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  1. OK, I confess: even though I'm a Philly guy I'm a Francessa fan. His ego is bit much at times but it doesn't bother me all that much. 'Mad Dog' Russo was OK too . . . especially his rants which, I'm sure, were staged for comedic relief. I'd tune back in in a NY minute. That was a very good show . . . and I'm pretty sure I was tuned in at their inception, which was in 1989, I believe. Francessa's general sports knowledge is above very good and his specific knowledge of the Yankees (going wayyyyyy back) is nothing short of phenomenal. He's very well tuned into the NFL having done his Sunday NFL show for 20-odd years. He's presently in some sort of transition out of WFAN but that could change. I wonder if WFAN/CBS controls the rights to the name 'Mike And The Mad Dog' ?
  2. Perhaps you should use the fishing smiley when you're being facetious? I tend to take people at face-value . . . and until your response I was gonna say something like: 'That's COLD, man.' Sarcasm and intended facetiousness are not necessarily obvious in this environment. Just a few random thoughts on this obviously-nothing-happening-in-our-NFL-lives day.
  3. Saw this in today's news: It says he left three suicide notes and began giving away his possessions a few weeks ago. And that he soaped up the floor of his cell in case he lost his nerve. Sure do sound like a suicide to me.
  4. Maybe aliens did it . . . aliens who hate the Pats. Yeah, that's the ticket . . .
  5. I suppose every now & again there could be a situation where the opposition's coverage is messed up or there's too many men on the field or someone is hurt or whatever. As long as that's the situation I don't have a problem with it. Otherwise, you KNOW damned well they're doing it deliberately and it reeks of 'CHEAP SHOT'. I wouldn't allow it. Just my humble opinion.
  6. Now if they would not allow a time-out to be called by the opposition just before any punt, free-kick, extra point or FG attempt all would be right with my world. <g>
  7. I miss "The Hogs" with their piggy noses & dresses. That was a hoot!
  8. I'm not going to judge him on this particular incident. Lord knows, we have all the stupid stuff he's done over the last 20-odd years to judge him on. Hopefully this will be enough to get his dopy butt off the NFL Network so I don't have to tolerate his idiocy any longer. At bare minimum . . . he's an IDIOT for putting himself in these types of situations. At worst, he's a Bill Cosby wannabe masquerading as a retired NFL star. Please Mike, I'm beggin' ya . . . JUST GO AWAY!
  9. Yeah, Sanchez is now the league's foremost 'Journeyman' if there ever was one. Part of me feels bad for the dude b/c Rex Ryan got him CRUSHED unnecessarily with the Jets a few years ago. We'll never know what might have been had that not happened. At least he didn't get punched in the face by a team-mate! Ah well, such is life in the NFL. He's still making tons of $$, so good for him.
  10. Sean Payton was been seen dining with Johnny Manziel during the time of the Super Bowl. GADZOOKS!!! WHAT TRANSPIRES?!? Drew Brees is a free agent after 2017 but says he wants to play for a few more years. He didn't say where . . . You just knew that, sooner or later, someone in the league was gonna look this NUMB-SKULL up to see if he finally has his skull on straight.
  11. I have no patience for this sort of thing. I understand 'due process' but this guy has admitted to at least some of the alleged corruption. Where there's smoke there's usually a fire. He should step down, walk away and lay as low as possible. But first confiscate his passport!
  12. It wasn't a rumor! Our owner, Leonard Tose, was a drunk and a lush and squandered all his dough on booze, women & gambling. He was attempting to sell the team to Az until Norman Braman stepped in and bought the team, thus keeping our Eagles in Philly. It's prolly the only good thing he ever did for us.