA and NHL lottery are stupid. But they have it for a good reason; so teams at the bottom of the standings do not have incentive to tank it in for a large portion of the season. The last comparison I can think of from the NFL was the "suck for Luck" season, and that was a while ago.... Do you think the Browns were purposefully losing last season to get the #1 pick, or are they just that bad of a team?
  2. The offense needed a boost. Now they got one. Let's see how it works out for them.
  3. I like when the Cowboys/Giants open on Sunday Night. After all of the football that day, I can go to bed early to get ready for Monday.
  4. Here's a twist: Since Hernandez died before he exhausted his appeals, the court vacates his charges, he's innocent, and the Patriots may have to pay his family the rest of his contract.
  5. That's true. He gets an automatic appeal to MA Supreme Court and he could have spent his life filing more appeals. There's a chance he could have been released from prison eventually due to an appeal. Under his current sentence, first-degree murder in MA carries automatic life without parole, so he would not be released from prison (unless he won an appeal).
  6. I didn't know they had time to change jerseys during the game to have extras lying around... I figure everyone gets a new jersey for each game. Some of those poor jerseys will be so torn up and stained by the end of the game. And everyone looks so brand new at the start of the next one. Nah. It will forever be Eli Manning asking the equipment guy for stuff.
  7. That is so sad. Right before Easter too. My thoughts out to the family.
  8. There seems to be an abundance of memorabilia out there sold as "game worn/used". There are only 46 players that can dress each game... It seems to me that too much stuff is out there to be authentic. I always wonder where it came from.
  9. I'm not surprised Romo would retire to go into broadcasting... I didn't realize CBS would give him top billing when I posted that. He can't be any worse than Phil Simms. Have you seen him lately? He's wooden and about as interesting as a brick wall. Sure Simms can enunciate his words, but what good is that if he has nothing interesting to say? Romo can mumble off at times in interviews... Maybe CBS thinks his newness and popularity from playing for the Cowboys will bring in an audience. But I don't know why they'd give Romo a spot on the top broadcast team without trying him out first.
  10. I don't see leaping over the line as a strategy... I see it as a gamble. As a spectator it makes for an exciting play to watch, but I don't think it belongs on the field.
  11. Running into each other, that's one thing. That's part of the game. Leaping over lineman to block a kick is where I draw the line. The best defense for a leaping lineman is to stand up, and possibly take a knee or shoe to the head. That shouldn't be encouraged. There's a good time and bad time to leave the ground; when you're playing on the line isn't the best place to leave the ground. Maybe it's different in the pros, maybe they're athletic enough to play this way. Maybe part of the effectiveness is having the surprise of a lineman suddenly in the air. But I don't want young players emulating this.
  12. No surprise to me. I heard this rumor for weeks. I wonder if he'll be willing to step out of the broadcast booth mid-season if there's a QB injury... Obvious Romo is not good for 16 games anymore. But I guess he could play a short season in an emergency.
  13. I learned the Browns originally wore white helmets back in the day. See the first uniform below: I can only imagine how scratched up they would be after a game.