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  1. The Run N Shoot offense was also used in the USFL before the NFL if I remember correctly. The Wildcat is still responsible for the greatest one-season turnaround in NFL history, that 2008 Dolphins team was 11-5 (the ONLY time since 2002 the Pats have NOT won the AFC East) a year after they were 1-15 and had they not ran into a badly injured Ravens squad would have been the first 0-16 team in NFL history (one year before the Lions, whom some actually looked at as a playoff team before the 2008 season actually did go 0-16).
  2. Giants/Patriots seems to always be that week. Also notable is the Eagles play all four preseason games on Thursday.
  3. But the Texans may have gotten that in DeShawn Watson, who likely landed in the best possible spot for him.
  4. Worse, the Rams actually had the pick they gave up for RG III BACK a couple of years later (2nd overall when the Redskins were REAL bad).
  5. Exactly. He did pay a steep price and he will have to live with what he did for the rest of his life, something no amount of money or fame can erase. It's part of his life forever no matter how much anyone wants to brush it over. He likely was a first rounder and possibly Top 5 without that incident and he has a clean record, which right there would have been millions more. He cost himself a ton because of this.
  6. They may be also hoping to get the #1 pick next year when Sam Darnold becomes available (assuming he leaves after next season) and then they can trade Kizer to a team not wanting to go high up to get a QB for another 1st rounder (some had Kizer going in Round 1 this year).
  7. Oh, and the Browns could actually have gotten Dak Prescott BEFORE the Cowboys got him (with the pick they used for Kessler).
  8. Those who did I think were really hoping if so, it would be with no higher than a 3rd rounder. What Mixon did was wrong without question and he has already paid a heavy price and will continue to do so. The backlash had to be expected.
  9. It would be done similar to the NBA where you can fall no lower than three spots (from 1st to 4th, 2nd to 5th, etc,).
  10. Well, the Flyers in the NHL version jumped all the way to 2nd from 13th. Could you imagine what would have happened here if that had been the Eagles jumping from 14th to 2nd this year and/or last year jumping all the way to 2nd from 13th WITHOUT having to give up the picks they did?
  11. Which is why I would not be shocked if Philly winds up permanently hosting the draft in that format (even perhaps down the road shifted to a Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday format).
  12. Yeah, but what if say that Colts team that did "Suck For Luck" (which actually led to firings) say went 8-8 and still got the #1 pick in the Lottery? What if the Eagles (who did finish 8-8 in 2011) or Cowboys (who also were 8-8 in '11) or the Titans (who were 9-7 and the only team with a winning record that year that missed the postseason) got the #1 pick in the draft lottery in 2012? How would have it looked then, especially if the Eagles had the chance to take Andrew Luck #1 overall in 2012? Would Andy Reid be still here if that happened?
  13. There are things I want to change. The NFL Draft Lottery to me is another way the NFL can stay relevant and create news.
  14. Thought of this with the NFL Draft going on and all the talk this past season in the NBA in particular: What if the NFL had a lottery for all of the non-playoff teams similar to the NBA and NHL where each team (even one that failed to make the playoffs at 11-5) has a chance of getting a Top 3 pick, with the team with the worst record given the best chance, 2nd worst getting the next best chance at the top pick, and so forth with the Top 3 determined that way and if a team moves into the top 3, the rest move down one spot. Such could probably be done as a one-hour prime time special on ESPN and/or NFL Network in the run-up to the Super Bowl much like the NBA version is done as a half-hour special before the ESPN telecast of (this year) the (Western) Conference Finals. There would probably be a lot of talk of ping-pong balls if the NFL used the NBA's formula for determining the top three picks.
  15. Right, and this is a case where the NFL made an apparent gaffe in scheduling both the Jets and Giants for 1:00 PM kickoffs. Given the NFL's desire as a rule to not have both teams at 1:00 PM, the likely scenario is the Giants-Eagles game gets shifted from 1:00 to 4:05 PM, allowing for Seahawks-Titans to be changed from a 4:05 to a 1:00 PM ET kickoff.