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  2. Yes but I would like to see his spider chart... hand size is a big factor in catching and fumbling
  3. THAT is something that can keep game changing talent on the bench
  4. This reflects what I see as best value v need for each team
  5. I guess there is a part of me that believes them when they say they want to always take the best player available if it fits their need and is their kind of guy... DT IS a need, just not as much as CB and RB... we cant forget that we lost Beau Allen to injury for a bit
  6. If the defensive model has you scheming is to beat the NFC East Champions/Dallas, then you must be able to stop Ezekial Elliot first and foremost
  7. They are assembling a D-line that can get through a great O-line like Dallas
  8. I agree... I'm still waiting for someone to respond to whether Malik McDowell would be worthy of our 2nd rd pick if he falls to us
  9. It is NOT inconceivable that one of the group (Cook, Mixon, McDowell, or Robinson) would drop to the 11th pick
  10. Long, Cox, Graham, Jernigan, McDowell, Curry, Barnett
  11. Everyone keeps passing on McDowell... if he drops all the way to us, that would be TOO tempting for Schwartz to pass on!
  12. they took TJ Watt
  13. That was absolutely crazy... almost as if someone on the inside is trying to sabotage them