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  1. I really like Trey Burton not sure if he is destined to be here long-term though.....Think he would fit nicely in a role similar to Jordan Reed with the Skins.....
  2. DL is going to be interesting to see how we use everyone.....Want to see Curry get more inside looks had his best season as a pass rusher rushing from the DT spot.....Long/Graham/Barnett should make another good trio on the outside Jerrigan/Cox could have the makings to be one of the best interior DT tandems in the league....Then have some unknowns in Qualls, McCallister who could be wild cards
  3. I am more interested in Robinson though can he stay healthy and have a season like he did in SD that would be HUGE for us.....
  4. AG will be interesting to see what he does he is here so wishing the best for him....Only entering his 3rd year so still a chance he turns it around.....Lesser role for him could really help him blossom
  5. Interesting to see we moved Jalen inside over Patrick Robinson......Robinson had one of his best seasons as a slot CB thought maybe he would get a look there again.....At the same time still think Jalen Mills might be best suited as a slot CB.....
  6. One of the reason I was not that concerned about T this year wanted to see what we had in Gordon....We liked him enough last year to keep him on the 53 man roster pretty much gave him an entire red shirt year awhile he adjusted to playing on the OL RBs really not much we can judge on these guys until we see pads and contact
  7. Curry had his best season as an Eagles rushing from the interior under Chipper..... Would be good to see Curry get back to form rushing from the inside again only issue I see is, is Curry a better pass rusher inside then Jernigan or Cox?????
  8. I agree with this statement completely by next year this team should be int eh playoffs honestly think this team has enough talent to be a playoff team this year....THink we are lacking in some areas to make a serious SB push though
  9. And this is the biggest load of horseshit I have seen ever plenty of chances for our guys late in games and plenty of plays missed by them....By no means did I say Wentz was perfect or that miss chances but to put it all on him like you are is completely wrong
  10. Everything I said was true...Yes there are chances still at the end but should never be put in that situation to start many of those games you watch did we not score on because of missed plays by our skill positions...Seen a few Tds that we should have had late in games that would have given us a lead but the play was missed whether it was a penalty or a skill player missing......Everything you said was wrong you are putting it all on a rookie QB that made plays throughout the game but hey it is his fault the team coughed up the lead and didn't get enough help at the end of games to close it out get real
  11. After year 5 if we have not won a SB or at the very least been pushing into the NFC championship game think it is time to move up find a coach that can get the talent over the hump
  12. Yea younger and I have some patience about me but I also realize that consistent change at the HC isn't going to help bring a SB to this team any faster either......Why I like the 5 year model first two years should be building your team in your image....By year 3 should be a playoff contender, Year 4&5 should be serious SB threat.....
  13. Must have different ideas of the hot-seat I don't see Doug job as at risk at all unless he has a complete melt down this year......Yes Doug has to produce as a coach but that is every HC in the NFL
  14. Don Shula, Joe Gibbs, Bill Parcells, Mike Ditka, Tom Flores, Bill Walsh, Jimmy Johnson, Mike Holmgren, Mike Shannahan, D Vermeil(Rams), Billick, Belicheat(Pats), Dungy(Colts), Coughlin, McCarthy, Tomlin, Carroll(Seahawks), Kubiak(Denver), Sean Payton, John Harbaugh, George Seifert, Barry Switzer List of HCs that won there first SB in the first 5 years of starting there HC tenure with a team
  15. As for Doug don't even see his seat as warm right now don't think there is any risk of him losing his job......We need stability at HC another turnover would be terrible for the team and hurt Wentz and the rest of the young guys in the process.....My view on HCs is 5 years if you look throughout the SB era most HCs won there 1st SB within the first 5 years of there HC tenure