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  1. What I remember most about the fog bowl (or should I say flag bowl) was the refs dropping a yellow hankie every time the eagles made big play, most of which were BS. Shafted indeed. Eagles should have easily won that game.
  2. Agreed with most of that. With the top 3 QB's gone before the 14th pick, I don't think the eagles had a chance to trade down for more picks. There's no chance of adding another 2nd or 3rd now. There's still a lot of good CB's on the board but there could also be a run on them at the beginning of the 2nd. That would suck. I like Moreau or Tankersly with the next pick. I would have loved a CB in the first round, then we could have possibly got Mixon or Kamara with our next pick. RB isn't particularly deep. Maybe we can lucky and land Hunt or Mack in the 4th.
  3. I would have taken Humphrey, Allen or Foster. Barnett's not a bad pick as he was predicted in the middle of the 1st round and he was a great college player in the SEC. Still I think 259 lbs is a tad small for a 4-3 DE and I think there were better players available at positions we need. Pass rushers are very hit and miss coming out of college. I guess the team has given up on Curry and Smith. Smith I can understand but I think Curry's a talented player and it's very possible that he rebounds and has a great season.
  4. If the draft actually goes like this, there would be a slew of great options @14. I'm also strongly in favor of trading down and picking up a 2nd or 3rd round pick if that option becomes available. Great value at many positions in the 2nd and 3rd rounds in this draft. Probably the best draft ever for depth and parity but perhaps the worst for clear cut top of the 1st round talent. Not a huge drop off between the first and second and even into the 3rd round as far as I can tell. We'll find out in a day!
  5. I'm not real keen on taking a WR at 14 but I do like Davis a lot. I'd be happy with all of these picks. Not sure if Tankersly or Mack will be there when we pick in the 2nd and 3rd but I like both players.
  6. I hope we take a CB with the first pick but if we go RB, it better be the best RB in the draft - Mixon, and not Cook or McCaffrey. Yeah I know about the incident but she forgave him and he's not gonna fall to the middle of the 2nd. We just let a pretty good undersized scatback go without a tender, would make no sense to use a first round pick on another.
  7. Wow, McGloin is great #3 QB to have on the roster and a solid #2. Maybe not the most physically talented but he's a gamer who knows how to play the position. Good guy to have on the roster.
  8. Not really sure if any of the 3 are top 15 picks as I don't think any of them are can't miss #1 WR's. Of the 3, I'd take Davis in a close call over Williams. Ross' speed is tempting but his injury history and unimpressive college production make him a big risk that high in the draft.
  9. Solid trade I think. We eliminated DT from the list of draft needs and added a quality starter. I like Beau Allen a lot but you still need depth.
  10. Great draft for TE's but with Ertz, Celek and Burton, I think we are in pretty good shape. I think we wait until Celek retires to add another TE.
  11. I know this is a deep draft for CB's but waiting until the 3rd round to address the position when we need 2 of them seems a little absurd to me. We should be looking to get the best CB's possible. If it was me, 2 of the 1st 3 picks would be CB's. I would also consider trading down in the 1st and adding another 2nd or 3rd depending on who's still on the board at 14. We have a lot of needs on defense so adding another early round pick would help. The offense has been addressed nicely in FA. We lost 4 starters from a so-so defense and added nobody in FA. If we don't add a whole lot of talent to the defense in this draft, we aren't gonna win much this season. Simple as that.
  12. Replace the 1st pick with one of the top CB's and this would be a great draft. I would consider Davis or Williams at #14, not Ross. I like him but he's small and injury prone and a 1 year wonder in college - and his numbers from last year really aren't that impressive. Great speed though. Always liked Hunt. Tremendous burst and vision, I think he'd be a great addition to the backfield but I wonder how worn down he is from carrying the load at Toledo the last 4 years.
  13. If the draft actually goes like this then it's a no-brainer - Marlon Humphrey. He'd be the BPA and the best CB - our biggest need. We can only hope this mock comes true. Don't pick McCaffrey or Cook here. Those guys are late 1st round picks at best and Mixon is better than both if you can look past the off-field issue.
  14. I would hate to see us draft a RB in the 1st when we have way more pressing needs on defense, mainly CB. The only RB who I think is even worth 1st round consideration is Fournette. I think we can add a good RB prospect in the middle rounds of the draft, plenty of RB's I like that will be available 3rd round or later. Don't take another small-ish scatback like McCaffrey or Cook in the 1st. If we're just looking for a another versatile playmaker, I'd take Curtris Samuel. There's a RB who can play WR, maybe take the slot if we can't re-sign JMatt.
  15. Need to go CB early and often in the draft. Trading down in the 1st and netting some extra picks seems like a possible scenario. This draft is deep in several positions which are needs. The drop off in talent between mid-1st and 2nd round isn't much. Some teams may want go move up to get the QB they like(Houston was already mentioned).