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  1. Haven't heard any injury updates on Carr, but I guess no news is good news
  2. Yea but if the fans lived up to their reputation, they'd be standing in front of their local officials buildings and demanding the city counsel to keep the Raiders at all costs. Would have been on the taxpayers dime anyway and Oakland is dried up in money. Time for change as it seemed like it was long overdue
  3. When you got a guy like Chase Daniel on the market, how would Foles have value? Teams are just biding their time. Don't want to rush their tactics to get him
  4. Good point, forget about that.
  5. So i'll break it down like this. Remember you didn't hear it from me. Because a certain man who had prior affiliations with the NFL Network, who also worked closely with Mike Mayock, will have a relatively high chance of getting the position. This guy was a former NFL player and a man who has ties to Bruce Allen in Tampa and the Raiders. This man happens to be in the HOF and has a walnut sized brain that's just good enough to be a "Yes Man". This man just so happens to be......
  6. Still an odd one for me as well. Not sure why the "Lions" as a name In fact, if Denver had the Lions, then I could see how they may leverage the idea of a Mountain Lion. Would have liked if Detroit maybe used Mustangs. Would have made better sense to me with the Ford connection.
  7. Still doubtful. And Hue Jackson is slightly overrated. I'll be quite tuned-in to what he does in this second season.
  8. Not going to like, this gets me so hyped! Wish the season started now.
  9. Agreed. He said the same thing essentially in Chicago like a year or so ago. I really hope he sticks around to help the Eagles contend and win!
  10. Absolutely, would ransom them
  11. I'm sure it's been mentioned but these type of trades are commonplace in the NBA. The Texans didn't get fleeced it's just simple economics
  12. They might as well ship Cousins off and rebuild. Are they in win now mode? They don't seem to have any sense of direction
  13. I said as much in the Kirk Cousins thread. An utter mess