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  1. Again, why assume it was you? You said "fans" and I am a fan Along with a few million other people!
  2. Again, why assume it was you?
  3. What Anger do you see Joe? I am LOL at your post! No one is angry, least of all me. I was just stating my opinion as is done on this site I last looked.... Or should I go elsewhere? Why do you assume it was you?
  4. LOL... the anger of fans is hilarious. Agholor is your #4 WR if all pans out best for him. So why so angry. 1st round picks bust all the time.... if he can salvage being a role player here why does it bother anyone? He looks great with no pads on, every year ... lets see how he does without the media and everyone else needing him to be a savior. He is all bonus now ... fighting for position with Hollins, Gibson and DGB. WE don't need him to be a major contributor an longer. Maybe he can finally try to return kicks or punts now. Some gadget plays. Now he gets the 4th best cover guy on him ... it's a different world now. WE have nothing to lose, he seems like a nice enough kid. Why so angry? Relax!
  5. Stine will be gone too. If the Eagles don't make the playoffs ... we are firing Stine too?
  6. No way Doug is still here if he doesn't make the playoffs in hte next 2 years! No shot!
  7. Situational football. Listening to the genius sports talk hosts... one who is an Eagles guy.... the typical nerdy 30 something who covers sports in this town now, (what happened to the former athletes????) Anyhow.... he has Smallwood as the lead RB??? OK ... put in Blount for short yardage and Sproles for 3rd downs... how much does that leave Smallwood? Now I'm not saying that there isn't a chance for him to have the most carries, but he shouldn't be the first option or a tradional "lead back" If he gets 10 carries a game I would be shocked! But when it comes down to the end of the season... I expect Blount and Sproles to dominate the playing time over th 2 younger guys (who hopefully take some playing time early to keep our 2 older RBs fresh!)
  8. Stine, Hopefully everyone think Doug needs to prove himself. After the Detroit, Dallas and NYG games last year ... I would think it's obvious? Part of the reason why I think we are seeing "band aid" type moves... or one year deals... or trying to be "complete" ... however you want to classify putting together a team with fewer holes in 2017. I think its due to seeing how both Wentz and Doug will perform. Wentz in the fact it should help him develop... Doug in the fact it will let us know if he can coach with a legit shot to win games. Kick the FG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, still can't get over the Dallas decision not to kick it?
  9. Stine, I think the idea is looking at the present. Is any offense or defense or any part of the team that size.... EVER complete for the next 3 to 5 years? We should have a fully functional offense this year. QB, OL plus depth, TEs, WR 1, WR 2, Slot WR, RBs for every situation. That's pretty much the idea here. For every type of situation, the offense was addressed. How well it performs... that's another thing. But you can't say they don't have any particular thing at the moment. My earlier posts a few days back, this could be the first season, that both ends in a winning record and you could honestly say the team should look better going forward ... the key though, is the young players both from this year and last year's draft. OL and CBs in particular would be outstanding if they stepped up to show they can play.
  10. Red zone ... big RB .... Big WR ... haven't had that here in a while. Now lets see if the play calling, QB and OL are up for the challenge. Blount and Alshon should open up some things for the other guys by drawing attention. This is where we should see Ertz and JMatt have things much easier now. By moving those 2 down a few spots from the top of the food chain, it should only benefit them. Their strength should lie in beating the bad mismatch, which should happen more now with the otehr guys being on the field!
  11. Now it's interesting. I want to see that UDFA center from WVU. Seems like a stud run blocker. Interesting to see a possible shift from Kelce to that type of C. People will love the Blount signing.... I like it .... but short yardage is not all the RB, having a small center up front hurts in that situation. Wentz will have to have some impact throwing the timing off with his snap count too. I love football!
  12. DC... can't complain. Summer is coming... draft and ping pong balls are done, time to get things done during the slow time. Should be a nice camp and preseason this year, no drama unless Jeff McClane decides to come up with some kind of crap. I like my 1pm Sunday games, so it should be a nice enjoyable season!!!
  13. Way to go Howie ... stealing the thunder from all the 76ers talk in the area!
  14. BTW... which one of Pumphrey or Clement get that "injury" that allows us to keep them on the injured list and not get exposed to being picked up by another team? LOL
  15. DC.... what's up!!! 5 RBs it is, I agree with you all the way! We need some 5 RB sets, imagine how great that would be... Wentz fakes it here, he fakes it there... he fakes it everywhere and decides to keep it ... best play call ever! On a serious note... it's a nice move. I have us competing with the Giants for the division title, and it seems they were one of the other teams that Blount was talking with, so could be a bonus of his signing here.