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  1. This team is going to live off the defense and special teams. The lack of a running game will hurt the offense. Figures that for the 1st time in awhile the o-line looks good and no running game. 1 day soon, i hope the get a complete team.
  2. I think the D-line is now the strength of this team. I don't think that the offense will live up to the hype. AJ will get his. TS will be a big disappointment more so because i don't think Wentz is very accurate on the long ball. J-Matt out of the slot and Ertz should benefit the most....Even Agholor will have an easier time of it now that he isn't a #1 or #2. All the pressure is off him this year and we should see a vast improvement, whether for his future here or auditioning for his new team. The running game will be determind on what Pumphrey can do. Mathews just can't work an entire season, sproles is sproles, he will always help the team any way he can...As for Smallwood? I have no faith in him at all. So its all up to Pumphrey to come in and save the day......I could see them making a move for a vet before the start of the season......Either wait until final cuts or maybe a trade. As it stands at the moment, the Eagles run game scares no one. That could make it rough on the receivers if the defense doesn't have to load the box.
  3. the line in dave's article that made the most sense ..........Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.
  4. We say all this every year though. No saying that any of these players drafted or brought in in FA or UDFAs will amount to anything. They do this every year and we say things like your post every year. I blame Howie, not Lurie for the Chip Kelly mistake. Chip didn't want the job, turned down both the Eagles and Browns job. How on earth do you say no again after that knucklehead Howie(with the Lurie checkbook) decides to make a college coach that won nothing there either, the 3rd highest paid HC in the NFL? More money than coaches that actually won or has been to a superbowl or 2. Christ, chip had 0 nfl exp.... even the dirty jock washer had more nfl exp than Chip. Then in the draft full of CBs, our fearless leader uses a 2nd round pick on a CB that can't play until 2018 because he has the worst injury that could happen to a CB. Brilliance i tell you, simply Brilliance.
  5. I know i'm 1 of the very few, but i think now that the pressure is off of Agholor where he doesn't have to be the #1 guy on a crappy wr group, he will have a break out year. Same goes even more so for J-Matt. And it couldn't come at a better time. J-matt is on a contract year and Agholor is 1 drop from being on another team. What i mean "couldn't come at a better time is the fact that Jeffery is only on a 1 year deal and Smith is on a 3- 1 year deal(s). Both Jeffery and Smith could be gone next year.......Hollins and Gibson could be our Future. We could draft a WR next year. But if J-matt and Agholor can work this season pressure free and do good things.....J-matt, Agholor, Hollins and Gibson + 1 more could be on this team for a long time. DGB i believe will not make it out of camp. Turner, if he has another PS like last year, could sit the PS 1 more year and then make the team in 2018 if we lose AJ and TS. In other words, we should be in great shape @ WR you the foreseeable future if i'm right
  6. Mills? Really? They must see something in him that allot of us armchair coaches don't. All the penalties, miss tackles and him getting beat all over the field some how brings hope for year 2 that is was ok that they drafted a seriously injured CB in the 2nd in a draft loaded with many HEALTHY,CBs. I'm missing something here. most likely my brain.
  7. T.O. turned a good Eagles team into a great Eagles team. Before Owens, we went to the NFCCG 3 straight years. T.O. put us in the SuperBowl. Big difference this time around. Right now we have 0 cbs, no feature RB, and we are coming off 2 straight 7-9 seasons. Though Jeffery will be a huge upgrade, no way can we compare him to the T.O. era. Wentz is going into year 2 with no RB, or Starting WR from last year. McNabb was in year 5 and 3 straight play-off seasons. Big difference. Honestly, i would have rather built the offense from scratch. Draft players that will grow with Carson. As i said earlier, 2018 could actually be 3 straight seasons with new players at the key positions for Wentz. Its going to be a fun season. But at what cost next year? I see 10 wins and a wild card spot hopefully. It would really be wrong to believe we are going to run the gauntlet this year. Can't wait until Howie is gone.
  8. I believe that this WR group will go down as the best group we ever had. Sad part? It's most likely going to be only for 1 season. There is a possibility next year that only Smith will be the WR left from this group. Matthews will be a FA, Agholor so far is a bust, Jeffery will demand Big Dollars, DGB won't make it here past camp, and all the others will either be released or on the PS. If we were close to making a serious run, then i get it. There are too many holes in this team at the moment. This should be a very fun season for us fans. I really Hope they still stay on course and Draft a stud WR this year and Early. It will really stink if Carson goes into year 3 with his 3rd straight season with a new RB and WR corps. It's the complete opposite of building around your new franchise QB.
  9. Typical Jones kind of player. Jeruh, loves hims some bad boys.
  10. Garcon is signing with the 49ers. Why not? Romo doesn't scare anyone anymore. He had the best o-line in the league and still managed to get hurt. Romo isn't worth a 2nd round pick.He is 37 years old and has played in 5 games the past 2 seasons. I would love for romo to go to the Skins and get cousins out of the nfce. He has beaten us 5 straight games. I hope the deal goes through.
  11. These days me and some friends do tailgating in our yards 16 games a year. Day games we sit inside to watch the game, night games, 1 of my friends has a 100 inch projection screen. Weather never matters, parking is free, food is damn cheap. 1/2 keg of Host choice. Kids enjoy running a round, the mrs, misses, and mistresses all get to gossip, all the while we IDIOTS, get drunk and have a great time. All this for about 20-30 apiece.
