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  1. You're probably right. I still don't get it. I've heard the whole "hes from texas, grew up loving the cowboys" pitch but it's just stupidity to me.
  2. If you're a rookie why would you do this. Even if it is the browns, you bout to get paid millions.
  3. Im more outraged at the fact you said "lossed"
  4. Eric Rowe gets beat for the TD.
  5. I still think Aaron *bad man* Rodgers comes back for the FG
  6. Gunter lol
  7. Thats why you don't tackle high
  8. Gunter= Nolan Carroll No awareness
  9. this. This drive is taking forever
  10. Wow what a terrible throw. I weirdly noticed how Dak looked pretty tired and came out the huddle last play kinda slow and did a whole circle in place lol. I knew a turnover was coming
  11. Devante Adams almost got dragged down to Dantes inferno
  12. looked like leodis out there
  13. Nothing makes me happier than this
  14. This is what having good receivers does. Makes your QB look like a God (I know Matty Ice is great). But they were catching everything that was thrown at them. Tough catches, easy catches.
  15. He got rocked