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  1. Good night fans. You have worn me out!
  2. True, but the Jags now have Tom Coughlin at the helm and he has a history of not taking RB in the first round plus he is not happy with their existing QB. It wouldn't surprise me if he took a QB at 4 before anyone else gets the opportunity.
  3. yeah,but they need to get guys in there to protect Cam better(like having an extra RB) and they can still get say Caff or Mixon at 14,so How are they in the wide receiver part of their game? I have seen OT Ramczyk mocked to them recently and they certainly don't have to take him where they are slotted at now. I guess that would be a stretch to trade JMatt and Kelce to them and swap first round picks. They could get Ramczyk at 14.
  4. I cannot see us taking McCafrey before 14 and everyone is figuring him gone by then, so he is off my Radar... Certain guys simply CANNOT Fall, just not possible and that is Garret, Thomas, Allen, Adams, Lattimore... I do NOT see any less than 2 QB gone, Watson and Mitch... That is 8.. again I cannot see an OT going past 14 in any way since it has not happened since 2000 so there is 9... I also have a GUT feeling that the Chargers will take Howard because Antonio Gates is a 14 year pro... so that is 10... Bills and Saints need a Safety bad so Hooker should be gone.. so that is 11... With all the hype that Conley is getting the Bills or Saints will take the bait... that is 12... which leaves Fournette, Charlton Njoku, reddick foster williams cook Davis Humphrey Barnett... and one other OT worth the value at 20...one more will go to the cards which very well might take mahomes... so we could literally have 3 great options at pick 20... dont tell me that the best move is not to move back... and dont tell me that it is impossible for Fournette to fall Those are valid points but you also have to factor in Howie Roseman. It may be prudent to trade back and it wouldn't bother me if they ended up with a good player after doing that but you don't make a big splash trading back and I am looking for a big splash already in the making.
  5. well if you wanted to take him or Mixon what do you do? Dropped charges,not guilty,yes he would have to pass his meds.CBS compares him to Faulk Yes Cook is compared to Faulk only faster through the gap.
  6. I am not the average fan. I love defense more than offense. A player like Barnett,or Foster would get me excited and high fiving. On the offensive side a guy like O.J.Howard would also get me high fiving and really excited even more than taking Fournette however I think the average Eagles fan would go crazy if the Eagles somehow figured out a way to get Fournette.
  7. Those concerns are why I think he will be there at 14. A lot of folks think he will end up with the Redskins or the Colts.
  8. I still believe Cook will be there at 14, I just don't think the Eagles are interested. Who else you got. I can't seem to get past Fournette at the present time. Who else is left that would cause that kind of excitement with the fans? Are the Eagles trading with the Browns maybe?
  9. Something is going down buddy and it ain't Conley or Ross at 14
  10. NO, they KNOW we will get a stud at 20... and they KNOW they have a trade in the bag I believe the second part. The draft is in Philly and Howie like to make splashes. What better place to do that then in your own home town. Book it! A leopard can't change its spots.
  11. What you PLAN and what happen are different,unless they already have talke to other teams Hmm!
  12. Happy isn't the same thing as high fiving and being really excited. In order for that to happen in my opinion they would have to take an offensive player. Most fans would be high fiving and really excited if the player was a difference maker on offense. Neither Ross or Conley qualifies. I'll bet that Fournett would qualify though. LOL
  13. Saying that he is exclusively a slot reciever is not fair... Put him on the outside with Alshon Across from him, then Ertz and Burton as line book ends, then sproles in the backfield... tell me how effective he WONT be on the outside I won't tell you how not effective JMatt won't be but his 40 time is 4.46 and Torrey Smith's 40 time is 4.35. If Smith isn't effective along side of Jeffery, JMatt may get his chance but until then I believe Smith starts on the outside.
  14. Tim McManus ✔ Roseman: "One thing I know, when we make a pick at 14 with the way our board looks right now, we're gonna all be high-fiving." 12:12 PM - 20 Apr 2017 Brandon Lee Gowton ✔ ‎@BrandonGowton ; I think [Eagles] fans are going to be really excited who we draft in the first round.” - Howie Roseman Do these two quotes from Howie Roseman seem like quotes from a team that will be taking Conley with the 14th pick?