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  1. Maybe so, but let's not forget that Wentz was a rook and was thrust into the starting role right before the season began with the trade of Bradford. Having started a full season and understanding the speed at which this game is played, you have to figure that Wentz can take the next step to becoming a top QB in this league. Do these pick ups guarantee anything other than a better option for Wentz? No. Will these two players be better options for Wentz in year 2 of his development? Hell yeah. We should all be excited at what might happen when these players team up with Wentz, because I think anyone would agree that these two WR's are experienced veterans who have proven to be quality starters in this league.
  2. YES !!!! Finally, Howie "Magic Man" Roseman pulls yet another rabbit of his hat with the jewel of FA landing Alshon and Torry to boot. I like the one year deal for Alshon and he needs to prove he can eclipse 1K here too. How did they sign Warmack too? I mean where is all this money coming from? On a more serious note, hat tip to Connor for being da man allday and everyday for our Eagles. He is the kind of person you want to see Bleeding green 4eva IMO, but as all good things, you know the drill. He is and always will be a class act and I wish him well. God Speed Connor and do us one last favor, turn down any offer from Dalass.
  3. I don't care if Kevin Hart was replacing Logan and Benny Hill was here to replace Kamu Grugier-Hill. I hope Pederson has explained to this team the importance of winning this game and not just from a divisional standpoint either. He needs to tell these players that the results of this game do not matter so as long as the score ends in our favor. This is the game that is on prime time and the world will be watching. The Eagles must come together as a team and not only win this game but we need to be dominating on D and take out one or two QB,s and perhaps a RB or two for good measure. This game is about beating the cowboys into hamburger, not just winning. I hope Doug lets all of the players know that short of killing the opponent we must win at any and all costs. The level of hate needle should be pinned at maximum for this game and the players need to know it. Go Eagles !!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I always held out hope that Bradford would play well given the right circumstances. Like Teddy Bridgewater, neither QB's are going to wow you with monster games but if he is protected in a good scheme with top talent at skill positions, he can thrive and win you a lot of games. Especially on a team that has a great defense. Sam had that here to an extent, but by being traded to Minnesota he goes to a team perfectly suited for a QB who won't be asked to carry his team or do anything extraordinary. This was definitely a win, win trade for both teams, but Philly easily wins this trade with the level of compensation the Eagles received. I wouldn't have even contemplated getting more than a fourth rounder at best for Bradford's services and that is being very generous taking into consideration of his contract. But to receive a 1st and an escalating 4th that could very well end up being a third is beyond anyone's wild imagination, unless your name is Howie. I cannot get over of how we he handled the off season, the draft and free agency. You have to be in awe of all the things he was able to accomplish this year.
  5. We knew this coming and we prepared for it the best we could given the circumstances. If Big V does not show he can handle it we have other choices and options that involve players moving out of their comfort zone. Lets hope Big V can play good enough so no more drastic changes have to be made. I think Doug and Carson Wentz can also help by getting the ball out quickly which should limit the exposure of Big V. This should not derail our season IMO, IF Wentz can compensate and Doug adjusts the game plan.
  6. The Eagles have had the best "under the radar" off season that I can recall. They changed HC, DC,OC. QB and changed schemes on both sides of the ball. Revamped 99% of our secondary. We were supposed to fail according to the alleged experts. Pederson was a HC candidate that nobody wanted but the Eagles. Carson Wentz was supposed to sit a year and wasn't going to be active on game days and the experts said he wasn't worth drafting so high so he too was under the radar. Coach Schwartz brought in guys like Bradham, Brooks, McKelvin and they were under the radar signings at the time. I am so proud of our team and thank every single player, coach and front office worker that has helped to bring back that winning feeling. I think this team can succeed where others have failed and I will leave it at that.
  7. Awesome article Tommy. You hit the nail on the head when you mentioned Sproles and that soul crushing play still has Pitts D waking up screaming for mercy. I cannot wait to see what Wentz and the Eagles have in store when they return from the bye. You can bet that the Lions are already watching film and try to figure out how to stop this team. Taking an excerpt from Star Trek, resistance is futile.
  8. Carson Wentz has started his NFL career the right way with the right team and only good things will come to him as he gets better and better. Nobody saw this coming, except for maybe the Eagles FO, and speaking of Lurie and Howie you have to give credit where it's due. Those two have hit a grand slam home run with the moves they made to move into position to get Wentz. Nothing short of amazing if you ask me, and now we all know why. Way to go Howie and Jeff. It's a great time to be a fan of the Eagles and hope Carson and the Eagles can keep up this amazing run.
  9. As far as I am concerned Wentz has already passed two tests and the schedule is set up perfectly for the tests to increase in difficulty with each game. The Steelers will surely be the most difficult thus far but I remain confident that Wentz and the entire team will come through for each other. Doug Pederson has also passed these tests with flying colors and the same can be said for the defense, especially the players like Bradham who many were leary about at the time he was signed. I thought the ST unit could have played better but we did convert a long FG. In the end we won those two games without playing great game and I hope it happens against Pitt at the Linc this Sunday. Let's go 3-0 !!! Let's go 3-0 !!! E !! A !! G !! L !! E !! S !! EAGLES !!!
  10. Watch out for our secret weapon in TE Burton tonight. (Oops)
  11. Watch out for opur secret weapon in TE Burton this tonight. I think we are going to see him get more plays his way than the previous regime. The only question is how well will he play in the new offense. I think he will do fine as he has until this point. Our defense is coming along nicely and should have Cutler on the run early and often. Eagles 31 Bears 17
  12. I trust that Schwartz will have a sound game plan going into this game. The pressure will be relentless and it should put Cutler in some bad situations as this game unfolds. The Browns were decimated by our D and Wentz played about as good as any rookie QB could have played, and better than several veterans QB's. Burning Joe Haden for a TD to Aggs cannot be overlooked. Many veteran QB's would not have thrown that pass, but Wentz fearlessly put it right on the money. The Bears are clearly a step above the Browns, but lack elite talent save a couple of play makers, but they are far from the NFL's best talent pool. Eagles 34 Bears 17
  13. Nobody outside of Philly is going to praise Wentz until he beats good teams and shows the ability to put the team on his back and come back from certain defeat. The way he carried himself from his first snap until the end of the game was nothing short of amazing. Most rookie QB's do not possess the ability to handle starting in the NFL, let alone a kid from North Dakota State whose biggest obstacle was to adjust to the speed and talent of the NFL. Not only did he play well, but he adjusted protections and called audibles. He ran this offense like a seasoned pro IMO. Yeah it was against the Browns but I wonder how many rookie QB's burned Haden in the first game of their career. Well done Carson and keep up the great work.
  14. Good read Tommy. There's something about Wentz where you think he can break the rookie QB stigma. I feel he will rise to the occasion and get a win this week for one reason and one reason only. He's a winner and by default we are all winners. Go Eagles !!!
  15. I expect this defense to dominate weaker opponents some weeks and disrupt other offense who are formidable. For the offenses that have very good O lines with sound schemes, we will look for Schwartz to find the weakest places to attack and keep as much pressure on QB's as possible. As a fan, you have to love this attacking style of D. If you picked the Eagles D in fantasy, you will score a lot of points.