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  1. Lmao. Best part is hes back in Philly. Bahahah
  2. Yea Garcon to SF seems likely.
  3. I totally see NY getting Mixon, ultimately making me freak the F out. That's my prediction.
  4. Giants got a good one. damn.. Cruz out Marshall in is quite an upgrade.
  5. I didnt know a 4th round pick could be a bust.. With that said, Dak will be Dallas' franchise qb. Hes solid. Zeke definitely makes him better might i add.
  6. Well, even though i say Kirks a good qb, hes also benefits from a massive arsenal of weapons, like Foles had. Kirk doesn't have the rb Foles had (Morris still killed it for a bit might I add) but he (Kirk) has more recieving threats. Foles either only had Jackson and Cooper or Maclin and Cooper. Really no comparison in terms of Washingtons depth of quality at the recieving position. For all we know Foles would've done great on Washington as well. No one will ever know anyway. He'll just be another wasted talent.
  7. So he gets the exclusive tag and is making Romo $. Woah.
  8. Adidas you say?
  9. U wot m8? Ain u a sheep shagging skallywag aint ya? ill fok u up i swer on me mum ye bloody chav coont.
  10. Fair enough mate. 😉
  11. Yea agrees, and i never said he was spectacular (for the record). I just think hes a pretty good qb. So is Alex Smith, so is Sam Bradford, even though at times I say theyre crap, im just acting out. Do they have the mental make-up to win a SB? I'm not so sure... Not likely? But let's not take that away from their ability to play times. Not every qb can be compared to the likes of Manning/Brady/Rogers and if they're not on that level theyre shite. Is Kirk worth that kinda $ ?absolutely not. Not many are.
  12. You're delusional if you continue on the thought process of Kirk being "not that good." Apologies if I come across as rude, but you're coming across as ignorant.
  13. Dont be so ridiculous. If they let him walk that leaves them with.......? Cutler as an option( lol yes please!)? A rookie qb? Id love to see him walk so i can laugh at Washington again. Did you miss the games where he actually kills our secondary?