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  1. Jaguars finalizing trading Julius Thomas
  2. Revis charged with 4 felonies, released on non-monetary bond yesterday
  3. Packers release Sam Shields
  4. Rams hire Falcons QB coach Matt LaFleur to be there OC. Rams hoping this move turns Goff into Matty ice.
  5. Correct, as I said above there were some dates that were included in the ones I found but yes, I did see yours.
  6. Any offseason talk around the NFL, such as trades, FA signings, NFL draft or anything offseason NFL news related can be talked here. I see Don C posted the offseason calendar in another thread, but below are some extra dates that are included.
  7. We over react after an incomplete pass. And you wonder how the city will react after blowing a 25 point lead in the Super Bowl?
  8. It's the super bowl. You watch every second of it. Honestly no joke, was listening to Sirius xm sports channel and this caller said he and his wife left 3rd quarter to get a chicken sandwich then came back late 4th and saw it was tied. I was gonna call in and rip that caller to threads
  9. They are going back to their original format NFC vs. AFC. I'll watch it because I'm a football fan, but not going to sugarcoat how lame they all perform.
  10. Atlanta is going to give NE a game here. As much as Atlanta is on fire here, I see Brady winning another.
  11. missed opportunity there for Pitt
  12. Still going with the Pats
  13. He does not make it if he doesn't win one. If he does win one, it'll be up for discussion.