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  1. Yea GBinFl that moderator 5 was on point, got it sorted out for me. I can't say about DGB and Agholor both thes guys were good receivers in college. Agholor college tape was decent, good route runner, hands and speed , it has been very disappointing watching all these drops maybe Greg Lewis was the problem . I hoped GL would be successful here. Groh is a more established and reputable coach. At least they have a chance earn a spot this year think Jeffery and Smith veteran presence will help these kids this year. I have seen to many Eagle discards, become gold for some other team.
  2. I just got a notification we signed DL Chris Long, obviously a short term move, can he help us.
  3. FWIW? no coffee yet what do u mean.
  4. GBinFl, I get it... we just picked up Chris Long... that still doesn't change our needs at DT or DE.
  5. Condolences to the family, R.I.P Dave.
  6. Interesting these latest comments been saying for a while our philosophy has to be. B.P.A. Thanks for the confirmation Spuds... That doesn't mean taking a QB...Riiiggghhht hahaha. I posted a few days ago about warming up to th idea of trading back to the mid to late 20's maybe for a 2nd and 4th many quality players perhaps as deep as the 5th in this year Draft... I want Fournette, Riddick, Ross, Howard, Davis, I would be happy with any of those guys. Funny thing my Birds pride themselves on being unpredictable... most here including myself talk Offense... if I go Defense...LB/DE Riddick, DE/DTBarnett, S/C Obi Melfonwu, A Jackson. I am curious what do y'll think if we just Mocked Defense what could our Draft look like.
  7. GBinFl saw your mock. I like a few of you selections it helps that you also posted videos of players like Joe Williams thanks for sharing his highlights...I gotta agree with mjkline1958....don't know if this year, one can do a typical mock...Zeroing in on a list of players 1 thru 3. Sooo many choices... interesting Pappa John pizza implication that the lost money. The N.F.L won't be happy with that we may end up seeing a lot less of Pappa's pizza.
  8. Think Hankins would be a great addition, sounds like he wants a huge payday. GBinFl... like that kid Awuzie, like Joe Williams better than Cohen, outside of Fournette! many would agree that Mixon is the 2nd best RB in this Draft except for the punch. The hypocrisy in this league that forgive drug dealers, accused murderers, drug addicts. And players that have and continue to be violent against women, continue to play. I will never condone violence against women. We gave Mike Vick a second chance, Mixon is a kid that deserves a second chance... My Birds brought him in for a look see, we shall see. I read Zeke snatched a woman's top off in public, guess that wasn't offensive to other women, maybe since that woman got her 15 minutes of fame, she got paid so I guess all is forgiven... My #1 corner if he makes it to the second round is Obi Melwonfu this kid is going to be special. Love his size and physical play, especial with players like Pryor 06'06", Marshall 06'05", these WR are getting taller these 05'09" / 6' 00" CB. These short guys will not be able to compete with these huge receivers. Our CB's need to get taller, Obi could be the first to fill that role.
  9. I like how Roseman played it, everyone thought we were too strapped with the Cap, we would have no choice but release Kelce. Love Howie's creativity. I like the call, no OT in this years draft... our OLine depth is the best I have seen in quite some time, even better is the level of N.F.L experience in this group.
  10. I like That John Ross pick. I don't expect any of my guy's Fournette, Riddick, Howard, Allen to name a few expected to be gone by 14. I am wavering on the Trade Back an get more picks. This year Class has tremendous value on the Defensive side of the ball a second and a 5th, 6th to move back in the early 20'ies. I am not opposed to this. Overall if we don't Trade Back, I want. Difference Maker.
  11. Woo I am back thanks to Moderator 5. Trini minus the bird is back.
  12. I just don't see us going OLine in the 1st round neither Cam or Ramscyk are worth that 14 th pick, good prospects, decent players but not really as Dominant as I have seen from other tackles taken in the first round. Especial with the quality depth at that position. Difference Makers is what we want. If our philosophy is build from the Lines out. DLine has a much greater need than OLine. Edge Rusher, DT should be more or a priority than any of those Top rated Tackles. I don't believe Fournette will be available, a player that I covert, unless we trade up, he is a dominant player. Howard could be a Dominant player, especially with this possibly being Celek last year. Howard with Ertz would be a formidable combination. Jeffery, Smith, and Matthews in the fold, add John Ross to our WR mix, the fastest player in the history of the combine is available, along with what we already have, that would be a dominating WR lineup. Hassan Riddick with Hicks and Bradham could make our LB crew a force against the run, and the pass. We don't need WR this year but next year it could be an issue. I just think philosophically our approach has to be BPA no way to predict regardless of need what the other teams might do. Hell Fournette might be there at 14. I want players that could become dominant players, Difference makers and there are NEVER any guarantee that any of these guys will pan out...BPA is the way.
  13. Hey where do y'all think this kid Obi Melfonu will go in the Draft... is he a player that our Birds would have interest in, Big, fast and athletic played safety. This kid thinks he could play CB on the outside and in the slot? At 06'04" had a 40+ Vertical at the combine. I was very impressed with this kid.
  14. There are quite a few players that could be special in this draft. Fournette, Howard, Solomon Thomas to name a few, non offer the level of Dynamic play than John Ross.. Ross becomes the fastest man timed at the combine in the history of the league.. The fact that we don't need WR in the first round and with our recent additions tells me we probably should go in a different direction. I feel if Ross is there, could we ignore what he brings, elite athlete not just a speed merchant. Ross is a football player. I would be cool with Ross at 14. DJax wasn't really appreciated until he left. Playmaker is what you call Ross.
  15. Good Luck Chase.