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  1. Tommy, I had a real debate about a 3rd round selection. I Was trying to choose between DT, OL, or someone with high value who dropped down. At the time of the selection I had Austin Hooper TE out of Stanford as a possible solution to a WR, running back issues. By going more double TE, we could generate more consistent offense, and better blocking. Seumalo was not my top OL, probably because I did not watch him play. Considering Cowboys picked Elliot RB, I felt that a DT should have been higher priority than OT. So my choice wa either Hooper or top DT at the time. What do you think???
  2. Unlike most fans, I would feel great about Goff. Not because he is a perfect QB, or I believe that he is superior to Wentz, or any other intangibles. If we do unexpectedly end up with Goff, in my humble opinion, he is a perfect West Coast offense QB!!! Considering that Pederson's offense is West Coast, this would be a perfect marriage. Joe Montana did not have the arm, the size, the speed. What he did have is quick decision making and the ability to accurately hit a right receiver, in the right system for him. Goff is very accurate and smart. Personally , he is a different type of QB then Wentz, but I see a high upside with either QB. Also I wish we would trade Bradford to Denver, before he becomes Cancer.
  3. He is copy of Huff. Very fast , but not a very productive WR. Hence most of his experience is on special teams. Sporadic WR performance. We still need a #1 WR to make this offense, along with OL help.
  4. Roseman has been spectacular in free agency. If Roseman comes through with a great draft, he will be a true GM and one of the most important foundations to building a champion team.
  5. Vernon Hargreaves, CB, Florida more value then Ezekiel Elliott Also would consider trading back a spot and then selecting either DeForest Buckner DE, or Hargreaves if still on the board.
  6. To me this is a downside of going to 4-3. We have to get rid of excellent players like Thornton, not because they are bad people, but because he was a 2 gap DE. If he did not go to the hated Cowboys, I would wish him luck, and personal success. I will say ,thank you Thornton, for the last 5 years.
  7. Roseman can not be allowed within 100 ft of the draft room, during the draft. He is a great capologist.
  8. I have asked over 12 fans that I know, and not one them expressed anything short of hatred for Sanchez. A hatred that did not stop from last season. Should have never been resigned. Kelly if fibbing.