  12. So if a QB gets traded to a team that has not had a winning season since 2003, 0 talent at all offensive skilled positions, but had success here in an offense he had no business even being in. then winds up on another team where he did pretty good when Smith went down, and that team might release him, makes him a terrible QB? Maybe AR is trying to help Foles by releasing him with several teams that do not have a steady QB in hopes he finds a starting job. Why does Foles still get so much hate from Eagles fans after he represented this franchise as Pro-bowl MVP, or 27tds/2 int in 10 games, or the HOF shrine for him along with 1 of the greatest QBs ever in this league, for tossing 7 tds in 1 game? Honestly, what did Foles ever do here to garner so much hatred? Never 1 bad thing ever said in a negative manner from any coach or player he has ever been around, yet still, 3 years later..........EAGLES fans still see him as a 3rd round bust that never did anything right here. Like he was part of Chips master plan to destroy this franchise, but thankfully Howie Almighty stepped in and distinguished these 2 dumpster fires. Foles has never had the chance to, due to unfortunate events to become a teams steady QB. I really hope he gets a chance on a team that has no sure thing, starting QB and he can compete for a starting gig. Seems like here, our fans boo the likable players, but love the locker-room cancers, and "me 1st" guys. Foles was 6-2 his shortened last season here with 13 tds and 10 ints....(15-9, 50 tds - 17 ints) and was called a turn over machine.....Wentz went 7-9, 16tds - 14ints and he is labeled our savior. No knock intentionally on Carson, who i think will turn into a very good QB over time. Still though, nothing did Wentz do in his rookie season was Godly, but gets a ton of OMG praise. All - in - All, i still would love to know why almost 4 years after the fact, Foles continues to be trashed by Eagles fans. By the way some of you give this guy so much grief, you would swear that Foles should be in the Eagles almanac, as the worst QB this franchise ever had. Of course i can already predict the responses i'm about to receive about my mancrush on Foles. Kid just had a string of bad luck so far in this league, and i'm sure i'm not alone when i say " i hope he can find a starting gig somewhere " . He wasn't trade away from here because he didn't play well. I believe Chip thought he had a very good chance to land Mariota in the next draft, who i'm sure Chip believed if he and Mariota reunited at the NFL level, that they both could achieve even better production and success than they did at Oregon. We all know how that eventually took place. Just a shame that Foles had to go to the Rams, that saw several QBs fail by no fault of their own. Maybe the 49ers, Cleveland, Jets, Bills, Houston, Bears or even the Saints( if brees decides to move on or retire in a year or 2), lets Foles come in and compete for a starting gig. Several QBs in this league had bad, multiple seasons at the start of their careers, then stellar last half of their careers. Not saying that Foles will turn out to be 1 of the all-time greats at the QB position, but i do believe if he is given the opportunity, and has a somewhat competent other 10 offensive players, he will wind up with nice stat lines across the board.
  13. I could have guessed who started this thread blindfolded. Foles also was shafted by Chip Kelly. 2003 was the last time the Rams had a winning season. 2008 was the last time the Rams had a good WR.....Torry Holt. 9 years, and that was Holts last season with the Rams after a 9 year stay. He tried Jacksonville in 2009 and realized it was time to hang up the Cleats. As for the Chiefs? Alex smith isn't going anywhere. Reid drafted Foles and i'll almost bet He cuts Foles, not because he did anything wrong....36/55 (65%), 410 in yards, 3 TDs ) 0 ints. but because Reid doesn't want to hold him back. Reid knows that several teams are looking either for a starter in a bad QB draft class, or at least he gets a shot at starting for 1 of those teams. If Foles was still here and wasn't traded by Chip for Bradford, I'll bet that Pederson would have loved him. Simply because Pederson is from the Reid tree and has worked with Reid for several years as a player and a coach. I think its a noble move by Andy, letting Foles get a shot somewhere as a starter. The only part i wouldn't care for, would be not getting Wentz. But then again, no-one would have thought about Wentz anyway if Foles was still here. He's only 28, and though he isn't an Elite QB, he did nothing wrong here at all.
  14. I sure don't want Desean Jackson here to teach our young guys the wrong way to be an NFL player. Jackson has and will always be a me 1st guy. I hope the pick up a solid vet that can act as a player/coach. I still believe that this is the issue with our WRs, that they have 0 veteran presence. Depending how the management team feels about our present WR group, i think 1 solid vet and a 1st or 2nd round #1 WR to go with matthews, agholor, and DGB/turner, and we will be fine. I know this might sound a bit bonkers but, Boldin is a FA @ 34, Solid hands but most importantly, he is a guy thats been in the league a very long time and hopefully can fast track our current corps. I think that Agholor tries way to hard and its screwing him up. A vet might be able to show him all the right ways. Unless he gets traded, he will have this 1 last chance to impress. Still wouldn't mind them taking 2 WRs in this draft. I'm just hoping they do in the later rounds(maybe 2-4). I think CB is the way to go in round 1. I really think whatever team gets Kupp, he will vault that team very fast. I also like Westbrook. Not sure how many Eagles fans tune into the combine. I'm 1 of them. Its my favorite off-season activity. I'll be paying attention to later round projected WRs, RBs, CBs, and o-line men. No loud moves yet for our Eagles but, i'm very excited for sept to get here.
  15. Who says cheaters never win? I'll never respect the Patriots or Brady and Belicheat.