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  1. IMO they have to be
  2. How do you do mock drafts without knowing other team needs?
  3. Look at the teams between us and them the only team that MIGHT be interested is Washington and that's only IF they trade Cousins.
  4. It's an unrealistic trade partner that's like saying let trade with the Patriots and get their 2nd and their next 2 1st it's not gonna happen so look at realistic trade situations instead.
  5. Nobody between us and them will draft a QB why would they need to trade up?
  6. Didn't say that. But right now they don't have a starting QB I expect them to take the best QB available at 25 not a late round guy to groom.
  7. Why would they trade up for that? Who between us and them need a QB
  8. Why would Houston trade up? At least my trade back makes sense lol TB or Tenn they both need WR TB needs a RB as well and they could both go D but their needs fit the position Houston really doesn't. Houston is going to want a QB 1st or 2nd Rd more then likely I don't see them giving up both picks. You think we can get a 2nd for Kendricks lmao if we got a 5th I would be shocked more likely he gets released with his contract.
  9. My mock I have 3 CB in 1st 4 rds Tre'Davious White/Gareon Conley 1st Jordan Willis 2nd Sidney Jones 3rd Jourdan Lewis 4th Brian Hill 4th Ryan Glasgow 5th Travin Durel 6th Peter Kalambayi 7th
  10. Jourdan Lewis won't go till at least the 2nd or probably 3rd or 4th since he was just arrested for domestic violence I want him as a slot corner that can bounce outside and cover speed receivers I wouldn't spend a 1st on him either Tre'Davious White or Gareon Conley yes I would.
  11. Wrang you posted this last article Hey buddy, It wasn't Stribling who cost Michigan the win in the Orange bowl this year. It was Lewis who gave up the winning TD. You know me, I always look to see how players do in their toughest competition. Stribling had a better game than Lewis against Florida State. By his own admission Jourdon Lewis said he played the worst game of his career in that game. That game also put RB Cook over the top for me. Michigan had the second rated defense in the country last year and Cook rushed for 150 yards in that game. My comment is Jourdan Lewis gave up his 2nd TD in his collegiate career in that game. 1 of just 7 passes completed against him all last season. 49 passes defensed over his career my biggest concern is the lack of interceptions when having your hands on so many balls. Not to even mention his speed and return ability. I will take a star player over a potential star player anyday.
  12. Like I said earlier he isn't good enough RB or WR to do either full time so I wouldn't touch him in the 1st. We have seen RB like that drafted early before, they NEVER workout for the team that drafted them. I would rather take a full time back or receiver.
  13. I'll admit it is was pounding my fist for agholor
  14. You are crazy Strengths Ultra-competitive with an overwhelming drive to succeed. Allowed just seven catches in 2016 for completion percentage against of 23.3. An annoyance from press coverage. Squats on top of his target waiting to punch and impede. Twitchy feet can stick and close to ball instantly when he reads pass. Able to flip hips and accelerate quickly. Has lateral quickness and agility to flourish from the slot. Has adequate recovery speed to make up for an early mistake. Finds ball with back to quarterback as well as anyone in college. Maintains tight coverage downfield and waits for receiver's eyes to cue him in on when to turn and find it. In three years as a starter, credited with 42 passes defensed, including six interceptions. Allowed just two touchdowns during same time frame. Showed off ball skills and athleticism with highlight reel, one-handed interception against Wisconsin. Has special teams experience as a gunner and in return game.
  15. I agree but in today society it seems to make a difference