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  1. Didnt he help cover up concussions?
  2. Las Vegas is the PERFECT place for a team. Not sure why youd think otherwise.
  3. Daks arm A rb @ 4
  4. Dak is so fing terrible And they picked a rb @ 4
  5. We got a football team! Pretty sweet. Long time coming. Stadium is going to be dope, though Im not a fan of the public paying for it.
  6. The fact that you think those two things are related is more proof of why you're one of the worst posters anyone has ever seen.
  7. Dak is a bum with a noodle arm. He'll stink next yr.
  8. Howie is no better??? Like seriously???
  9. Prescott hasnt taken an NFL snap yet. He could be absolute trash for all we know. That said, I think Romo is done or close too it. Too many injuries take a cumulative toll.
  10. Another Cowboy criminal. Fit right in with Dez