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  1. cool story bro.
  2. Three years after he was drafted, and he's about to break the bank with his next contract. If I had to put my prediction on Carr on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being damn near prophetic, I'd put it at a....
  3. Seems like those two guys didn't get the hint if DR told them to stop recording. Got on the wrong end of Revis' fists for their troubles.
  4. That was as fine a choke job as I've seen since....ever!
  5. This got me here
  6. The cacaroaches couldn't handle the bright lights.
  7. Cowboys will be crying for Romo by the 2nd half. Playoff FB is an entirely different beast.
  8. I'd be interested to see how their home games are split as far as home/visitor fans are concerned. I'd imagine that a good share of LV fans are either visiting or already have teams that they root for.
  9. Didn't know people were this excited about a backup QB lol
  10. How does his performance stack up historically? Please stop trying to bring up the subject of who the better QB is Carr was making throws as a redshirt sophomore that Wentz hasn't attempted all year in the Fing pros! Get out of here with that nonsense. When did I ever bring up toughness? Let us just talk about who the better QB was in their respective rookie years. Y'all want to fault me for hailing Carr as one of the best QB prospects in a long time -- something that he has confirmes time and again through his play and leadership -- and when I respond you want to complain that I'm bringing up irrelevant topics. Again, GTFFFFOH!
  11. All this talk from these busters that were about that "TD, first down, get down" spiel when Foles was the QB. And let's be serious Wentz will never have the arm talent that Carr has. More TDs less INTs while having one of the worst receivers and worst running game, helping him play the NFLs toughest schedule. But Wentz is the better QB? G. T. F. O. H!!!!
  12. McGloin???? Lol you people have no shame smh.
  13. Y'all are just like roaches smh.