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  1. Just seen that the Eagles will work out Mixon....Sure that will come with a ton of mixed reviews......Still thinking James Connor is going to be our target
  2. hahahahahahahahahaha why I generally stay out of cap talks keep it very basic...... I did notice that a couple of the extension the Eagles gave we can walk away from though if needed after first couple of seasons(ie Curry) which is why I brought him up not saying he goes anywhere...... Trio of Peters/Kelce/Kednricks should be coming off the books in the next year or so would image Celek as well even if he is not a huge cap hit
  3. hahahahahahaaha i figured it out after I already replied back...all good first I seen about it though was yesterday
  4. I don't really mess around to much with the cap but don't the Eagles have contracts they can get out pretty easily like Curry's Hey hey hey I have not been on in the last couple of days just seen it earlier today lol
  5. "1. By Philadelphia: Amends the NFL’s On-Field Policy to allow clubs to have an alternate helmet in a color to match their third uniform." Eagles wanting to use the Kelly Green's more I am hoping with this possible rule change
  6. My view on the draft is that we end up taking.... 3 CBs- thinking two of them come off fairly high top 4 rounds while the last guy comes later add depth and can develop 2 DL- Again think we get an DL in the first three rounds if we land another elite player that we can pair with Cox a solid unit could become great... The 2nd DL comes later in the draft add to the rotation WR- Think we draft one in the mid rounds not expecting much from them year 1 more or less going to sit and learn behind our starters might add little to the O and STs RB- do not see us taking a RB in the first round I think the guy will come mid/late and right now seems like the favorite could be James Connor out of Pitt. who I think would fit nicely on our team
  7. I agree Eagles will likely go BPA and like it has been said we have no clue who that is going to be on the Eagles Board.... IMO though believe the BPA will be either a DL or a CB
  8. My somewhat wishlist for the Eagles in the draft Round 1 land a guy like Humphrey who could very well could become that lock down #1 CB as all the physical skills to be one.... Round 2 land White out of LSU gives you a good #2 to play outside with Humphrey(I like Mills in the slot)... Round 3 I look to bolster the DL rotation by adding Tanoh out of Nova gives a huge athletic DL who should be able to play inside or outside if we want him to..... Round 4 looking at adding to the O grabbing a RB like Perine who should fit nicely in a committee and be that workhorse RB we need then add to the WR pool with a guy like Ford from VT or Noah Brown(Ohio St.) ..... Round 5 continue to add to the CB talent pool with Griffen UCF..... Rounds 6 & 7 looking to add to the O and D line some nice developmental prospects DL guys like Walker or Topou could be nice options as for the OL Leamon(SCS) or Ugokwe(Will & Mary)
  9. I think Connor would fit nicely with the Eagles give us a guy who can get 20-25 touches a game plus we don't lose much with him on the field 1 and 2nd down since he can still be a threat catching the ball
  10. Wow you had Jones really far down Mayock had Jones as his best CB till he got hurt.....Goes to show that everyone has players ranked all over the place I thought Jones was one of the better CBs as well before injury Wow bummer for Fabian he was working his way up as a possible late 1st rounder
  11. The real question I have is how much does the playing time increase for our 3rd LB.....Do the Eagles stay in base more with a 3rd LB???? I mean Kendricks was only on the field for what 29% of the D snaps last year I believe......
  12. Eagles could use a WILL LB Hicks has the middle manned and his brains make him the QB of our D..... Foster could fit well next to him at WILL
  13. Would be a perfect mid-rounder for the Eagles to target IMO
  14. If I am the Eagles going D.....WR I am taking mid rounds develop behind Alshon and Smith and Jmatt
  15. We also have no CBs on roster right now basically at least we have 2 starting WRs....Smith we can have for 3 years if we want to keep him