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  1. The plan was for the team to go to John Kent Cooke, Jack's son. They had an auction set up to avoid the Cooke family having to pay inheritance taxes and set up to do that, never expecting someone else like Dan Snyder to come in and actually buying the Redskins for what I believe at the time was second only to Jeff Lurie paying $185 million to get the Eagles in 1994 (which at the time was a record for ALL of professional sports).
  2. Who knows, Chip might actually prove to be good as an analyst. Still think Chip would be using that to bide his time for the next big college job to open after next season. Edited to add: That's Matt Millen, not Mike.
  3. It's no secret Wentz had one of the worst WR corps in the NFL last year. Reverse the Eagles and Cowboys situations from last year's draft (Wentz with the Cowboys, Dak and Elliott with the Eagles) and how do the Eagles and Cowboys do?
  4. I still suspect he will get that chance next Thanksgiving once teams wrap up their regular seasons in College Football. If Arkansas has another 7-5/8-4ish season under Bret Bilema, I can see Jerry Jones push Arkansas to bring in Chip to take over (JJ is an Arkansas alum).
  5. It's either that or possibly losing Cousins after another year or two for nothing. He's in line if hit with I believe the transition tag next year to make possibly $27 million and then would be looking at a massive contract after that. He doesn't really want to be in Washington and may want to go to San Francisco.
  6. A return (sort of) to their traditional colors pre-1974. Personally, I would have returned to the uniforms worn from 1974-'99.
  7. I just think for the conference championships and Super Bowl, it should be a 20-minute mini-game (two 10-minute halves) that is non-sudden death, with sudden death after that (you could even have sudden death be a continuation of the mini-game).
  8. That type of a development league would definitely work, and actually could fill a void for some who can't have enough pro football. Such a league could play say a 12 or 14-game season mainly on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, usually starting the week after the NFL regular season does since many of the players for such teams would come from those sent down from such team's parent club (there would be 32 teams, each affiliated with an NFL team), allowing for say one preseason game before regular games started.
  9. For the Conference Championship and Super Bowl only, I would do it as a 20-minute mini-game (two 10-minute halves with the end of the first half treated the same as the end of a quarter). If at the end of that it's still tied, THEN we go sudden death but with each team having to get one additional possession. Otherwise, I prefer the college rule, but starting on the 40 rather than the 25.
  10. Maybe because Lynch needs someone like Gamble who can help him learn the ropes.
  11. What really hurt the XFL was the New York area team being blown out in the opening game. The XFL likely needed New York and LA to be big and meet in the championship. A New York-LA final might have gotten the XFL past that first season.
  12. The idea is strategy, making it a bit more of a chess game. Do you go last in OT, knowing you could be stuck only having 1-2 plays to score? That provision prevents a team from automatically going last in OT if it wins the toss.
  13. And Larry Czonka then finished his career on some pretty bad Giants teams (in the late 1970's and '80s, the Jets and Giants were generally so bad that usually, NYC would ONLY get the Jets and Giants games (and that included when both were playing at 1:00, no 4:00 PM game in NYC until that was changed in the late '70s when the Giants often began playing 4:00 PM games even in late-season). Until the rule was changed in 2000, getting an out-of-town game in NYC was a big deal even when it aired opposite a Jets or Giants road game.
  14. I would do the same thing except I would do it on the opponent's 40 (still out of FG range to start) with the provision if you score a TD in fewer than four plays, the team going second had that many plays to match the score (which can make it so a quick-strike offense in OT might choose to go first because they can make it so their opponents might only have one or two plays to match a TD). Right, I have seen games end in OT on a defensive score.