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  1. Earl Campbell simply set it down in the endzone after scoring.....he said he didn't need to celebrate because he planned on scoring again and there was no sense in celebrating like he'll never score again.
  2. He may end up starting for the Bears at some point if Glennon flops.
  3. I thought in SF that he would make a good analist, atleast experienced.
  4. He's probably an upgrade over Nassib, so should be a good move for them.
  5. He's just trying to make it on his dad's name.
  6. I just saw where PFF is reporting that Zeke has been cleared of his 2016 I guess we can now focus on nipplegate.
  7. It was worse when Schefter first reported it...he said it was 4 yrs @17M per yr with 54M guaranteed.
  8. The giants will be linked to almost every remaining free agent since they are the most active chasers at the moment......maybe they'll get better at drafting at won't have to chase free agents next year.
  9. Wow, that's almost fully guaranteed........wonder how much that works out to per remaining finger.
  10. lol, If that's what dilusional conclusion you arrived at after watching that clip, no wonder you think the eagles are good.
  11. He's pre-op so he's kinda moody.
  12. Other than this he's done pretty well though huh?
  13. I think he definately should be reprimanded....he only showed one of them.
  14. Part of eagles fans off season is getting their excuses lined up if Wentz goes belly up.