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  1. I thought Brady had an under the radar deal for team ownership that was under some scrutiny.
  2. “You don’t have to spend a lot of time going over and kind of circumcising the mosquito." Granted, I understand the metaphor but seriously, with some of his other quips, he's really starting to go downhill fast. I wonder who has his power of attorney?
  3. I was thinking the same thing- the Rams completely blew the fleecing of the Skins they made. They should've been able to rebuild with all they got for RG3, instead, they still suck.
  4. Rams trade #15, 43, 45, 76 in 2016 and first round and third round in 2017 for Titans #1, 113 and 177 Gotta be Wentz
  5. All four of them extend the plays differently. Brady has great pocket awareness and knows how and when to step up, Rothlisberger is so big that it takes a lot to bring him down, Rogers as a good runner and has pocket awareness but that seems to have dropped in the last couple of years as his line gets hammered by injuries, and Cam is both big and a threat to run so defenses are gun shy about attacking him- I'm curious to see how Phillips puts pressure on him and if he decides to keep him in the pocket or tries to flush him out. Garcia was pretty good at that as well. He was just too slight and would get crushed every so often.
  6. Philbin was on the hot seat the minute the Incognito thing hit the media wire. Then Tannyhill sucks. I just don't understand why coaches keep banking on one guy to save their franchise. You'd be better off trading the pick and getting enough to rebuild the defense. They gave a lot of money to Suh and the team still blows because you have to spread the wealth to be effective.
  7. LOL now wonder he's such an a-hole in business, he's a Fin' total dork and not a super smart dork, a real dork- uncomfortable in social settings, says stupid ****. the whole nine yards. no wonder he's the reincarnation of Napoleon.
  8. There's a lot more to it- can't go to a bar ever again, can't drink ever again, cannon use electronic devices to look at sexual imagery ever again, etc etc. He might as well have gotten 20 because the rest of his life is under the watchful eye of law enforcement.
  9. ATT (now DirecTV owners) can't be happy about this. They paid the NFL $12Billion and if a large chunk of subscribers say bye bye for free streaming, someone's gonna get a big fat law suit left in their lap.
  10. That's my list too, Realistically, when RG3 blew his knee, his career as a top tier QB ended. Before that, he was such a dynamic running threat that he won games on his own.