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  1. tI've been a Fournette guy forever, I couldn't imagine nor think it possible that he could fall to us at 14...seen a few Mocks Fournette falling out top10. I think he would be the final piece for this years Offense. This kid is just a man among boys...a bull in a China Closet. I would take him over anyone but Myles Garrett or possibly Solomon Thomas. One can hope and dream Noooo Waayyyy they let Fournette fall to us... but if he does,,,Hahahaha that's the guy.
  2. If Fournette by some ridiculous scenario falls outside the top 10...I would trade up for him.
  3. Welcome back FLF... missed your insights, it's ooonnn.
  4. The talk all the way up say last week...How smart my Birds were to get our QB of the future last year drafting Carson... This year the Quality and Depth was not supposed to be great at the QB position... none of the top 4 QB's this year were rated as Day 1 starters. Cleveland, 49'ers, you could argue Jacksonville, Buffalo all need QB's. Recent Mocks I've seen have 49'ers, Jags going QB?... 1month ago maybe 1qb was argued to be a Top 20 pick. These the days of misdirection, misinformation, Could Fournette fall to 14... or other presumed top 10 prospects fall to us . Some mocks got McCaffery going before Fournette... Maddening...sooo much quality. Come on April27th.
  5. The Experts are unified in one aspect.... previous Drafts their consensus best position player....either for need or BPA, they could say... this is the best guy at 14... the conversation this year, Roseman and Joe said it... they anticipate 6 or 7 scenarios that could develop, each would be fine with them. Like one of my fellow fanatics put so appropriately... The more QB's taken in the top ten, the better the Odds that players like OJ Howard, Fournette, Conley, Barnett, Foster/Riddick... WOW... We can't mess this up? Can we.πŸ‘Ώ
  6. When I think of previous years Drafts, years where Safeties, or Big CB's or a RB of any worth would not be available until the late 2nd, There were always some positional player deficiency. Then comes 2017 with a plethora of flavors, multiple quality options at all positions... Maddening... all these choices, the Experts themselves have Mocked hundreds of players going in the could also be assured , the Post-Draft the pool of UDFA will also present many Quality options. This year's Eagles team could make significant strides, if the Joe / Howie team perform as advertised.... Less than a week away.... come on 27th April, my brain or what's left of it has suffered information overload... and is approaching catastrophic levels.πŸ€–πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ˜«πŸ˜±πŸš€.
  7. If Williams is there at 14 do we still go Offense if Riddick, Barnett or King or a top safety are around ? Howie and Joe said that the B.P.A .model has tiers @1wrangler what tier would Williams fit we need a WR, but not as much as a starting CB is A pass rusher more important than CB? so many complications hahaha.... I plan to be in Philly Y'all know how our Fanatics act it could get ugly hahaha.
  8. I have heard some projections that Davis could fall out of the 1st, don't think he has yet to run his 40. Sounds like hogwash to me, I watched some tape on this guy, definitely a 1st round talent. Seems like the closer we get to the Draft the misinformation, misdirection machine is in full force.
  9. Funny for most of the offseason many considered Fournette the top guy, now some experts see McCaffery being the first off the board. There will only be 13 players gone before we pick. Howie and Joe did Not take moving up or down off the table as an option. Fournette has been my #1 guy. However , if Jonathan Allen, Davis, Howard, Foster, Barnett, Latimore are there...aaarrrrgh what do we do? Sooo many choices, This Draft is truly unique with the quality prospects that could be there for us.
  10. I hope Mixon get a chance with us... It is never acceptable for a man to strike a woman especially for Old guys like me and the generation I come from... There are two sides to a story. Miss Molitor history is one of a drug dealing criminal with a history of public intoxication followed by altercations. Fortunately as a Privileged woman, Miss Molitor has never been held accountable for her actions. This woman was drunk and high and the video shows aggressively attacked Joe Mixon, spit in his face...used the N word. Struck Mixon repeatedly before he responded... all anyone sees, is the punch. Mixon was 18 years old when this happened... ooohhh and of course it was a Black Man striking a white woman. To take Mixons future away like some teams have already publicly stated for one incident by a 18 yr old. Funny any where else in America, if someone spits in your face, spew Racial epithets, and then repeatedly strike you... that is assault, Sooo how come Mixon was the only one charged, And those charges ONLY happened weeks after the incident... they must have found out Mixon could be a potential 1 rd pick in the NFL, either way I would bet that if Mixon makes a NFL team won't be the last he's heard from Miss Molitor. I am sure they want to get paid to. My point is I hope my Birds do their normal due diligence. Whoever gets Mixon, will get a player with a Huge chip on his shoulder and something to prove. If Foster is around at 14... hell yea ... get Foster in the first, every Draft... Aaron Rodgers, Larry Tunsel, Randy Moss... Reports come out about some problem with a top flight prospect that cause them to fall imagine.... Foster with Sean Lee playing in the Cowboys D. Nooooo I don't want to imagine that.
  11. Joe D had a season to evaluate the team, and our needs Bmore and Chicago teams Joe got credit for some good players. I plan to be in Philly at least Day 1. Let's get this party started, Baby.
  12. This schedule is already a win, that early bye killed us last year.
  13. I feel you wife is from daughter with her is a ex Patriot fan converted her to an Eagle about 5 yrs ago taking her to the link during Training Camp... her, her boyfriend is a Patriot fan.... My youngest...twenty one yr old going on 50... just relocated to Fort Meyers Fl. area with my x, been a fan from birth...fanatic like me... my oldest daughter and son are Ravens fans other son, not yet famous rapper, musician is a G'aints fan... I feel your pain...traitors... Yea I gotta love them grrrrrrr...Hahahaha.
  14. I don't get why we would be inclined to get these short CB that can't defend the Horizontal game... The WR's in this year Draft are tall compared to these 5'10" and small sub 6'ft Safeties and CB that are at a disadvantage against these monsterous WR... in the NFC east Dez is 6'03"... Brandon Marshall is 06'05". Pryor is 6'06"... and we ain't even talking a boutTE's we better get taller and more physical or expect to get toasted in the Jump Ball and Red zone game. Revis Island was only 5'10" in his Hey Day he could shut down all comers... these days the size speed, and quickness of these tall WR are on par with some of these shorter quick CB...I sure hope we find the right combination of size, physicality speed in this Draft... GBInFl that Awuzie kid may be shorter but I really like his game, wasn't he one of your guys,you were one of the first that talked about him. Really like aggression and physicality and competitiveness.
  15. One week left... maaannn I am sooo worn out thinking of the possibilities... I will be in Philly for day 1. I hope we don't outsmart ourselves and end up with some unknown, like the Marcus Smith pick... Hell so many possibilities, what will we do? My Eagles have been very unpredictable in previous Drafts. Every team wants to Draft an unknown talent like Brady or Antonio Brown. This Draft is unique, can't remember these many prospects EVER being touted as Can't Miss, quality prospects through the first 4 rounds. We can't mess this up, can we? Lots of talk about Kevin King CB going in the first ... come on, let's get this over with already?