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  1. Terrible reason to kill someone when he had millions of dollars playing in NFL.
  2. You believe he's worth $25M/year? He's not Look back at week 17 Game against Giants. They game was VERY winnable, but Kirk Cousins screwed that up. That's why Redskins aren't giving him $25M/year. He's not THAT good. He's not an Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, or not even a Joe Flacco. Look at what Aaron Rodgers did against Cowboys in 4th quarter: he put Packers in FG range and pulled out a victory.
  3. They didn't throw season away. Bradford isn't that good, and they got great compensation for him(opportunity was there and Eagles took it); only a fool wouldn't have taken offer. Between Bradford and Wentz, what the heck would be difference. Wentz also got experience. Is this person at least happy about getting a 1st and 4th for Bradford? Is that person one of people that prefer Goff over Wentz?
  4. What does that person think of Wentz?
  5. Let me ask you this: Who would you rather have starting- Nick Foles or Jared Goff? Eagles might have if they didn't get Carson Wentz.
  6. But, guess what: players KNOW injuries come with playing football.
  7. RTK, you should listen to what this guy had to say about Sam Bradford trade when it happened(he's a Bears fan BTW): Even he thinks Bradford sucks. I think he even hinted in some videos, about topic, that he thinks Foles is better than Bradford. Only thing Bradford did right was getting Chip Kelly out of Philly by not being good enough to beat Redskins.
  8. That would make it even easier for offense, like it isn't easy enough for them. Both end zones are different parts of field.
  9. If I'm Redskins, I wouldn't give him that. That's crazy for someone like Cousins. He's not worth it. Look at second Giants game last year. He couldn't get it done. Giants had nothing to play for. Redskins had Giants where they wanted them(on their heels): down 3, Redskins moving, in Giants territory with a real chance to tie or win game, and then an INT to end Redskins season. Before that point: redzone INT. Mostly this game tells me he isn't worth it. Year before, he and Redskins made Playoffs in 2015 because Chip Kelly is a horrible coach. Flacco actually got job done and won a Super Bowl and got paid as a result. I would go after RG III, Kaepernick, Cutler, look at other Redskins QBs, or a draft pick before I would give Cousins this kind of contract. I would let him walk. Look at Eagles: Last year, they had Sam Bradford. Did they sign him to a long term deal and be happy with mediocrity at QB and be afraid they won't find someone better? No. They signed Bradford to a short term deal and traded up to second pick last year and took a chance on a QB that could be great, not average, and then traded Bradford when they saw opportunity to. I see Kirk Cousins as a Sam Bradford but a little better.
  10. This is so stupid!!! They are ruining football!!!!
  11. Sanchez better than Romo and Dak? Are you kidding me? Sanchez is garbage, and it showed when he was in Philly. What Sanchez were you watching? Must I remind you of this:
  12. They can get similar, if not, better, performance out of Nick Foles, and he would be much cheaper.
  13. Not really. Not paying Kirk, they can afford one of those WRs. They win if they let Kirk walk. Saying that is like accepting mediocrity. like It's also like saying Eagles should've signed Bradford to a long term deal because there was no one better and not get Carson Wentz. This is what I would do. Last game of season where Cousins threw game ending INT is what matters here. He couldn't win game for them and go to Playoffs. They were in Giants territory and got them where they wanted them, and Cousins blew it. Sometimes you got to take chances. Eagles decided to get Carson Wentz instead of signing Sam Bradford to a long term deal, and I think it's right call.
  14. At least ties are better than losses. A tie got Eagles in Playoffs in 2008.
  15. If I was Washington, that's what I would do if Cousins doesn't want to cooperate.