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  1. Who is going to be GM?
  2. Hahaha, welcome home Foles!
  3. True. Potentially more from a rich draft.
  4. Brutal. Condolences to Redskin fans.
  5. BA. Maybe AA just so horns stand out.
  6. I thought before the draft he will be a beast and hoping Dallas would not get him. Then he pulled that stunt with his mommy and I was regretting Dallas not drafting him. Then he turned out to be a beast... but so did Elliot. Stalemate.
  7. Chip as potentially the OC. Talk about rubbing salt into a wound...
  8. Same in UK
  9. I think TE will be the big receiving pick for Dallas this season. Great draft for TE and Witten can't play much longer.