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  1. Yeah, Sanchez is now the league's foremost 'Journeyman' if there ever was one. Part of me feels bad for the dude b/c Rex Ryan got him CRUSHED unnecessarily with the Jets a few years ago. We'll never know what might have been had that not happened. At least he didn't get punched in the face by a team-mate! Ah well, such is life in the NFL. He's still making tons of $$, so good for him.
  2. Sean Payton was been seen dining with Johnny Manziel during the time of the Super Bowl. GADZOOKS!!! WHAT TRANSPIRES?!? Drew Brees is a free agent after 2017 but says he wants to play for a few more years. He didn't say where . . . You just knew that, sooner or later, someone in the league was gonna look this NUMB-SKULL up to see if he finally has his skull on straight.
  3. I have no patience for this sort of thing. I understand 'due process' but this guy has admitted to at least some of the alleged corruption. Where there's smoke there's usually a fire. He should step down, walk away and lay as low as possible. But first confiscate his passport!
  4. It wasn't a rumor! Our owner, Leonard Tose, was a drunk and a lush and squandered all his dough on booze, women & gambling. He was attempting to sell the team to Az until Norman Braman stepped in and bought the team, thus keeping our Eagles in Philly. It's prolly the only good thing he ever did for us.
  5. I remember that. Guy was tough as nails . . . I recall watching him get tackled by one, two, three and then four guys and he never went down! He carried them all down the field for another 10 yards or so! And even after severe knee problems, (surgical repair including knee parts grafted onto his knee from a cadaver . . . icckk!) which started in 1989, he still came back to play after getting cut by the Giants. Side note: a year or so ago a guy comes in to pick up his car at my store. "What's the name?" I said. "BAVARO." was the answer. So I said, "Oh! Any relation?" Knowing that anyone with that name is gonna at least know who Mark Bavaro is! So he says, "Yeah, I'm a family member and I don't like talking about him in public. He's got 'issues' ." So I told him I was an Eagle fan that really respected him as a player and was glad to have him on my team for the last two years of his career. Then the guy says, "Well he really pissed off a lot of people by going to the Eagles. Lemme go I gotta get outta here." And that was that. So now I'm left eternally wondering what 'issues' the guy was talking about. True story.
  6. Get over it . . . it's not even remotely relevant to your 'real life'.
  7. He's done in Jet-ville. Coming off major knee surgery. Could just be a camp body but the Giants are curious to see if he's left all his woe behind him and is ready to move on. Can't think of a more stable situation for Smith to latch onto this close to home. Good luck to him.
  8. At this late date (18 yrs. as a HC) Reid is costing himself his job.
  9. It's too weird . . . I'll believe it when I see it. But I don't expect to see it.
  10. No need to be a jerk about it. It's a simple error . . . Mr. NEGADELPHIA.
  11. Back in the 'old days' (60's - 70's) you'd buy a 1/4 lb.of dope/pot/weed, sell 3 oz. & keep one for yourself. That way you smoked for free. Why that would be an issue for someone making millions is beyond me.
  12. No . . . but it really shouldn't matter.
  13. Facts Of Life On An Internet Message Board: Opinion does not = a fact or facts. Learn the difference. You cannot convince someone of something they do not want to be convinced of. Statistics can be manipulated to portray any desired result. Sarcasm does not necessarily identify itself as such. In the grand scheme of things, being right or wrong here is of no real consequence. Get over yourself and leave your ego at the door. None of this is important enough to be yelling at & cursing someone. Especially since we're mostly fans of the same team. Just thought I'd mention it . . .