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  4. Ed Kracz‏ @kracze 48s49 seconds ago At owners meetings, #Eagles Pederson says he is probably leaning away from having a FB on roster.
  5. Zach Berman‏Verified account @ZBerm 5m5 minutes ago The Eagles are withdrawing three of their rule proposals, including the one about alternate helmets, according to sources. Zach Berman‏Verified account @ZBerm 3m3 minutes ago The only one that will remain is prohibiting jumping over the line on kicks. So they are also withdrawing the proposal on challenges
  6. I'm well aware of whom they drafted and their off field troubles, I don't need a lecture. Having said that, what does any of this have to do with taking a RB in the 1st and Alshon Jeffery? Right, nothing. You brought up Jeffery, now you want to move the goal post, OK, fine. Bottom line is, the Eagles aren't tied to Jeffery beyond 2017, if he screws up, or doesn't play up to his potential, guess what? Yeah, they let him walk in 2018 with 0 cap ramifications, the same CAN NOT be said about a 1st round draft pick, especially when most, if not all of their salary is fully guaranteed, it hamstrings the team, they are stuck with said player for at least 3 years, again, see Marcus Smith and Nelson Agholor. And since you wanted to bring up the players that were drafted last year. How may of those players were drafted in the 1st round? Yeah, none of them and they can let DGB walk if they so choose with no cap ramifications, just like they could've last year. As for Bradham, yeah, the guy is a knucklehead and they can move on from him if they so choose and save $3 million. There's no guarantee a guy will stay out of trouble, GM's can have some idea, but they can't fully know what a guy is doing on his own time, and the Eagles aren't Dallas, they shouldn't have to hire babysitters to watch and make sure their players stay out of trouble. Point is, yeah, all the guys they signed and or drafted last year with off field issues, they can all be sent packing with little to no issues regarding the cap.
  7. Not nearly the same, the Eagles aren't tied to Jeffery beyond 2017, you miss by taking Dalvin Cook in the 1st, it's going to hurt a lot more, his 4 years will be fully guaranteed, so the Eagles would be stuck with him for at least 3 years, just like Marcus Smith. On top of that, Jeffery is an already established player in the NFL. Hard Pass on a RB in the 1st.
  8. I'm sure you're looking for DVD, but, found this There's Ebay as well
  9. kevintresolini‏Verified account @kevintresolini 14m14 minutes ago According to @UDelaware, @Phillies 1980 World Series champion manager Dallas Green has died. #delhs @mlb @DelawareBASE
  10. @GENETIC-FREAK This weekend!!! Formula 1‏Verified account @F1 55s55 seconds ago "It's a lot more demanding than before, you have to wrestle these cars" Excited drivers preview the #AusGP >> #F1
  11. More on RB in the 1st
  12. Draft Wire‏ @TheDraftWire 17m17 minutes ago Eagles to hold private workout for Pitt QB Nate Peterman
  13. Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet 13m13 minutes ago An email from @nflcommish to fans regarding the league’s plans for improving the pace of play: … Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet 7m7 minutes ago Goodell: "We know how annoying it is when we come back from a commercial break, kick off, then cut to a commercial again. I hate that too.”
  14. It's also a weak class, I like Cam Robinson, but I'm not sold on him in the middle of the 1st, maybe late 1st round, early 2nd.
  15. No because I think due to how weak the OT class is, Robinson is rated higher than he should be, also, because it's such a weak class, he'll likely be drafted higher than he should be.
  16. I'm going by what you said. Did you not say The best player available/highest rated player, is Myles Garrett. Teams aren't going to draft a Safety, 1.) if they're stacked at the safety position and 2.) if they don't feel he's the best player available, regardless of what McShay, Kiper, Mayock etc say. Teams do not draft according to draftniks, that's not how they work.
  17. The highest rated player then, would be Myles Garrett, Eagles have no shot at him, so whatever draft pick they choose is a reach then?