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  1. Bill Polian said before the draft started that 45 DB would be drafted this year and currently 46 have been taken.
  2. Thanks, I don't see their names anywhere from the 4th round on. If these guys aren't drafted I certainly hope they bring them in as UDFA's.
  3. Okay any of you guys that have been paying attention to the draft all day, Did anyone draft OT Dan Skipper or CB Channing Stribling yet?
  4. I'm backkkkkk! And it looks like you guys and the Eagles are doing fine without me!
  5. Goodbye Godwin Hello Tampa. Tampa is definitely going to be a playoff team this year.
  6. Ironic that we got a DT from the Ravens and swapped picks in this round and with our 74th pick they took a DT from Michigan Chris Wormley.
  7. Looks like Tankersley, Jourdan Lewis or wr Godwin. See if I put the wammy on them now
  8. Cooper Kupp to the Rams
  9. you bet. Especially if the Eagles feel they are better value than a RB
  10. RB Kamara to the Saints.
  11. Too late 49er's get Witherspoon. They are trying to turn it around in one year on defense
  12. Tall ball hawking corner, great hands and plays the ball great. He's a true press corner and i think he can be a shutdown corner in the league The stat that really stands out is he was second best in the nation this year in defending passes with 20 passes defended. Of course Jourdan Lewis would also be a good pick for the slot but I don't believe either of these guys will be there at 99. Have to move up if they want one of them.
  13. You got it Kevv. Witherspoon is the guy if we can get him. He is who I would take.
  14. There goes Zach Cunningham to the Texans. I liked that kid. Bet Andy Reid is mad. LOL
  15. I didn't think he fit our scheme anyway
  16. Wilson and then....and then...going to be a bunch of stud DBs go off the board here. And if these guys that can actually come in and play that aren't injured turn out to be better then Jones I want some heads on a chopping block! If you play football, you will eventually get hurt. What difference does it matter when you get hurt? Last year two of our draft picks, Walker and McCalister were both healthy when we drafted them but they weren't healthy when the season started. Both of them were out for the whole year. I don't mind the risk of taking Jones. It is the equivalent of getting two first round draft picks. Sometimes you have to take a little risk in this life to go for the dream.
  17. WR, RB, CB. When are the two kids from Colorado supposed to go in the draft? The two CB's
  18. Looks like Quincy Wilson and Jones were the choice cause Wilson just got picked by the Colts. Would have liked to have them both but it was not tobe.
  19. Then he will become the slot corner instead of the outside corner.
  20. Okay Jones. He was definitely my favorite before he got hurt. Lets let him sit this year and get healthy.
  21. goodbye Cook. Hope Bradford enjoys you! Now lets get Wilson.
  22. Only issue with cook is ball security think like 13 fumbles in his career way to many wont get easier in the nfl If Brian Westbrook and Duce Staley wanted him at pick 14 then its okay by me!
  23. Eagles •Tim McManus of ESPN put together a list of potential targets for the Eagles in the second and third rounds. •McManus’s list includes Washington CB Kevin King, Washington CB Sidney Jones, Florida CB Quincy Wilson, East Carolina WR Zay Jones, Penn State WR Chris Godwin, Florida State RB Dalvin Cook, Tennessee RB Alvin Kamara and Washington S Budda Baker.
  24. It is NOT inconceivable that one of the group (Cook, Mixon, McDowell, or Robinson) would drop to the 11th pick Lets put it this way. I would take McDowell before Robinson. LOL Cook and Mixon are both good backs but I like Cook the best because he has great stats in his toughest games. Actually much better stats in big games than Fournette. Anytime you can get a gamer on your team I think it is wise to do so. Gamers rub off on the rest of the team.
  25. Okay. Here we go. Fill in the (position) not the players name of each of the teams needs that pick ahead of us in the second round. It could show what players will be around at pick 43 33 GB - 34 Seahawks - 35 Jax - 36 Bears - 37 LA Rams - 38- LA Chargers - 39 Jets - 40 Carolina - 41 Bengals - 42 Saints - 43 Eagles - CB, RB, WR, LB