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  1. That's how it still goes, I enlisted in 2013.
  2. Wow, that's completely F'ed up. That organization should be ashamed. I get what they're trying to do, weed out people who are flipping their tickets for way above ticket price, but that clearly isn't the case. This man wrote a very personal letter, and they respond with some BS cookie cutter response. Disgusting. I hope this story gets out and more people write to the Broncos to tell them how F'ed up they are.
  3. Half of those players were in the fourth and fifth round though, so really how big of a deal is it? They'll probably just keep flipping picks for later picks going for quantity and hoping they hit on a few. Honestly if I were a GM in the league I stop trading with Cleveland, they're getting rewarded for being a trash team. Suck, get high pick, trade for a bunch of lower picks, rinse and repeat every year. Until their moneyball FO goes away I wouldn't give them anything, there are 29 other teams to trade with (I wouldn't trade with NE either).
  4. The lottery is awful
  5. He failed it for weed. Weed is not addicting. It's not like meth or heroin or cocaine in any way shape or form. He is an absolute idiot
  6. At any time if she decides she could get something out of this, it could turn into sexual assault. I'm gonna go out on a limb (sarc) and say alcohol was involved. So she says she was drunk, can't give consent (no matter what the video shows), sexual assault, gets paid.
  7. I wouldn't watch until the coach responsible was fired
  8. I was at work, we watched the whole thing. I thought the SB was the best reffed game all season (not saying much). But the pats won because Kyle Shanahan called the worst second half (and specifically 4th quarter) of football in Super Bowl History
  9. It's not running the ball more, it's running the ball when it's smart. 3rd and 1 up by two touchdowns while averaging over 6 yards per carry? You do not throw there. 3 minutes left and a chance to go up two scores? You do not throw the ball there. Like another poster said, the Patriots took advantage of the gift that was given to them by the Falcons' horrible situational playcalling.
  10. No way this team survives this. I expect a huge rift coming up where a bunch of players start questioning the coach's competency. I mean how can they not, the game was their's for the taking and he pissed it away with what might be the worst playcalling in SB history. If this happened to the eagles I wouldn't watch the next season if that coach stayed. That loss is on no one but the coaches.
  11. this is exactly how dallas came back against GB. Run the Fing ball
  12. The same thing would have happened to the cowboys, don't kid yourself.
  14. F the patriots