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  1. Same Bat Time same Bat Channel...Thanks All....EAGLES.
  2. Rasul Douglas love his size and aggressiveness big corner... where is my RB.
  3. Ok mjkline1958...who is our pick at 99.
  4. There was reportedly interest in Moreau... Anzolone was another player of interest.
  5. Hahahaha...Joe Mixon anyone...somebody give this kid a chance๐Ÿ˜”
  6. I like what the Gmen are doing... No OLine protection for Eli... what does it matter All Eli's weapons if he is face down in the dust...hehehehe.
  7. Aaarrrrggghhhh... Obi to the Raiders.
  8. Obi and Awusie would be two that I would take before RB.
  9. Cowboys did the same thing, can't think of the kid the drafted injured last year... there is certainly some risk, but Achilles injures aren't as risk adverse as they used be... Jones upside can't be ignored... time will tell.
  10. I thought Mixon here .... but this was the round to get Jones great value pick... mjkline1958... u da man....what does your crystal ball say for our next pick? If no Mixon gotta think Sanje Perine gotta get that RB.
  11. Most will agree on the field Mixon fits our scheme and may be 1b to Fournette. I think Mixon will be gone before we can pick, Cincinnati is pegged as his landing spot.
  12. I want that 06' 04"... Safety/ CB... Obi... the NFL crew has Seattle as his destination... with Cook, Kamari, Mixon available, GB has been pegged for Cook, after what happened last night, who knows. My only knock on the Tank, Sanje he is not perceived as a three dn back?
  13. I was happy overall last night with the Barnett pick, Agree with many here, no way would I want us to move up for Fournette. I was also pleased that Ross , Howard, Davis were not in the NFC. I don't wish any bad on any of these kids... When Foster fell ... I felt we could trade up... I imagined Foster and Barnett on this team woooooo...but I am ok waiting to see what in store for us this evening. RB is my top priority Sanje Perine may be the better option if we get him later... I want RB...but this may be the time to get our CB, LB.
  14. It tough these days guys... spent all my life preaching... Honesty, Respect, Integrity, Character, Loyalty, Family, how do families raise their kids in this social environment. Our leaders routinely insult and disrespect woman. Lie to us! Something as simple as Dinner at the table with family... Progress and Technology is taking that away... I kicked my son butt repeatedly because my grand-daughters cell phone is attached to her... Old school values...@ GBinFl... our generation values are being erased. I really appreciate, hope that people of our generation continue to express dissenting, and not very popular standards and values... those values are what made us the greatest country in the world ... it is sooo refreshing reading dissenting points of views, when we lose those values. We're toast
  15. Sorry to digress about our football discussion...will get back to ๐Ÿˆ.