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  1. How bout spurriers "fun and gun" where the qbs got not protection and he went through 4 in one season lmao
  2. My bottom 10. 1. Chicago. Imo they are simply the worse 1-15. 2. Cleveland.. A teeny step forward 2-14 3. L.A. Rams coach same rams 3-13. 4. San fran ...positive steps 4-12 5. NYJ 5-11. Not much hope there. 6. Washington. 5-11. The drama is real. 7. Jacksonville 6-10. Another year of hype...put down the pipe 8. Arizona 6-10. I might be being generous. Carson palmer is finished. 9. Atlanta. Superbowl losers curse 7-9. 10. Dallas cowboys 7-9. In dak we bust.
  3. How can you say he was best under pressure up the middle when in fact the few teams that were able to get pressure up the middle he struggled badly against it? The first eagle game was bad coaching. Seriously the td that got you back in the game was a throw into double coverage that dak came down with. The ot score to witten the defensive backs knockes eacthother out of the play, witten was wide open and dak had all day to throw. Not that impressive. None of it happens if pederson doesnt call a backwards pass on 3rd and 2 after a dumb half back pass on 2nd and 2 and punting from field goal range. Doug lost the game. As for watching his film. I challenge you too. Ive seen plenty. Watch how open the receivers are on most highlights. Watch how they are freequently waiting for the ball. Then look at thecthrowing motion on downfield passes. You will see him literally double C his arm to get it down field on several plays.
  4. People are acting like mayock is dead wrong. There is a reason this guy went 4th round in a weak qb draft. All 32 teams passed on this guy 3 teams. That being said i still have no clue why mitch trubisky went top 3. As for dak his slurpers are gonna look dumb because mayock was right. His pocket presence is fine when he has all day to sit in it but he did nit perform well when pressured up the middle. He is slow making his reads and his throwing motion is damn near tebow bad. Call me a skeptical but i dont see his skillset translating in the long term.
  5. Disagree. Zone reads are still used a little but i dont see any teams accept the panthers running much read option.
  6. Yeah im not hugh on newton inspite being high on mccaffrey. He misses his reads frequently and still has extreme accuracy issues. He had a great 2015 but the rest of his career hes been wildly inconsistent.
  7. Its not the kneeling imo. Kap was a backup qb that brought all kinds of distractions to his team right before week 1. Maybe he was protesting for his beliefs or maybe he needed to be in the spotlight. Either way i dont think teams want a back up qb making distractions. Its similar to tebow who still has people demanding hes not a starting nfl qb because of his religious beliefs completely ignoring that the guy flat out cant throw at the nfl level. If he was less selfish and truely loved football he could still be playing like pryor. Sometimes its easier to start a crusade of conspiracy instead of realizing youre just not good enough. Truth for tebow and kap.
  8. There is an obvious lie i There are obvious lies in this case being overlooked...the girl left with the girl but was back when police came? Originally she wouldnt speak but now they all were in the bathroom? Before conley was never alone with the girl? Guess that parts still true.. Biggest b.s.....hotel officer kept calling conleys room to see if they wanted her to come back and they kept saying no? That makes sense on zero levels. First off a hotel clerk isnt gonna keep calling someones rooms. Secondly, shes pissed for being called trash and is about to falsely accuse you of rape? Why would she be in the lobby trying to get back in the room? Makes no sense. This ish doesnt look good fir conley imo.
  9. I read it and the witnesses completely changed there story of events from what was oringinally reported. Either way this is the guy everyone is trying to defend as a high character guy? Nothing in that police report showed high character sorry.
  10. The original report from the witnesses was "he never touched her...white girl jus mad she got kicked out the room" they were in the bed but nothing happened... Then it changed to consensual oral what is it now...she started giving him head and he kicked her out? Come on now youre smarter than that. Be happy the eagles were smart enough to pass on him
  11. Umm yes it has...nothing happened like my boys said to there was brief consentual oral sex? Thats a change bro. Its gonna come out that there was in fact intercoarse (he put on a condom but that wont save him) at which point the defense will claim consentual and be left trying to slander the girls credibility.
  12. Quit whining. We beat who is on the schedule or we don't. Its on us.
  13. Smith had his last chance this year imo. Garapolo has proved what exactly? Id be leary of any ex patriot qb. We see how cassel turned out. Romo? No way. I could see denver or houston going all in for one to two years of romo but not andy.
  14. Im not convinced foles is or isnt turnover prone. Im convinced fisher and chip kelly were two of the worse qv developers a young qb could be groomed by. Im convinced reids track record is much better there. Id like to see foles start two years for the chiefs before making any final conclusions.
  15. In the six quarters for played with the chiefs this year he had zero turnovers. The fact is we dont know how good or bad foles would be with the chiefs. He was good with the eagles bad with the rams.