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  1. I'm for taking any position in this draft. Reason, we have lots of long term needs beyond this year. DL is bad to me... OT without Peters creates a need, especially with Lane's situation. RB need. WR beyond 2017, need .... TE, Celek retires soon = need. LB obvious need. CB, Obvious need. Safety & QB should be set for a few years. But if the younger guy enables to play more and better nickel, then we get the guy. If the argument is definitely take a RB, i'm against it. If it's definitely don't take a RB, then I'm not on board with that either. 4 years from now we will look back and say needs didn't matter for 2017 as they will all be needs by then (hopefully not QB) ... so just take the guys that will last and be impactful NFL players for your team.
  2. Freak, I took a picture of my Wentz jersey that I got last year myself, due to promising my then 5 year old if we drafted Wentz I would get her a #11 jersey. Never got a chance to change my picture on here though ... LOL. But I do like Foles as a backup, not a starter. I would be happy with 10 years of Wentz, Foles then just focus elsewhere in building a team. I don't follow college much, don't really care about draft breakdown. But I like to hear Eagles talk and strategy on how to build a team.
  3. LOL.. but the BPA is the guy you think will have the biggest impact on your own team. If you play a 4-3, a pure NT won't be as high on your board as it would be for other teams. However you want to classify it, its the same thing. Take the best player on your own board ... B = Best ... P = player ... A = available on your board. BPA. You are just playing semantics with how they are ranked ... I could care less, that is for the draft nerds. 8.2 vs 7.9 ... i'm saying who cares ... only thing that matters is you have player A ranked ahead of player B ... not the decimal point grading system. ie. I have player A better than player B ... or maybe I have them the same in terms of not caring who I take, then I drop down a spot maybe? If I have 5 guys the same (not numerical grade, but rather who I want on my team, if they are the same, then maybe trade down 5 spots? But if forced to make the pick, they better have those players ranked in an order. Should be decided on the board prior to the draft. I'm sure position is one of the aspects that effect the board. At the end of the day, I don't care, just take that guy. If its RB, then fine.
  4. Yeah, your running game ... not just your RB. Either way there are 2 sides to the ball. Dallas playing the last place schedule last year comes into play, as well as their OL staying in tact the whole season ... just like they did in 2014, and ours did in 2013 vs that last place schedule we played that year, including GB without Aaron Rodgers.
  5. ???? Freak, I'm assuming you have the biggest legs on here? Isn't this the usual every year? WE debate players and positions and needs ...etc. Lets get Burfict this year! What do you say?
  6. BTW... Ham, you don't know that you are doing it, but you are basically agreeing. You have RBs that you want at 14 because you like those particular guys. Lets say the 3 guys you mentioned were gone at 14... are you going RB just to take RB? I would think not. so again, if you think the 3 RBs are the Eagles BPA ... long term, not just 2017, and not for Wentz development .. just for long term wins for the Eagles, then I like it.
  7. It's the team's BPA. Not Mel Kiper's or the other names of draft experts that me and DC dropped... lol. Holla DC, my names rule! Not the best college player, the BPA of how you think the player will impact your team long term.. should be the picks. If its the classic BPA of how you think everyone else sees it... then its a great time to trade down in thinking you can get "your BPA"
  8. Snyd, a big reason why you can't just rule out the safety if its that big of a difference there. If its a guy that can play like a smaller LB on early downs, then retreat to a safety spot while allowing Jenkins to go cover in the nickel... it could be a good pick. As for RB ... I like to lean towards the guys picked after round 1 because they come in with a chip on their shoulder. RBs are used to being the guy, the main weapon on their teams all through amateur football. Getting humbled in the draft can be a good thing when having to move to the NFL. It's a reason why I think they succeed a lot. They have to fight to get on the field and to get the ball. The top picks know they are going to get on the field and their share of carries. It can lead to complacency.
  9. "I am in command of this family .... RIGHT OR WRONG!"
  10. Maybe getting the safety allows you to do something similar to Arizona and play the nickel D as your base? Lots to consider with the picks ... how it effects your usage and scheme...etc. Just because we have 2 safeties, doesn't mean we couldn't get a 3rd one in and have impact on the game. Especially in the case of a nickel DB in today's game!
  11. Ham, DC answered my question. The Eagles board is all that matters to me. I don't look at the numerical nerdy grades like on websites ... I look at the team's board. In the case that the safeties are the next 2 guys on the board, I may look to trade down. Or I may take one if its that big of a difference. Again, to me, the team's board should come into play, if they have such a huge gap in the RB position to where it makes sense to take one early adn then they see drop offs in other positions as not as big ... then a RB who may be technically rated in the nerdy numerical website system may be their guy ... because on their board it could be a higher rating. Just follow that board and get a sense of when to trade up or down.
  12. DC, stick to your opinion ... it's the right one regardless of who else agrees.
  13. You know I will ... it's my thing. I love name dropping. I get that from Dave Miller.
  14. BTW... you should hold your own opinion higher than someone else's ... it's precisely the reason it's your opinion ... isn't it?
  15. OK except Erik Bartol isn't the one that said that, Dane Brugler did What about Mike Smith or Danny Jones ... what did they say? Phil Simmons, John Henderson or Paul Atkinson ... what did they say?