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  1. I don't really agree with that sometimes it takes a year or two for the players to gel together
  2. I like what we are putting together but I'm pumping the brakes also. We added a lot of new pieces on both offense and defense. I need to see them on the field before I'm going to say we have done anything more then improve on paper. Now I hope that we are much improved but with all the new additions you never know just how we will look until they are on the field together against a quality opponent.
  3. Clement is expendable every year a power runner slips in the draft or becomes a UDFA. He would have to really **** away with what I saw from him on the field to keep him on the active roster, and at that point we evaluate the other RBs and see if one of them now become expendable or trade value is to good to pass up. I just can't justify carrying 5 RBs on the active roster.
  4. I think JMatt will cost about the same but the difference is, THIS YEAR JMatt costs 1.5 million. We don't have the other 5-6 million sitting around to pay him THIS YEAR. Next year you give me the choice it's a no brainer but this year we can't afford it.
  5. Like the idea and the competition it brings in the locker room. i just worry about injury from someone pushing themselves to far to win a silly competition.
  6. I think you are still looking at paying him 5-8 million a year (probably right in the middle). He isn't an elite receiver but he is more then solid #2.
  7. If we had the cap space I would love to add him to the mix at WR. I think his stats in KC don't translate to his actually ability. There pass offense is not exactly electric more game managing. Having Maclin as a #2 would be great but we just don't have the cap space to do it.
  8. I'm not worried about him signing there is a rookie salary cap now so he can't really hold out for more money like in the past. Now it all comes down to wording and that will work itself out.
  9. Those are kinda cool aren't they. Just think of all the different ways to use them.
  10. 49ers cut K D Cannon after rookie minicamp this weekend I wouldn't mind picking him up and giving him a shot to compete with our other 2 young speedsters may the best man win.
  11. Preseason definitely matters. It helps rookies and FA acclimate with their new team and gives them time to learn the speed of the game. Can you imagine how sloppy the beginning of the season would be without it. They mention rookie mistakes all year already.
  12. I look at this roster and I see something I haven't seen in a very long time, depth. Quality depth at many positions QB, TE, WR, G, C, DE and depth at DT, CB, RB, OT and S. You can argue quality depth at OT if you believe in Vaitai and can argue DT too with Allen but with him being hurt I didn't. I think next year we go hard after OT and LB possibly RB depending how our run game looks this year. I really like how this team looks going forward. I don't think we are contenders yet but I think we are moving in the right direction.
  13. Mjk glad to see you on here and everything went well. I recommend taking the therapy if it is offered never hurts to do it even if you are feeling better. I passed on therapy once and regretted it in the long run always worth accepting if it's offered.
  14. I'm fine with RB by committee as long as we aren't spending a ton at the position. If you have an elite RB you have to pay him as one. With RB by committee you can keep the cost of the position down saving money for other position.
  15. Glad to hear all is well good luck on your recovery.