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  1. I was wondering if maybe he had the Audi brand in mind. But I hope he didn't think his offense was luxury. This guy is a nut
  2. Annoying that the video uploader removed the video from YouTube. It was a pretty funny interview. Shady said on live TV that Kiko's father wishes that Shady was his son lol
  3. hehehe. I could never understand the fascination behind constantly getting the latest and greatest shoes. Never understood it as a kid and now that I can afford anything I'd like, I still don't get it.
  4. That woman is updating it. She's still emotionally disturbed that Mike Evans isn't with the Eagles.
  5. Interesting that he's saying this now. Hard to say what direction this will take, but Raiders would have been better off going after Mixon.
  6. Which is the customary thing to do, but the GM as well? Bit strange. Wonder if McDermott had full control.... Oh ok, I just read your post after making mine.
  7. Interesting but usually what occurs is part of the scouting dept is let go and not so much the GM. But he was there for the last regime and the Bills want to start fresh.
  8. Might as well throw this here. It was a pretty entertaining interview. Hurts a bit knowing Shady could still be here
  9. Yea I was going to say, that attendance was better than some of the NBA playoffs this past week and a half.
  10. There, right there. You put it into words.
  11. Can always count on Cali with the humor.
  12. By the way I love that Avy. However the day we see Trump behind bars will be the end of days. He will surely set this country ablaze. Scorched earth
  13. Ok riddle me this. McCloughan has a credible track record with the 49ers and Seahawks drafts and FO. Then goes to Washington and all the sudden falls off the wagon? Yet who has been an absolute mess since the late 90s, yes it has been Snyder. And Bruce Allen is a weasel. He gets through the league off of his father's name and Bruce Allen only hit it big during the very early 2000s with the Raiders. I'm not saying McCloughan is a saint, but his track record is MILES ahead of Synder and Allen combined.
  14. el oh el. Chip can finally get his guy.