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  1. Watching a defender leap over the line is exciting, but it's dangerous. I never liked it for safety sake. It's reckless.
  2. What's so bad for Oakland fans is the Raiders were terrible for over a decade. They are finally playing good again, then they go and do this. I hope they play if front of an empty stadium for 2 years. I know if i was in Oakland, i wouldn't buy tickets or go watch them play.
  3. 3 letter abbreviations are bit antiquated now, aren't they? If I have to choose, my guess is LV, or LVS. I figure you'll see it as "Vegas" more often. Modern scoreboards can fit the entire "Las Vegas" or "Raiders" or "Las Vegas Raiders"....
  4. It's a perfect fit. I am all for the Raiders moving to Las Vegas (except for the loss to Oakland fans). But it is going to be interesting to see Vegas fill a 65,000 seat stadium. Personally, I am more likely to go to Las Vegas to watch the Raiders than travel to Oakland. (In the current rotation, the Eagles are scheduled to travel there in 2021.) It's just the way it is.
  5. I'd rather they hand the ball back to the refs and play on, but I don't care if a player wants to celebrate either. Let him celebrate if he wants to. If they're worried about it taking too much time, make them go to the sidelines like Ickey Woods did the Ickey Shuffle. If they're worried about the Cowboys retaliating, then flag the Cowboys and/or kick them out of the game for Unsportsmanlike Conduct. Don't break up the celebration: go out and make a play so you can celebrate back in their face. I have no problem celebrating a play you made, but I do have a problem if you're starting a fight in the middle of the game.
  6. The Oilers name fit the city of Houston, like the Packers in Green Bay and Steelers in Pittsburgh. Unlike the Detroit Lions or Cincinnati Bengals.
  7. The Browns/Ravens is the exception, not the rule. Usually the franchise goes when the team moves: When the Cardinals moved from St. Louis, they took the name with them. When the Rams moved, the name went with them. (from Cleveland to LA to St. Louis back to LA) Same with the Raiders (Oakland to LA back to Oakland, and to Las Vegas?) Baltimore lost the Colts to Indianapolis about 20 years before Modell moved the Browns. They struck a deal so the Browns name could stay in Cleveland, since Baltimore only wanted the NFL team. They didn't care if they took the franchise. I remember back in the 1980's there were rumors the Eagles could have moved out of Veterans Stadium to Phoenix instead of the Cardinals. I am sure Philadelphia would have another franchise by now... Just think, we could be rooting for the Philadelphia Rams, or an expansion team like the Quakers or something.
  8. Every collector wants the 100 year-old cards because they are rare. Nobody wants the cards I collected in the 1980's and 1990's. They aren't rare, nor is anyone nostalgic for that era in baseball. I'll just keep them in the attic for now.
  9. I remember when they took the bubblegum out of the card packs because it damaged the last card next to the gum. It sucked if that was your Ken Griffey Jr. or Michael Jordan card.... Nobody could chew the gum anyway. The baseball card store I went to also soldcandy, so we'd just use the change to buy crybabies and warheads. I collected more baseball cards than anything. I'd read the stats, spread the cards out into positions and conduct my own fantasy games on the floor in my bedroom. I remember opening up the card packs with a Beckett price guide in the other hand, and look up the price of each card while taking them out; thinking we had our college funds or retirement plans in place... Those cards were probably worth more 20-30 years ago than they are today. Everybody has a bunch stowed away in their attic, so nobody wants them anymore.
  10. Frank Gore on the Eagles.
  11. The Browns have talent. They haven't been able to put it all together. They fire the coach and move to a different system before they get any traction.
  12. Is it possible the Redskins signed him to play QB? This could be brilliant: They got an insanely talented, but raw, WR. And somebody that can challenge at QB... Then again, it's the Redskins.
  13. As long as the O-Line stays intact, I think Dak will be fine. Any QB with a pulse could succeed with that protection, plus Zeke and Dez.
  14. I suppose this means Bennett is gone from the Pats. I won't say Allen is a big upgrade over Bennett.. He's better blocking but I don't think he's as dynamic a receiver. Allen is a better complement to Gronk, not so much a replacement.
  15. Nick Mangold was cut by the Jets. He was on vacation at Disney World.