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  1. I believe the game evolves. Sure strategy comes into play, but a main factor is the true impact players. Recently it was QB and WRs making the impacts. We could be seeing the run game make its way back if the QB play takes a dip. Defensivley though, you lose if you don't stop the run (unless Andy Reid is the opposing coach ...see 2003 NFC title game vs Carolina) ... stopping the run doesn't even come close to finishing the job though, just that the opposing team won't ever need to pass if you don't stop the run. From there, you need to get to the QB... if you don't, you better hope he sux or you are in for a long day. Dominating in coverage isn't the norm, even the Seattle and Denver defenses who you can argue had 2 of the most impressive secondaries ever to play, they still needed the pass rush!
  2. Ham, shutting down the run just prevents you from losing the easy way .... not getting to Rodgers is a problem. Get ot the QB and the DBs don't have to cover as long. Not arguing that we need DBs, its just not all we need. If the best player is a DB, take him, take him 2 or 3 times, I don't care... just don't force it and pass up on a fix for a decade at another position.
  3. Gotta disagree with DeSean being the reason they have beaten us lately. He is the sizzle, not the steak though. Offensive mistakes, penalties killed us. Cousins long drives to other WRs killed us. Not stopping their run game killed us. And they have that TE that won me the fantasy league that killed us in 2015. DeSean is finally in his perfect spot as a #2 WR now. Throw in another receiving threat and Winston and co will be a really tough O to stop. My sleeper fantasy QB this year, he will be worth the wait after the top guys go earlier.
  4. Ham, I'm with you ... I think it will be between us and the Giants for the division this year. Schedule being a factor IMO... plus the offseason moves...etc. I'm looking at our pass rush. Our run defense. The game starts there on defense. 1. Take away the run game to make them one dimensional 2. Get ot the QB .... 3. Whatever else you want to do. Every defensive game plan pretty much works like that. Our team hasn't won a playoff game in 8 seasons, I'm not worried about anything, I just want to see progression, we have nothing to lose. Plenty of holes ...we get one CB, we still need more, plus pass rush and everything else. The order of how we fill these holes really shouldn't matter, its just hitting on picks so that we don't have to address that spot in the future.... otherwise you will see ... McDougle, Patterson, Bunkley, Abiamiri, Laws & Graham type of drafting again. Moves were made at a minimum in the secondary for the first part of the AR era because the players were all hits .... 2 CBs and a S already in place so they were able to just invest the 2002 draft, and they hit with those picks ... that lasted until 2008 when they got Asante. That was Andy's 10th season. So whatever players we select, it should do the same thing in solidifying a position for a while. That's enough, then we move on to another position. This draft might be deeper in CB as a whole, bu if we ended up gettign a better one next year while taking care of another position now, who cares. Just can't miss with picks anymore. No more 2010, 2011, 2014 & 2015 drafts.
  5. Are we doing a mock draft contest on here?
  6. LOL... why the obsession with ODB? Don't we usually beat the Giants? A reason being that we keep getting to Eli. You have to look at things big picture. Take the OL vs DL ... and WR vs CB parts of the game. OL and CB you need to be solid through and through ... one standout and a couple of weaknesses doesn't work as you only need to lose one matchup. Compare that to DL and WR ... one stud makes a difference because you only need to win one matchup. I'm not defining my Eagles team by how we cover ODB. Put a few guys on him while putting Eli on his arse... that's enough. 14 other games we need to play.
  7. You are talking about 2008 to 2009. lets look. No Dawkins, no Thomas, no Runyan ... Westbrook got hurt ... The Andrews bros fiasco ... losing the stability at QB. The leadership in general fizzled. Players mentioned above, plus guys like Sheldon Brown, no more Trotter. You had the bronze medal group that I like to call them... the speed guys, but not the mentality of the previous or original Andy Reid era as far as leadership and toughness. In addition to losing JJ, our best football strategist of the last 20 years ... we lost all that from the player perspective.
  8. My honest opinion... we won't win a superbowl with the current defensive coaches... neither Schwartz nor Udlin. That's gut instinct of basics that I've seen in football strategy. I will feel more confident if the 1st pick is a stud DE that was supposed to be a top 10 pick and not a reach. At least that gives Schwartz a chance. Udlin needs Denver's DBs, that won't happen here for a while. A stud DE is the biggest game changer we could get at the moment. One rookie CB only covers one guy, and rookie CBs get beat. A rookie pass rusher can impact, escpecially by taking pressure off of Curry, Long and Graham, while complimenting Cox. In Philly we should be complimenting our Cox.... PPW knows this.
  9. Wrang .. with you on Udlin ... Alshon however, was tagged once... and wanted out of there. You need to be honest about the situation of "letting him walk" A 2nd franchise tag would have been dumb, especially for a team like the Bears.
  10. WE keep reaching to fill our "worst" position .. ie MS2, Danny Watkins, Agholor ...etc. Then you keep passing up better players. Eventually it has to stop. If you look at things outside of just one year, that's an approach that will eventually get you back on track to contention as you accumulate good players. Instead of spinning wheels lookin one year at a time at your worst position of need.
  11. Have many years have we been without a lot of things?
  12. Jon Ritchie said something like this recently. "Good coaches can find away to coach around less talent or holes in a roster, so for the draft just get the best players regardless of postion" So at 14, lets get a good player and move on. Same with each round, it will balance out and give us a better roster than last year. Better schedule this year too, so lets make a jump this year and look to finish off the puzzle going forward.
  13. Take the player at 14. Every year "this is a deep draft" ... just take the player at 14, trade back later if you want. Get some players in here, we may not be selecting this high for a while... move up if there is a guy you like just like in 2012 with Cox. We have players to unload for cap reasons, that might help other teams. So we may be able to recover draft position if needed. Just get the players in here and lets get to work baby. Every year there are mor alternatives for us to complain , but each spot we can only take one player, obviously most people aren't going to be happy if they have their heart set on one guy or position, we can only take one.
  14. Various reasons ... including Matt Barkley ...etc. Just throw it up ... when was the last time you could say that about an Eagles WR? Carmichael, Chris Carter ... maybe T.O. (but he got open via route running) ...been a while for us Iggle fans,
  15. Yep... reinforcing the theme of not believing everything you read.