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  1. Chargers Owners, Panos family are total Idiots. I live half a year in Philadelphia and half a year in San Diego. Panos are trying to grab a piece of larger pie, except there is no piece to be had. People from LA still love the Rams, and hate the Chargers. This is kind of as if the Eagles decided to move the Eagles team to Dallas, and rename it to Dallas Eagles. Yak!!! While Rams will do just fine, the LA Chargers games will never, ever sell out, or be remotely filled. The people from San Diego will never drive 4 hours each way to see the Chargers, in a hostile LA territory. This is stupid. A failed experiment before it started. Chargers will be back in San Diego 2-10 years from now, depending on circumstances and amount of financial losses that Panos suffer. Really Bad idea.
  2. If one or two WR are bad than it's on WR. When all WR who have shown talent in other systems are is the coach.
  3. We urgently need to change our WR coach. Greg Lewis Sucks as a coach.
  4. Despite losing. Eagles showed a lot of guts coming back from an early deficit. A necessary reality check to move on and do better. A maturation process.
  5. We were due for a championship QB. Thank You St Louis. Thank you Cleveland. God bless Howie Roseman. I am loving every minute of this season so far. Incredible.
  6. How good was this game? Twenty years from now people will be talking about this game and remembering it.
  7. I thought that Bradford might take a few weeks at least, to learn the Vikings offense. However in his first start with the Vikings, in week 2, he looks really good. I think this trade well be a win win situation for both clubs.
  8. Tommy, I had a real debate about a 3rd round selection. I Was trying to choose between DT, OL, or someone with high value who dropped down. At the time of the selection I had Austin Hooper TE out of Stanford as a possible solution to a WR, running back issues. By going more double TE, we could generate more consistent offense, and better blocking. Seumalo was not my top OL, probably because I did not watch him play. Considering Cowboys picked Elliot RB, I felt that a DT should have been higher priority than OT. So my choice wa either Hooper or top DT at the time. What do you think???
  9. Unlike most fans, I would feel great about Goff. Not because he is a perfect QB, or I believe that he is superior to Wentz, or any other intangibles. If we do unexpectedly end up with Goff, in my humble opinion, he is a perfect West Coast offense QB!!! Considering that Pederson's offense is West Coast, this would be a perfect marriage. Joe Montana did not have the arm, the size, the speed. What he did have is quick decision making and the ability to accurately hit a right receiver, in the right system for him. Goff is very accurate and smart. Personally , he is a different type of QB then Wentz, but I see a high upside with either QB. Also I wish we would trade Bradford to Denver, before he becomes Cancer.
  10. He is copy of Huff. Very fast , but not a very productive WR. Hence most of his experience is on special teams. Sporadic WR performance. We still need a #1 WR to make this offense, along with OL help.
  11. Roseman has been spectacular in free agency. If Roseman comes through with a great draft, he will be a true GM and one of the most important foundations to building a champion team.
  12. Vernon Hargreaves, CB, Florida more value then Ezekiel Elliott Also would consider trading back a spot and then selecting either DeForest Buckner DE, or Hargreaves if still on the board.
  13. To me this is a downside of going to 4-3. We have to get rid of excellent players like Thornton, not because they are bad people, but because he was a 2 gap DE. If he did not go to the hated Cowboys, I would wish him luck, and personal success. I will say ,thank you Thornton, for the last 5 years.
  14. Roseman can not be allowed within 100 ft of the draft room, during the draft. He is a great capologist.
  15. I have asked over 12 fans that I know, and not one them expressed anything short of hatred for Sanchez. A hatred that did not stop from last season. Should have never been resigned. Kelly if fibbing.