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  1. "We’re going with the best player available,” Douglas said. "That’s our thinking.” Nice to hear Douglas state this again.
  2. Long had better numbers than Curry did last year. Of course that isn't saying much. LOL
  3. 2016 game stats G Comb Tackles Ast Sacks Vinny Curry 16 26 18 8 2.5 Chris Long 16 (7 Started) 35 22 13 4.0 For what its worth!
  4. I'm well aware of whom they drafted and their off field troubles, I don't need a lecture. Having said that, what does any of this have to do with taking a RB in the 1st and Alshon Jeffery? Right, nothing. You brought up Jeffery, now you want to move the goal post, OK, fine. Bottom line is, the Eagles aren't tied to Jeffery beyond 2017, if he screws up, or doesn't play up to his potential, guess what? Yeah, they let him walk in 2018 with 0 cap ramifications, the same CAN NOT be said about a 1st round draft pick, especially when most, if not all of their salary is fully guaranteed, it hamstrings the team, they are stuck with said player for at least 3 years, again, see Marcus Smith and Nelson Agholor. And since you wanted to bring up the players that were drafted last year. How may of those players were drafted in the 1st round? Yeah, none of them and they can let DGB walk if they so choose with no cap ramifications, just like they could've last year. As for Bradham, yeah, the guy is a knucklehead and they can move on from him if they so choose and save $3 million. There's no guarantee a guy will stay out of trouble, GM's can have some idea, but they can't fully know what a guy is doing on his own time, and the Eagles aren't Dallas, they shouldn't have to hire babysitters to watch and make sure their players stay out of trouble. Point is, yeah, all the guys they signed and or drafted last year with off field issues, they can all be sent packing with little to no issues regarding the cap. Have a nice day DC!
  5. Not nearly the same, the Eagles aren't tied to Jeffery beyond 2017, you miss by taking Dalvin Cook in the 1st, it's going to hurt a lot more, his 4 years will be fully guaranteed, so the Eagles would be stuck with him for at least 3 years, just like Marcus Smith. On top of that, Jeffery is an already established player in the NFL. You can defend any topic you want, for or against a player depending on if you like him or not. Here is a list of players the Eagles signed or drafted last year. The Eagles drafted RB Wendell Smallwood previously arrested for witness intimidation in a murder case. They drafted Jalen Mills previously arrested for second degree battery for punching a woman. Also Alex McCalister suspended twice and kicked off his college team. They also traded for DGB who was previously arrested twice for drugs and eventually kicked off his college team. They also kept Nigel Bradham on the team after he was arrested two times last year in Miami. I certainly wish things were different and none of the players on the team had a past but that is not a reality on our team. All you can do as a GM is try to make sure the past stays in the past before you take a guy.
  6. http://igglesblitz.com/2017/03/q-a-14/ Some of the same things were said about Jeffery before the Eagles signed him. Medical issues, Suspensions, lousy in the red zone the last couple years. A lot of guys on this board weren't really comfortably going with him this year either.
  7. Here is an amateur's opinion. I like OT Ramczyk better than OT Robinson. I agree with you about Robinson not being a 14th pick. He is lazy at times and also takes plays off. At times he seems disinterested in playing the position. Ramczyk plays mean with a mentality of "This is my space and you are not allowed in it". Hard to say whether he could become another Jon Runyan but he certainly has the mentality to play the position. Yes I think he is a 14 pick in the draft. The last I looked at recent mocks, some folks have him going to the Panthers in round one. Now if you are asking me if I would take him at pick 14, my answer would be yes "if the players I have ranked ahead of him are gone".
  8. Just got back from the eye doctors and needed stronger lenses. I have been looking at way too much talent in the last 3 months for this draft. I have to back off for awhile. LOL Guess I'll go with my original 10 picks at 14.
  9. The Philadelphia Eagles had a myriad of drops in 2016, which led to the team's urge to improve the wide receiver position for quarterback Carson Wentz. While drops vary on a number of websites, Jimmy Kempski of the Philly Voice has totaled the number of "reasonably catchable passes" Eagles receivers failed to haul in last season. Based on Kempski's totals, Dorial Green-Beckham led the Eagles with 12 dropped passes in 2016. Green-Beckham had just 36 catches last season, while dropping 12 passes in the process, leading to an astonishing 25 percent of catchable passes dropped
  10. A few NFL changes were proposed in a series of meetings over the past few weeks, one of which was started by the Philadelphia Eagles. According to an ESPN report, the Eagles sent a proposal to the NFL which would ban players from jumping over the line of scrimmage to block a field goal or extra point. Players can currently do it, if they don't make contact with an opposing player while jumping. Philadelphia is looking to ban this altogether, citing safety concerns.
  11. The Philadelphia Eagles are going to have a wide range of talented players to select with the 14th overall pick. Pro Football Focus added another name to the list, having the Eagles select Stanford defensive end Solomon Thomas in its latest mock draft. Thomas is the No. 2 ranked defensive end by CBS Sports. "Continuing to move up draft boards after a strong combine, Thomas will fit well in Philadelphia where he can use his outstanding run-stopping ability at defensive end before kicking inside to rush the passer," wrote PFF's Steve Palazzolo. "Thomas was the best run defender in college football last season, finishing at 92.0 overall and improving as a pass-rusher to rank seventh among the nation’s interior defensive linemen, at 86.5."
  12. No RB outside of the top 10% percentile. No RB period. You could jump higher than he did. Maybe he did not care..... LMAO! Stiney, old buddy You were rooting against the signing of Alshon Jeffery and the Eagles signed him. You should be rooting for a RB in the first round so the Eagles "don't" sign one!
  13. I don't think everyone is talking running back as much as you think they are. Most are talking BPA at pick 14. If that player is judged as running back by Eagles management, then so be it.
  14. You don't think every team does the same thing? Of course I do! I just brought the article over for the fans to read. I didn't write it John.
  15. The Philadelphia Eagles are scouting every position possible heading into next month's NFL Draft, even the deepest unit on the roster. According to Tony Pauline of NFL Draft Analyst, the Eagles were at Toledo's Pro Day Monday to scout tight end Michael Roberts. Philadelphia will hold a workout with Roberts in the coming days, along with the Arizona Cardinals and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Roberts was a force in the red zone for Toledo last season, scoring 16 touchdowns (sixth-most in the FBS) en route to All-MAC First Team honors. He had 45 catches for 533 yards.