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  1. Right, and this is a case where the NFL made an apparent gaffe in scheduling both the Jets and Giants for 1:00 PM kickoffs. Given the NFL's desire as a rule to not have both teams at 1:00 PM, the likely scenario is the Giants-Eagles game gets shifted from 1:00 to 4:05 PM, allowing for Seahawks-Titans to be changed from a 4:05 to a 1:00 PM ET kickoff.
  2. That has more to do with the fact Seahawks have only four other possible games that could be played at 1:00 PM ET: The opener in Green Bay is the main game on FOX in Week 1. Packers still a big draw nationally. The Week 3 Game with the Titans could actually be moved to 1:00 PM ET with Giants-Eagles replacing it at 4:05 because Dolphins-Jets on CBS is also scheduled for 1:00 PM and it's a CBS DH week. CBS likely won't move Jets game to 4:25 because Packers are on CBS (against the Bengals) then. Likely was scheduled for 4:05 because one game has to be in that slot on FOX for home markets of teams playing 1:00 PM home games on CBS (except for now NYC as noted). Week 7 at the Giants is the main 4:25 PM game on CBS (interesting switch as the second Jets-Dolphins game is on FOX that week). Week 16 is against the Cowboys and is the main game on FOX that week. Seahawks play only five games TOTAL in the eastern half of the country. Only one realistically could have been scheduled at 1:00 PM and might wind up at 1:00 because of the Eagles being likely moved to 4:05 for reasons noted.
  3. I doubt that happens. On the other hand, the REAL Mike & Mad Dog could actually get back together: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/mike-francesa-chris-mad-dog-russo-open-radio-reunion-article-1.3087823
  4. Very surprising the Eagles are playing their first two on the road, especially opening in Washington when that could have been the opening game (and possibly first half of the opening Monday Night doubleheader on ESPN) at home.
  5. MAYBE it's because the Cowboys get big ratings. Giants-Cowboys figures to be a BIG ratings winner for NBC. I'm suspecting NBC requested that game and because of that the Eagles-Redskins games were flipped with Saints-Vikings becoming the first half of the opening Monday Night doubleheader.
  6. ESPN article: http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/19191248/former-new-england-patriots-te-aaron-hernandez-commits-suicide-prison Not surprising given everything that happened. Ironically, on the day the Patriots are visiting the White House.
  7. Tose had to sell the team because of his gambling problems. The Eagles almost moved to Phoenix for the 1984 season. What is little known is had the Eagles moved to Phoenix, the Jets (whose then-owner Leon Hess had grown tired of Shea Stadium and all the issues it had) would have moved to Philly to replace the Eagles instead of simply moving across the Hudson and become a tenant in Giants Stadium (as they would until MetLife Stadium that the Jets and Giants co-own opened). That also would have resulted in other ripple effects as the football Cardinals would likely have remained in St. Louis and NOT moved to Phoenix after the 1987 season (when they were they from 1960-'87 you had the St. Louis Cardinals in BOTH MLB and the NFL) unless Bill Bidwell wanted to move the Cardinals to somewhere the NFL would eventually go to (Charlotte or Jacksonville?)
  8. That was cruel!!!!!
  9. Vermeil was I believe doing college football at ABC by then and he and Brent Musburger worked that 1990 Redskins-Eagles game at the Vet, which was the first game of a playoff doubleheader on ABC in the first year the NFL added a sixth playoff team in each conference so ABC could be given two playoff games as part of its then-Monday Night Football package.
  10. Excluding Thanksgiving, CBS and NBC each do five Thursday night games and NFL Network the other four plus the Saturday night games at the end of the season (the Thanksgiving night game on NBC is considered part of the Sunday Night package). The NFL Network-only games are produced by CBS or NBC and air on such affiliate's stations in the home markets of the teams playing.
  11. Actually, the Raiders as I understood it did say they didn't want to play at Sam Boyd Stadium (too small and a lot of other factors).
  12. It was either that or join the 49ers in Santa Clara (that stadium was built to house two NFL teams), which Mark Davis didn't want to do because the seats are red for the 49ers as I understand it. The Oakland Coliseum is severely outdated (built in 1966 and that's even with "Mount Davis" that was built in 1996) and any new stadium in Oakland would have to be shared with the A's, which in this day and age is no longer economically feasible for an NFL club because of the severe number of additional home dates an MLB franchise has (usually 81 plus possibly an exhibition game or two at the end of spring training) with revenue for parking, major concerts and so forth going mainly to the MLB team because of that. While the Raiders will be sharing their new building with UNLV, that's quite a bit different than an NFL team.
  13. Santa Clara made sense for the 49ers because that's where their practice facilities are and have been for years. That's not too far from San Francisco (especially with the way people drive out there). The baseball Giants were only able to build A T & T Park because their owner (Peter McGowan) did it entirely with his own money (no public money was used on the ballpark). The Warriors new arena in San Francisco I believe also was done entirely with private funds. The A's I believe have land for a new stadium in mind to replace the Oakland Coliseum which is simply outdated.
  14. The plan was for the team to go to John Kent Cooke, Jack's son. They had an auction set up to avoid the Cooke family having to pay inheritance taxes and set up to do that, never expecting someone else like Dan Snyder to come in and actually buying the Redskins for what I believe at the time was second only to Jeff Lurie paying $185 million to get the Eagles in 1994 (which at the time was a record for ALL of professional sports).
  15. Who knows, Chip might actually prove to be good as an analyst. Still think Chip would be using that to bide his time for the next big college job to open after next season. Edited to add: That's Matt Millen, not Mike.