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  1. Actions have consequences especially when you have a horrible record
  2. Wentz stomped them
  3. I bet they still win 3 games max
  4. lol just lol
  5. Nope and Scam has been exposed
  6. The lib fired Harbaugh for making a gay joke in the locker room literally
  7. Emmit Smith Cardinals
  8. The Pats will fleece the Browns
  9. Alshon plus T Smith is a huge upgrade from what garbage we have our leading wr had 3 tds i bet Alshon is worth 8 tds and Smith 5
  10. At least it kills time till next season.
  11. Worst choke is sports history and Matt Ryan isn't the MVP Brady doesn't need Julio
  12. Biggest choke ever aside from Hillary
  13. Rodgers is the MVP
  14. Rodgers literally is God